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Happy New Year from God-Driven-Designs! Welcome to this Special Edition of our Online Newspaper!  This season is about focusing on God. He wants us focusing on forward and not looking back on the past (old things, old ways, old wine). Additionally, Father God wants us to know He has a new plan for us. Glory to Your name, Lord!

If you haven't checked out our December Newspaper, Father God gave us a powerful message about coming out from among them. It's very important that we obey. We're seeing a shift in the Spirit realm that we haven't witnessed before and the devil is defeated. It's truly a new season we're in! 

In this issue:

Our Message: 2020 Vision, Our January Prayer and a Special Message from Father God

Come to the Altar: Praise and Worship to Usher in the New Year and New Season  

Our Book: Pray It By Ear (Please Sow Into Our Ministry If You Find Our Messages Inspiring and Helpful) 

LOL: Cats Didn't Just Fail at the Box Office...

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2020 Vision: Focus On God...

In this new year and new season, it's important to come out from among them. But, how do you break free so you can serve God without fear when the enemy is causing all kinds of distractions and looking for ways to sabotage you? You trust God, walk away and walk in love, healing and forgiveness ONLY. 


The Moth Attack

A while back, we had a pantry moth infestation and it was horrible. If you've ever seen a moth, they're tiny, cute and will stay out of your way. But, not pantry moths. If you turn on your kitchen light, they'll come flying into your face and it can be very alarming especially if your intention was only to get a late-night snack or bite of a holiday leftover. I knew the pantry moths were from a recent grocery delivery. I'd ordered a lot of rice to store over the winter (good intention, bad idea). The moths were everywhere! To combat them, I went online and read all these articles about cleaning out ALL the cabinets and throwing out any products that had grain in them (not!).

I found an article that said you can save your grain products by storing them in the refrigerator but first you had to wipe EVERYTHING down. Hence, the arduous process of cleaning out all the cabinets, setting pantry moth traps, soaking the wood in the cabinets with vinegar and so forth. However, after all that cleaning, I would walk in the kitchen every now and then and find another moth which I immediately killed (sorry little fellas). The articles stated that IF you see any additional moths, kill them right away so they DON'T have a chance to lay eggs and nest AGAIN. This brings me to the point about the season we're in and the sin infestation (mark of the beast) that's taking over TVs, the internet and online content. 

The Infestation of Sexual Sin

Father God said in His most recent message to turn off the TVs because the devil is working in that realm to cause sexual sin. And, it's bad. I've never seen so many ads showing lust and violence at one time. I don't even turn the TV on now. I prefer streaming content so I can control what I see. A lot of people are doing this. They're switching to older TV shows from the 70s, 80s and 90s that don't show sexual sin like threesomes or lustful sin in commercials. Some TV shows make orgies look like the new normal and this is sexual perversion that God despises. It's Sodom and Gomorrah and we MUST come out from them as Father God commands. But, it doesn't stop there.

A lot of young adults use Instagram which is FILLED with sexual sin. If you've ever just scrolled through the feeds, there's ad after ad of women selling their bodies for likes and more followers (let's call a spade a spade, all grown-ups here). They're showing images of their chest up close and close-ups of their behinds with butt implants or worse. I remember one image was a young woman with butt implants and a teeny, tiny mini skirt on saying, "Don't judge me," after she asked her followers if it was okay to wear that to church. How did I come across this? It was under the "Bible" or "Church" search. After repeated responses that were all "Yaaasss!" and "Slay it Gurrrl!" she proceeded to tell her haters off. Hmm. I'm not judging because I remember being young and doing worse than that. However, as you come away from the world, it's an important time to honor Father God with our bodies, our minds and our mouths. And, it doesn't stop there because sexual sin is prevalent online.

Lustful Images Online - Even When You Shop

Let's say you're on Instagram looking at "golf" images (big mistake). Harmless, right? Not on Instagram. There are tons of images with young women bent over the tees exposing their behinds. Lookup any kind of clothing style and you'll see sexual images resembling Kim Kardashian when she tried to "blow up the internet" only worse. I was on eBay once looking for workout clothes. Nope. Can't shop there without a filter. Image after image is close up of women's butts that are so offensive I'm really questioning what's for sale online nowadays. Again, not judging. We were all young and probably did worse. However, it's time to walk away. 

For the world, this might be accepted as the norm but for the Body of Christ, we must come away from them and turn the devices off. Similar to how I had to clean out the cabinets to rid them of the pantry moths, we have to turn off the devices like TV that can lead to sexual sin. We also have to turn off the movies. There are so many movies now about exacting revenge that it LOOKS like the devil is working in that realm, too.

