Serve the Lord with gladness even when you're serving up 3-pointers on the court...

For a little help with your NCAA March Gladness bracket, here is the official 2019 NCAA bracket. Selection Sunday is scheduled for March 17th. The First Four begins Tuesday, March 19, in Dayton, Ohio. The first round of the tournament begins on Thursday, March 21. Regional sites in 2019 are Hartford CT, Salt Lake City UT, Des Moines, IA, Jacksonville, FL, Tulsa, OK, Columbus, OH, Columbia, SC and San Jose, CA.

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Are you frustrated and complaining? Feeling like a failure? In this 2-minute clip, let Joel Osteen teach you a valuable lesson about how to turn that frustration into favor during the Gethsamane Test. Don't let complaining lead to to curses - - like the Children of Israel did. Use this time to praise God for what He's ALREADY done and for what He's about to do. And, trust God's timing!

Keep reading your Bible for encouragement. Remember, your words are powerful. Quit complaining and instead, praise God for all He's done AND all He's about to do! When praises go up, blessings come down!