What Gag Order? THEY Can't Silence God or President Trump October 18 2023


President Trump’s attorneys launched an appeal Tuesday of a gag order restricting President Trump in the Jan. 6 election interference case from Jan 6. 

While the notice of appeal does not include any legal arguments, Trump’s legal team will likely challenge the order based on the First Amendment, as the president stated the order unfairly limits his freedom of speech.

The swift motion is the day after Judge Tanya Chutkan sided with prosecutors in restricting Trump’s language, barring him from speech that “targets” expected case witnesses, which would include court personnel, attorneys, and prosecutors. 

On Tuesday, an order issued by Chutkan cited the “significant and immediate risk” faced by anyone singled out by President Trump through social media or in his speeches, adding “undisputed testimony … [that] those individuals are consequently threatened and harassed.”

What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate 

Apparently the radical and biased left don't know how prophetically confirming this is for Christian Trump supporters. It highlights how good is called evil and evil good.

What's more, God said through Pastor Mike Thompson two years ago in His Be Ready to Launch in February messages to pray for President Trump as THEY would target him with false accusations, character assassination attempts, and lies.

While the left focuses on Trump retaining wide latitude to criticize Biden, his so-called flailing administration (their lying words), the DOJ, case, and area formerly called Washington, D.C., they can't stop God's man from speaking the truth as President Trump holds God's mantle.

Special counsel Jack Smith’s team requested that Chutkan bar Trump from "disparaging or intimidating remarks," thst might chill witness testimony and accused him of threats against people involved in the case.

"I’ll be the only politician in history that runs with a gag order where I’m not allowed to criticize people. Can you imagine this?" Trump told Iowans after Monday's hearing.

"We’ll appeal it and we’ll see. But it’s so unconstitutional. The good thing is we have so much support, it’s incredible."

And there you have it...the truth, plain and simple. It's unconstitutional, and why we should focus on the good news that God's help is coming and He won't fail.

THEY Can't Handle the Truth

Trump's attorney John Lauro said Monday the speech issues are "inextricably intertwined" with the campaign, given the timing of the prosecution.

"Mr. Trump is allowed to say things like this is a politically motivated prosecution. He is entitled to say things he is being treated unfairly. He is allowed to speak truth to oppression."

Wait until God's truth, wrath, justice, and sudden judgment come, because THEY can't handle God's truth. And they sure won't be able to handle God's WRATH.