1/15/21 Letter From God

It’s time. They will see My help soon. Stay in God’s shadow and keep praying to the Father. They will have what they need soon. Keep praying to Me. THEY need to see. They need to see Me, too. Signs of My goodness. I will help. I am an ever-present help. They hate that I am removing stubborn pride. But these demons have to flee. They will have help SOON but THEY have to see. So many that need help. Why are you worrying? Why are you crying out to Me when I sent signs and wonders? Tell them, They will see. Stop worrying. Start reading your Bible and declaring victory. Remember God has a hedge of protection around you. Even if it might not come now and it comes later, keep resting in Me. Keep reading your Bible and do what God says. They have stubborn pride demons that have to flee. I am separating you from them, from the crowds. Keep coming out, separating yourselves. Let this election slide. It’s not a loss it’s a win for all God’s people. Turn that around I am the Turnaround God. Keep on believing in Me. They will see I will help with that landlord, that loss of a thing. I want you to get so excited for what I’m about to do for my Chosen Ones, for my people, for the prophets. Remember, I want you in bed at 9:30 so you can get up early and pray. I don’t want you in bed at midnight or 1am. I am enlarging territories and there’s nothing satan can do. The enemy must flee. It’s time. Don’t you see yet what I’m doing? Those demons have to flee. Their stubborn pride will flee. Keep coming to me. They will see. I have my hand on you. Keep asking God for mercy. Tell them you don’t have to worry about President Trump. The hour is now past and you will see signs of my goodness and my favor. They do not see that President Trump stands beside me to help you. Many do not see it yet but they will. It’s time. Stay in God’s shadow. President Trump will see too that I am using him, that My favor is upon him. Keep using your voice and standing up for him and his policies. Keep denouncing that devil in Jesus’s name and by God’s authority. Many will say, “He’s out of his mind. He’s come unhinged.” That’s the devil/radical right and terrorists trying to promote violence. My influence is going to change the lives of so many. So many will see they will be singing a new song soon. The old/past has to flee. Keep asking “But are you sure you’re going the right way?” Let them know don’t look back when they see what I do. The archangel is there and I’ve had enough. Let them know some will be crossing over the ocean soon, lives better, doing better. Keep calling on Me. I’m about to part the seas soon. They will see. The enemy’s coming in like a flood but they will see. Why have you not had your cake? Have your cake. They will be shouting “Hallelujah!” God won’t fail. Remember, I am the God who changes not. Watch and see. THEY will be screaming “Emergency!” But I had this preordained. Did I not put everything in their Bible of what’s to come? Have your cake like Kat said. Stand and see the salvation of God. They tried to blacklist some on the internet but I’m coming to turn things, to turn it around. Only I have the final say. Decree a thing and so shall it be. They will see it’s about to be better. New offices for some, new businesses. They will have my help. Keep bowing down and worshiping Me. Stay in My shadow. Wait until they see Trump WINS. Wait until they see I had the election in play all this time. Wait until they see this devil is defeated. Remind them to keep talking to Me about what they need. Keep coming to Me. I will deliver them. I am the Lord Thy God and there is no god before Me. Tell them they can’t afford to change their minds. He who vindicates is near and that witch is about to fall/slide down that wall. The fall of satan will be great this time. So many turned to witchcraft and thought they could sabotage but those demons have to flee. Tell them they’re making a terrible mistake and I have given them time to repent of their sins. I’m about to expose everything, every heinous crime, every hidden talk. Tell those demons they have to flee, keep coming to Me. I’m about to change this atmosphere. Keep reading your Bible and repenting. They will see. Some are crossing the ocean soon for better. For some, I’m changing their area codes. Some are going into matrimony. Stay in God’s shadow. Some are trying to flee from me and turning their backs but that is a mistake. They will see that is the biggest mistake they made. Keep on committing yourself to Me. I know the plans I have for you. Tell them don’t worry when they see. Stay at the cross. “He delayed” they said. I delayed for a reason. Stay in God’s shadow. They will be saying, “Not fair” when they see what God does. Keep reading your Bible and coming to Me, submitting to Me. Promotion for some, promotion for many. Many that called on Me are going to see a Mighty Move of My Hand. I want you to put that up right away.