Who Cares About Trump's Taxes? Left Caught in Own $140 Bil Trap, Desperately Gaslighting Trump January 02 2023


The report from the House Ways & Means Committee, regarding the IRS and former President Donald Trump's tax returns, is photographed Dec. 21, 2022. (AP Photo/Jon Elswick, File)

The Democrats are setting a dangerous precedent and the finger THEY are pointing is coming back to haunt them. With over $140 billion suspiciously sent to Ukraine, they are unsuccessfully gaslighting President Trump.

Fake news outlets shared the President's tax returns that only were successful at revealing he is a savvy businessman who took advantages of tax incentives they set up.

While he paid zero taxes last year, about 60% of American households did not pay federal income taxes in 2020 because they earned less than the standard deduction ($12,950 single individuals, $25,900 married couples filing jointly). Perhaps that percentage is so high as Americans did not receive the monthly stimulus money promised when Biden and Harris ran for office. Add to that record gas prices, inflation at the highest levels and empty store shelves, and the concern becomes more about Ukraine profiting while US residents sit in poverty. 

Another year, President Trump paid about $650 in taxes. Hence, there is nothing suspicious about our Christian President's tax filings. What's interesting is the last ditch and desperate efforts the biased left is making to cover their actions even as they target President Trump and Trump supporters who are Christians, and call them enemies of the state, communists, and cockroaches...all because they fear President Trump being back in office. 

“This isn’t about whether President Trump should have released [his tax returns]. That’s not the law; it’s the tradition. This is a dangerous new precedent. It overturns 50 years of protections for American taxpayers. Every American ought to be frightened by this precedent because the enemies list is back, and you might find yourself on it.” That's from Representative Kevin Brady's Fox interview Sunday. He's a Texas Republican and ranking member of the House Ways and Means Committee.

From 2015-2020, President Trump paid from zero to $1 million in income taxes annually. While he rebuffed tradition and refused to disclose his returns, the House Ways and Means Committee unsuccessfully tried to use them against him.

President. Trump paid approximately $641,931 in federal income taxes for 2015, when he campaigned for president. He paid just $750 for 2016 and 2017, almost $1 million in 2018, $133,445 for 2019 and nothing in 2020. 

Filings for 2020 showed that over 150 of President Trump’s business entities had negative qualified business income, as the biased left continue to slander our Christian President. However, God said several months ago that "All that they stole I will restore." Coupled with nearly $9 million in losses from previous years, President Trump’s losses amount to over $58 million for his last year in office. And yet, Joel 2:25 stands and God NEVER FAILS.

The revelations proved that President Trump was hiding nothing. However, a deeper concern is why are our biased left politicians who start out making six-figure incomes becoming millionaires and billionaires.

While THEY can't stop President Trump from running because he holds God's mantle, God can stop them. God is the ONLY judge and jury, and more suspicion is arising over the $140 billion sent to Ukraine and not the poor here in the US and God hates injustice.

Why did they suspiciously send over $140 billion to Ukraine, when there is no war (Putin is bombing their bioweapons labs according to God through the prophets).

It LOOKS LIKE THEY are so knee-deep in their lies (like Pharaoh's stuck chariot wheels in the Red Sea) and so in bed with the fake news, THEY are making STUPID MISTAKES trying to cover their tracks which is what God said they would do through Diana Blackburn Larkin.

However, God also said through her and Prophet Robin Bullock that the dominoes will all come crashing down together because God took His time setting them up. THEY thought they had President Trump in THEIR trap but THEY are in God's.

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