Already Won Election Victory T-Shirts


Are you saying "What Trump revote?" Hey Saints, This is Kassandra and maybe you're saying "Wait, what?" Here's the thing... God says to HEAR and OBEY, right? So, let's start getting ready to celebrate the election revote that's coming and keep President Trump, our military and all police officers uplifted in prayer. Father God told me "A revote is coming," that God would help us with it to ensure it's honest and that "President Trump's already in his second term" so let's do this! Believe the possibilities! 

Side Note: This is what happens when God says to do something in advance. We obey. Side Note 2: Don't ask me about tomorrow's winning lottery numbers - We've already got the winning ticket: God! And, He WILL NOT FAIL.

Remember, this is MORE than a Trump win. We're celebrating good/light overcoming evil/darkness. Praise God who causes us to triumph. We've ALREADY got the victory! 

Placing an Order

You can select from the selection below or reach out to us for custom designs. If you have a question or want to change the color of the shirt (red, white, black) or the wording, please leave your message in the comment section when you place your order/check out. Sizes are S to 3XL in men's and women's styles. The men's shirts are more crew neck while the women's styles are slightly scoop neck. 

Deliveries: We're waving the shipping cost if you order now to beat the holiday rush. Please try to order early before Black Friday shortages (covid, delta, flu season, driver shortages). Use Code: FREESHIP for your t-shirt order when you checkout.

Shipping: Orders typically arrive within 3-4 weeks but can arrive sooner for some styles. After placing your order, you'll receive a confirmation email, followed by an update email with your tracking information and ETA.