The Demonic Seed in Movies

Recent movies with A-list actors and actresses are now depicting violent revenge like serving one's own form of justice is the right thing to do. So, these young people that go into movie theaters have this seed planted in their heads that if someone comes against their family they should take revenge. And, it doesn't stop there. Movies are also showing children committing horribly violent acts against other children and their parents.

Because I refuse to watch regular TV, I've switched to a streaming device and repeatedly asked the parent company to stop displaying violent images of movies with children - and adults with guns and knives. I don't care if it's a best seller and making millions of dollars at the box office. These are demonic seeds of violence that are implanted in people in movie theaters and on TV. They then go about exacting revenge or go on a killing spree based on what they saw. It's demonic and Father God is saying to come out from among them.

Purge Your Minds, Thoughts and Lives from Sin

As we look for ways to rid our lives of sexual sin, violence and anything that takes us away from God, we must choose to walk away. Sexual sin, perversions and violence are increasing in movies, online and TV and just like I had to kill the occasional moth that popped up so it couldn't lay eggs, we have to block content that can plant seeds of sexual sin and violence. Pray and ask Father God about what ways you might need to make changes in your own life. If you're unsure of the content your family watches, set a parental filter on your devices.

As we draw closer to God, I'm reminded of a missionary family we stayed with years ago. They had no TV and only kept a small radio in their homes. They listened only to Christian content which included sermons, religious stories and Christian music. I'm not saying that everyone needs to go back to the old way but we have to purify our lives to be more like Christ. The world is going to be coming into the church looking for help and looking for God at some point. And, we can't resemble the world.

We have to separate ourselves from them so we can mirror our Father in Heaven. Jesus mentions this when He says, "You mirror your father the devil." I'm not saying this to judge because we're not to judge anyone. However, we must humbly be pro-active about serving God and being of service one to another.

Turn off the TVs and the devices so you can be more Christ-like and so God can use you. Turn off the Instagram and sites filled with sexual sin so we can stay a pure Bride as the Body of Christ prepares for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And, He is coming back, so we must trim our lamps and prepare the way. 


They Have No Changes...

God shall hear, and afflict them, even he that abideth of old. Selah. Because they have no changes, therefore they fear not God, Psalm 55:19.

How was your year? Be honest... Did anyone offend you this year? Did anyone hurt you, set you up or try to sabotage you? For me, it was yes, yes, and yes! All of the above! But, that's okay. You see, the devil wants to set us up so he can try to snare us into unforgiveness, anger and get us into a "let's get back at them" mindset. He's angry because God's people are winning (Hint: We've already won!) and he knows he's running out of time. And, I witnessed this firsthand so it's a reminder that we have to come away from them and change our thinking to be more Christ-like. While THEY might not change, WE must.

So, I have this coworker. Let's call her Betty. She is ALWAYS ready to attack me. It's not because I did anything to her - ever, but it's the call on my life so I understand that. I keep reminding myself that God humbles us so He can use us.

Betty and I had to work on a project together and she did this thing that let me see how the devil REALLY works. Shady stuff. Because we had a history of not getting along, I established before we even started on the project that I wouldn't come against her or complain because that's not what God wanted (my mistake - to her I guess I was like Joseph flashing my coat of many colors). So, she already had it in her mind to undermine me. And here comes the attack.

The Sabotaging Attack and a Forgiving God

Because I was focusing on work, I wasn't paying attention to Betty's actions. In the office, she proceeded to turn the heat up all the way saying she was cold. I didn't think anything of it. After a while though, I started sweating so Betty asked if it was hot and I said, "Yeah, it's sweltering," as I wiped the sweat from my forehead and mouth. I didn't realize what she was doing at the time but it was a setup. She then turned the heat off and turned the air conditioner on full force!

At first, I didn't realize it. I only noticed that it had gotten cooler. "Ahh," I thought. "Relief." But, then it got colder and colder so I finally said, "Hey, umm, it's getting kind of cold in here." I was so shocked by what she did because in the back of my mind I wasn't thinking that this woman was trying to attack me. And, that's when it hit me like a ton of bricks. "Is she trying to make me sick?" I realized my pores were open from sweating and here comes the cold AC. I prayed silently, "Father God what is she doing?" She then turned the AC off and we went back to work.

