Motorcycles / Bikers

Praying for all our Bikers...

May the Lord bless you and keep you and may you win many lives for Christ. Remember, old things are passed away. It doesn't matter what you did in your past or who you were. When you say the Prayer of Salvation and accept Jesus in your heart, God calls you His child, His chosen, and He sent Jesus so you can be free and free indeed. The apostle Paul was previously Saul, who killed Christians in his past, but when God called him, Saul became Paul and he was set free from his sins and never the same again.

Never look back on your past. Old things are passed away. You are new in God's eyes and every day forward, every journey and ride is a new beginning and a new blessing. Keep looking to God and Jesus and praying in Jesus's name. The devil can't touch you and no demon in hell can stop God's plans for your life. Rebuke those demons in your thoughts telling you to go back to your past. You don't have to go back.

If there's anything you are struggling with: drugs, alcohol, abuse, depression, suicidal thoughts, demonic threats, go to God in prayer and ask for God's help and mercy in Jesus's name. Ask God to show you the way. Ask Him to show you the windows He has for you. You are free and He sets you on a new path and will show you the promises He has for your life! God bless you and your ride/bike!