Seed Cards

God didn't promise that we wouldn't go through storms. If anything, Jesus slept during the storm and the disciples had to wake him up. Hmm. Maybe that's the point. In all that chaos, call on God. Wake Him up. He is there to help calm the seas. It's training so when you feel that struggle, know that God is training you in how to calm your own storm so you can then stand firm - or sleep/rest confidently like Jesus did.

Watch this powerful video with Pastor John Hagee speaking. Learn how to be confident in your storm. You will win if you obey God! 

Every storm is a small test and when you use a scripture and stand on it, you pass the test and gain confidence for the next storm. The challenge is not feeling defeated in what you CAN overcome. Don't drown in 2-feet of water. Stand on God's Word! You mighty man of valor. You blessed and highly favored woman of God. Stand and see God's help come to you.

Father God has what you need and ALL you have to do is:
1. Call on God. You can say, "Jesus help me with..."
2. Speak the Bible verse you need over that situation. You can say, "God supplies ALL my needs, "Wealth and riches are in my house" or, "By Jesus's stripes I am healed". You can also say, Lord, I know the Bible says "Many are the afflictions of the righteous," but it also says "God delivers us from them all."
3. Rebuke that situation. You can say "I rebuke all sickness, disease and debts."

Then, don't doubt but trust God to work it out. He might speak to you or send someone to speak to you. Or, you might find that situation suddenly changes. That's exercising your faith and growing confident in God. Keep reading your Bible each day for encouragement.