A day or two later, she did it again. She cranked up the heat full blast. This time I didn't say anything. I was quietly praying (and wiping the sweat from my face). She said, "Oh is it hot in here? I can see you're sweating. I'll turn the air on." I said nothing. I kept praying. Later on, I overheard Betty laugh to herself for no reason. She said, "I can't believe you were complaining like that the other day. First, you're hot. Then you're cold." I sat in shock as I looked at her because I realized it was a sabotaging attack. How could she do this? Why was she doing this? It was so cruel. She was trying to provoke a response from me when I did nothing. And, that's when the Holy Spirit said, "Walk away," meaning, don't say anything. I obeyed but man I was trying not to feel crushed in my Spirit.

No Harm Shall Come Near MY Dwelling Place; No Evil Shall Befall ME

A few days later, Betty called out sick and when I talked to her she explained that she had a sore throat, a fever and a terrible cough. She was very sick and almost ended up in the hospital. I realized that what she was trying to put on me came back on her instead. Because I walked away from my enemy and the obvious attack, the seed she sowed - - or I should say, the trap she set - - she fell into it instead. Now, I'm truly not saying that to gloat because no flesh can stand before God and we MUST refuse and rebuke false pride when it rises up. But, I will say, God WILL defend us in battle. It was just so shocking to see how the devil works but also to see how God defends us.

Please be mindful of this in this season and this year. For it is written, "When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God will raise a standard against him, Isaiah 59:19." What the devil means for harm God works into our favor. I honestly think God SHOWED me that attack so I can warn you to walk away and go read your Bible when offenses like this come. Let God deal with your enemies, for "vengeance is mine" saith the Lord. Be mindful to keep your peace and walk away. Ask right away for forgiveness when you do something wrong to someone and forgive others right away. That is what God and Jesus want from us. Don't hold onto unforgiveness. Quickly let it go so you can remain a clean filter and God can use you. Pray that their hearts change. Pray that they realize THEIR actions will get THEM into trouble.

Pray for Them to Change

I knew Betty didn't mean it. She has a good heart but at times, she falls back into her "old ways" of doing things and feels like she has to compete to keep up and fight everyone around her. That's not what God wants for us. Old things are passed away. To receive ALL God has for us we need a heart-to-heart with God. Ask Him to reveal all the dirty and hidden areas that need to be removed so we can have a clean heart. It won't help to pray, "Create in me a clean heart" if we then secretly seek to sabotage and undermine people. God knows mans' heart. Hence, He gives us time to get it right. So I pray for Betty that God shines a light on that area so she can heal (hurting people hurt people) and see herself as whole - and healed in Christ.  

One of the most powerful messages that Father God gave us recently was that "God is going to rebuke ALL of your enemies." That's a powerful statement. It means that God is removing EVERYTHING and EVERYONE that's coming against you. As you go into this new season and new year, remember it's a NEW time in God. So, don't look back - as He also commanded that last month in His message. Like me with the kitchen cabinets. I caught myself going into the kitchen a few nights and bracing myself thinking the moths might come flying out at me but they were gone. God has removed that thing that was disturbing you. Father God has a hedge of protection around you and armies of warring angels to defend you. And, with God on our side, we cannot fail! 


How to Walk Away from Unforgiveness

When someone sets you up, sabotages you or makes false accusations, your radar might go up to fight back or seek revenge. That's what the devil wants. But, Jesus teaches us to forgive and walk in love. Remember when He was on the cross? Jesus said, "Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do." And, that's how we have to treat people when they come against us.

Here are a few tips to help you walk in love, healing and forgiveness ONLY: 


Don't retaliate or think like Liam Neeson, "I have a particular set of skills. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you," in ANY way. That's what the devil wants. He wants you to fight back but the Bible says, "Our weapons are not carnal but mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds." Hence, to break that stronghold, walk away and let God handle it. Why?

  • When you don't put your flesh/hands on it, God can work and take over. He defends us in battle so wait on Him.
  • God is just and He should judge how to handle our enemies, not us. For it is written, "Judge not, lest ye be judged."
  • We are Spirit meaning we serve God in Spirit and Truth. Or as one pastor put it, we're eagles and our enemies are chickens. We're also a royal priesthood and a chosen generation so we can choose to fly away. So, fly away. Don't come down out of the Spirit into the fleshly realm where the other chickens are waiting to get you. Be an eagle. Don't be a chicken.


Another reason to walk away is so you can continue to hear God clearly. When the spirit of offense comes it clouds your thinking and judgment. You're focusing on the offense instead of focusing on God which is what He wants for us. It's the January message He gave us, Focus on God.



