Book: Simple Prayers for Graduates

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NOW THAT YOU'VE GRADUATED--WHERE DO YOU GO FROM HERE? You've worked hard and the day finally arrived for you to cross the platform and receive your diploma. It is graduation day and everyone asks the inevitable question, So what is the next step for you? Making decisions after graduation can be difficult, but the proper guidance in prayer can help you to discover what God has in store for you. Dr. Kenneth and Karen Boa, authors of the well-known Simple Prayers, have written this portable prayer guide with concise, thought-provoking Scriptures and prayers to help even the busiest graduate see clearly what possibilities the future holds. God still desires your time and devotion--this book will help you stay connected to Him through all the busyness of life.
Key Details
Author Karen Boa, Kenneth Boa
Number Of Pages 160 pages
Series Simple Prayers Ser.
Format Paperback / Mixed Media
Condition New, sealed in plastic
Language English
Publisher Cook, David C.

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