About Us


God-Driven-Designs is an online, faith-based store and magazine with a prophetic ministry. We don't like to say that we're Baptist-only or Christian-only as "groups" divide us (like the Pharisees, what Jesus preached against) from truly walking with God - who is NO respecter of persons. We are for all believers who love, follow and embrace Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit first


About the Owner

God-Driven-Designs was founded in 2006. When we started our business, our goal was and continues to be a way to reach people hungry for God's Word and in need of a prayer or an inspiring message. We use colorful prayer cards and other products to shine God's light, bring a smile and heal hurting hearts.  

My mom and I are both cancer survivors, so we know the power of prayer, God's covering and staying in God's Word. Let the Church say "Amen!"

A few examples of how churches and businesses use our marketing and ministry products:

  • Our cards were used for mission and ministry events in Japan.
  • Our prayer cards were sent to support the troops in Iraq through the Protect Our Troops program.
  • Our Bible verse cards were used in Houston, TX to support women's biker ministries.
  • Our banners were used - TWICE! for concerts featuring gospel recording artist Maranda Curtis.
  • Our invitations have even gone to the White House!


We hope you enjoy our products and we're available if you have any questions. Let us help maximize your creativity and expand your brand. Whether you're a business or church, we're here to inspire with all kinds of design ideas.

Let us know how we can help with your next project!




About God-Driven-Designs


Our goal is to help businesses and churches create beautifully crafted products for that "wow" factor! Shop with us for your business conference, church retreat or other big event. We want to:

  • equip and empower people to build self-confidence in their day-to-day lives,
  • help people with building their church or business brand, and
  • teach them about ways they can grow and become successful as entrepreneurs and church leaders.


Whether our customer is the stay-at-home mom, the tech-savvy business owner, a church on a limited budget, or a self-employed, start-up, we can create products that fit your target audience - and your budget needs. You can reach us anytime through our Contact Us page if you have an idea you need help with. We'll walk through what you want to plan and look for ways to help make it a big success.

We strive to bring a little humor, encouragement, and inspiration into every call and with every account. We value our customers and want you to reach a "live" person who is here to help; not just an automated voice that treats you like another number. Except when you first call our 800-number. That's automated to block out all the SPAM-bots!



Our mission at God-Driven-Designs is:

  • to spread the Gospel of God everyday, to everyone, and everywhere through our colorful products and designs,
  • to give God glory and help inspire and encourage others, while we reach back to help our communities and reach those less fortunate,
  • to share healing messages and words of encouragement,
  • to reduce waste, recycle, and promote green-initiatives,
  • to implement good business practices and employ diversified talent,
  • to help businesses and churches with their marketing needs and cost-efficient solutions, and
  • to empower and equip our customers with beautifully crafted products on any budget. 



  • Our website: https://www.God-Driven-Designs.com ★ Instagram: God-Driven-Designs ★ Facebook: GodDrivenDesigns ★ Twitter: @GodDrivenDesign
  • To order our latest book: Pray It By Ear
  • Contact: https://god-driven-designs.com/pages/contact-us
  • Write to us: God-Driven-Designs 79-81 Main Street, Yonkers, NY 10701


Praise God from Whom ALL Blessings Flow!