    When Jesus mentioned to the disciples that He was determined to go to Jerusalem, suffer, die and be resurrected, Peter rebuked Him, (Matt. 16:21). Peter wanted to make things easier for Jesus by refusing what He said about His mission, (v. 22). However, Jesus rebuked Peter meaning He refused/rejected what Peter wanted, (v. 23). Jesus said, "Get thee behind me satan; thou art an offense to me. For thou savourest not the things that be of God but those that be of men."

    Jesus recognized that it was the devil trying to take Him off course from His mission. Hence, when a person offends you, it's important to rebuke/refuse the offense. It's like having two footballs thrown at you:


    Jesus is throwing one ball at you that's filled with love, healing and forgiveness but as part of your mission you have to carry it (the cross you bear that includes afflictions), i.e., "many are the afflictions of the righteous". Jesus's way is clean, pure and it's living water that runs through you and rids you of ALL contaminants.

    The devil...

    The devil, on the other hand is throwing a ball at you that's muddy and dirty but you might not see that initially. Sometimes it's filled with offense, bitterness and anger. At other times it's seductive as the devil works using the Jezebel demon and tries to make his way look easy, effortless, filled with love and he says things like "You can do what you want," or "You can have whoever and whatever you want." The problem is everything he sends is tied to chains and bondage because he's trying to snare you and then trap you.

    Now you have a decision. Choose God/Jesus or choose the devil. You can refuse to receive/accept what the devil or someone working in a demonic way might throw at you. This is why some church folk will say, "I don't receive that into my Spirit" because they know someone's trying to offend them (and throw all those snares and shackles on them). 

    When a person tries to offend you, say, "I rebuke their personalities" meaning you don't receive into your Spirit the attack or offense. You don't need to say it to them or out loud. It can be between you, Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I hear the Holy Spirit say OFTEN, "Rebuke their personalities" or "Rebuke his/her personality". Rebuking means that the seed of offense can't take root in you so dig up all those offenses and reject them. As you close out 2019 and come to the altar to confess all sins, whatever he said or whatever she did, just rebuke it so you can continue to receive from Christ.


    Jesus let offenses fly off of him like water coming off of the back of a duck. If you hold onto the spirit of offense, it is impossible to hear from God (which is what the devil wants). Let the offenses go.

    Mariah Carey had a song years ago, "Shake it off". However, the Bible refers to it as shaking the dust off of your feet if they don't receive you. So, get to shaking and let it go! Importantly, remember Jesus's teachings, "Woe to whom offenses come."

    The disciples were quick to get offended. I think it was Peter who cut off a soldier's ear thinking he was HELPING Jesus but Jesus rebuked him because Jesus KNEW people would come against Him. That was part of the mission. Forgive, walk in love and pray for them to change (which is next).


    The Bible says to pray for your enemies. And, this is one of the areas that differentiated Jesus from David. David was quick to draw the sword. Hence, he slew everything in sight - including Goliath. However, he could not come against Saul with his sword because Saul was God's prophet.

    If you read through the Psalms, you can hear David's mindset about not sparing the enemy but that's not what Jesus wants. It's also why David couldn't go further on with God. David had shed so much blood in the many battles he was in and God couldn't use him. Another area where Jesus and David differ is that Jesus has compassion and He wants us to pray for our enemies that God changes their hearts.

    The Holy Spirit had us include a section on our site to "Pray for every police officer" because they are coming under fire, they're under severe attack and many are committing suicide. I think there were 9 or 12 suicides in the NYPD alone the first couple of months of 2019. They really need help. They need better equipment. They need more mental health facilities and they need anointing because they're coming up against the demonic. But, if you ask people to pray for the police, they might turn a blind eye. We asked churches to open their doors and pray over officers and no one responded. However, it's a seed we planted in prayer. God WILL bring change. 

    Because people see isolated incidents, they assume "they're all like that". So, they're judging. But, the same groups that do this judging don't want to be judged or deemed as "They're all like that," right? God says not to "harden your hearts" when He calls us to prayer and I believe it's one of the reasons the devil chose racist attacks against minorities, i.e., blacks. Most black people are in church and KNOW God requires forgiveness. It's a sabotaging attack from the devil meant to harden their hearts so they can't hear from God, walk in disobedience and then aren't covered. Hence we MUST shine a light and expose this trick and trap of the enemy.

