A Sneaky Game the Devil Plays...and How to Avoid This Trap!



In Messages from God, the Lord has been calling us away from the crowds. He's also been saying to repent and humble ourselves, right? So, here we are trying to draw closer to God but the devil knows that and is playing games. Here are a few examples of games the devil is playing and how to avoid these traps. 


Practice Relaxation and Calming Techniques...

Father God said "Go to bed at 9:30 pm so you can get up early to pray". Instead of falling right to sleep, the devil tries to plague us with night restlessness or unexpected door slams. Or, when you're up you're sleepy and as soon as you're ready to go sleep, you suddenly find yourself wide awake. 


Here's what to do:



Go to Bed Early

Humble Yourself in the Sight of the Lord and He Shall Lift You Up...

Father God is calling us away from the crowds to draw closer to Him. The devil has other plans in mind. I saw this first-hand:

  • My computer was acting up repeatedly so I switched computers and the second one started having problems, too.
  • My neighbor suddenly turned up his music and it was loud violent music - on a Sunday morning.
  • I tracked a faulty tablet I shipped back online only to find that the company refused a refund citing it didn't return in time despite USPS showing that it was on it's way there. When I DID reach an operator, I was so angry by that time I was ready to yell and curse at them (I know, not Christ-like).


Here's what to do: Get some sleep. Recognize that this is a demon trying to "poke the bear" or get you so upset you're ready to "go off" at any minute. This devil is playing psychological games to push your buttons and cause you to lose your peace.




The Not-So Humble Games

Humble Yourself in the Sight of the Lord and He Shall Lift You Up...

I watched a video online about a girl that scorched off part of her hair because she set her flatiron on a setting that was too high. I didn't want to see the video but felt like the Holy Spirit was telling me to forward to the end. To my shock, the girl now had a weave that was longer than her original hair and she was waving her head around defiantly.

I understood the "new hair" her stylist added would help as her hair grew back in. However, a concern is are we doing things that lead to false pride, ego and arrogance? I've witnessed this before in before and after videos. The women start out with their faces drawn or they look tired or sad. By the end, with the new "mask" on, they are flipping their heads around and blowing kisses at the screen. That's not to say that everyone is full of pride when they get their makeup or hair done. On the contrary, the concern is it goes deeper. Take this season we're in for example.