    Please pray for all officers. Pray for any racist officers to change and pray for the covering and protection for all officers. And, pray for your enemies to change while there's still time. Why is this important and what does this have to do with us? Remember, God is no respecter of persons and He gives EVERYONE a chance to seek Him out and follow Him. Similarly to how I had to forgive and walk away from my coworker who sabotaged me, God wants us to forgive and change OUR hearts so THEY Can see Christ living in us and hopefully change their own hearts and minds. Jesus is coming to purge this earth and we want to save as many souls as we can before the Rapture.

    Let's be mindful to be like Jesus - watch that temper, that tone and that attitude. Get rid of the stinkin' thinkin so we can be more Christ-like, not David-like. David shed blood and he also shed innocent blood when he set up Uriah to be killed so he could have Bathsheba. But, Jesus sacrificed His innocent blood for us despite those who set Him up to be killed. Walk in love, healing and forgiveness ONLY and be obedient to God. You can't go wrong if you obey God and Jesus's teachings as He calls us higher and asks us to come out from among them. Glory to God in the Highest! Keep reading your Bibles! 


    Message from Father God

    Please Note: Messages here are from Father God when we prepare our monthly Newspaper if He has a special Word or message. We then add onto this throughout the month if He gives us anything to pray over. 

    I hear Father God saying "It's going to get better." Make sure you tell them, "Don't look back when you see what God does." Keep your defenses up. He also said, "Pray against acts of violence". I heard "tornado", "terrorism" and "bomb" so we pray against all of these. The Holy Spirit said on 12/30, "The market is going to fail" (This is not a stock tip as there is no timeline). When we posted our New Year's message the Holy Spirit spoke throughout it... 

    "Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year from God-Driven-Designs!

    Remember, no weapons formed against you shall be able to prosper. Rest in God's favor. He will help with every detail. And, keep your Spirits up. God has a new plan for us and it's getting better. Your enemies are already defeated as Father God said "He's rebuking all our enemies". I keep hearing it's "Miracle Day" so trust God to make the way. We shall have EVERYTHING we need. Stay away from crowds and continue to come out from among them. Keep trusting in Father God and have faith. He will show you proof. Put your anointing oil on. Keep reading your Bibles and may your soul prosper in God! (Wait and see what He's about to do!)


    1/5/20: The Holy Spirit said "An explosion is going to take place" somewhere - not sure of this will stay in prayer. It can be explosion like explosive news or blessing or some kind of terrorism act. We pray against this in Jesus's name we cancel the devil's assignment.


    1/7/20: The Holy Spirit said, "Rebuke terrorists." We pray against terrorism in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. NO harm shall come near our dwelling places and no evil shall befall us.


    1/8/20: We were praying in the Spirit and Father God said, "Pray against intimidation and violence. We rebuke the demons of terror attacks. There's an intimidation demon. We have to rebuke that. It's trying to distract people. You will have hope soon. God is in charge. You don't have to fear. They will see the strong arm of the Lord soon. Keep trusting me. Keep coming out from among them. It's an intimidation demon/spirit. Keep the TV off. ***Re senior citizens and Jews, we were praying for them regarding recent attacks against seniors and how gangs have been targeting Jews, Father God said, " Tell them to leave God's people/leave my people alone. Keep telling them to come out from among them. Pray to cut the head of the intimidation demon off. We pray to send your warring angels. He also said, "I want you to tell them, 'You don't have to worry.'"


    1/11/20: I keep hearing, "Speak English. Speak English to me." Not sure if this is going to come out on the news again as another racial incident. However, a note of caution. Sometimes people get impatient with those from different religions, races, backgrounds, etc. It can happen when you call customer service and there's a language barrier. Remember, the Bible says, "Judge not and you will not be judged. Condemn not and you will not be condemned." We are to love one another and love our neighbors as Jesus taught us. We want forgiveness AND we want our names written in the Book of Life. Keep reading your Bible! 

    I also heard the Holy Spirit say, "You don't have to be afraid for what God does next" or "what God's about to do next." Not sure what this refers to but know we can trust God and His timing. Have faith.


    1/13/20: The Holy Spirit said, "Rebuke terrorism". We rebuke terrorism in the name of Jesus Christ. No weapons formed against us shall be able to prosper. 


    The Holy Spirit said, "The stock market's about to crash." (Not stock advice or a timeline).

    1/25/20: We posted on Facebook to pray for Puerto Rico as the Holy Spirit said another earthquake would take place. They had a 5.0 earthquake today. We keep them in prayer. The Holy Spirit has been saying to pray for the Caribbean.

    1/28/20: Another confirming word today. The Holy Spirit has been saying to pray for the Caribbean. A 7.7 earthquake rattled Cuba and Jamaica today. We keep these areas in prayer and we pray for the Caribbean. The Holy Spirit has also been saying to pray about volcanos. He said a volcano is going to erupt the other day and today that an active volcano is going to erupt. We pray for all those in the area and for safety in communities near any active volcanoes in Jesus's name. Other things the Holy Spirit said recently, "Don't walk away from what God does." "Pray for all police officers." "Pray for the President." "Pray for Pittsburgh." He also mentioned "explosive news" in the White House.


    January Prayer

    Father God in the name of Jesus, Thank You, Lord, You are the Most High God. We lift Your name up and give You ONLY all the glory, honor and praise. Lord we thank You for speaking to us and letting us know You will help with every detail and that we can call on You no matter what the problem is and say, "It's no problem for God". Lord, thank You for letting us see another year. Thank You for removing us from the hand of the enemy because You said You would not fail us and that You rebuked all our enemies. Glory to Your name. Father God, we ask that You please help us focus on You and the new plan You have for us. Help us not to look back but to keep moving forward and advancing Your kingdom. We pray for our families, friends, neighbors, communities, our nation and our planet. Lord, we pray for every police officer and ask all clergy to obey as You have commanded and said, "Let them cover each and every officer in the name of Jesus Christ. Father God we also pray for our fire departments, EMTs, our military and all medical personnel. We pray for the President, Lord, as You have commanded. We know we don't have to worry about a "Christmas gift" because the Holy Spirit said we don't have to fear. If anyone even TRIES to send a missile our way, we cast it away in the name of Jesus Christ as we don't fear man or the wrath of man. We rebuke "acts of violence" as You mentioned this 12/31 and we're seeing more random acts of violence against Jews, against senior citizens and others. We know You said, "Tell the devil to leave God's people alone" and we will continue to speak this out in prayer because the devil is defeated and under our feet. No weapons formed against us shall be able to prosper. We know that You also said, "Don't walk away from what You're about to do" so please give us strength and courage to stand firm in obedience to Your will, Lord. We pray for every family in need to have the financial blessings they need, Lord. We pray open the supply houses, send down wealth, riches and favor. Release to us the wealth of the sinner as Your Word says the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the Just. We pray over every person suffering a sickness or disease of any kind. We know by Jesus's stripes we are healed, Hallelu-Yahweh! We rebuke cancers, tumors, cysts and nodules. We rebuke ulcers, diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, sudden illnesses and sudden accidents in Jesus's name. We cancel the devil's assignment and no weapons formed against us shall be able to prosper. We cancel every attack of the enemy in the name of Jesus Christ. Hide us from the enemy, Lord. Remove us from the hand of the enemy in the name of Jesus Christ. No harm shall come near our dwelling places and no evil shall befall us. We cancel and make null every curse, juju, evil eye, wicked word and demonic act of the devil. We cancel every assignment of the strongman, all his workers and we cancel every stronghold in the name of Jesus Christ and by God's authority. We call on Michael the archangel to defend us in battle and we have legions of warring angels guarding our families, children and homes and our neighbors as we travel about. Please give us Your traveling grace and mercies and keep us out of harm's way. We know You are the Most High God and You cannot fail. We humbly come before You, Lord and ask forgiveness of all sins. Please forgive us for any sin against You or our fellow man. Forgive us for lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the pride of life. Forgive us for worrying, doubting, envy, arguing, backbiting, fear, anxiety and depressive thoughts, Lord. Please renew our minds. Wash us and make us clean in You, Lord. Create in us a clean heart and renew a right Spirit within us. Please don't take Your Holy Spirit from us, Lord. We humbly call on You for Your vision in this season and we know You will guide us and lead us on the new path You have for us and You WILL NOT FAIL. We praise You and give You all the glory because we know You will help with every detail. And, for everyone reading this prayer, Lord, please answer their prayers and show them signs of Your goodness. Send now favor. Send now recovery. Send now recompense. Send now restoration and restore unto us that which was stolen. Restore unto us that which the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm. We also pray for every area dealing with flooding and natural disasters. We pray and ask for Your mercy to protect the homes, families, animals and all livestock. We pray and ask for the "step-up" to the next level that so many need. Lord, please come down and dwell among us. Lord Jesus, sit on us. Sit on our homes. Come visit our families and spend time with us. We are Your people and we praise Your Holy Name. You are welcome in this place! In the Name and Blood of Jesus Christ, we pray, Amen. 



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