According To Your Faith, Be It Unto You...

Our Special Thanksgiving Edition

Well, gobble, gobble! Happy Thanksgiving. Time to put the game on and the turkey or tofurky with all the trimmings!

We pray for all family, friends, students, seniors, elected officials, healthcare workers and the military as they prepare for this busy holiday season especially during Covid. And, we keep all delivery workers in prayer as they gear up for big holiday deliveries and grocery orders.

Father God wanted us to email you with an important message. I don't have all the details in the prophetic yet but the Lord is saying a storm is coming. All year long God has been removing stubborn pride and our enemies. However, there's something illegal going on with the election that God is about to expose. He's saying repeatedly to "Pray for Philadelphia" and it's pressing on my spirit so heavily. I haven't heard this many utterings from the Holy Ghost since "Pray for all police officers" and "Pray for Puerto Rico."

We want to make you aware of the great quaking and shaking that's coming. Stay encouraged, keep reading your Bible and please don't ever give up. If anything, get up and stand on God's Word. Our Father God is on the Throne, not man. And, God is working to restore us. He will reveal things in the spirit and through tongues so please pray in tongues. 

In This Month's Issue We Cover:

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And away we go...


According To Your Faith Be It Unto You...

God will not change His mind. But, you must believe, have faith and don't doubt. It WILL get better (keep reading your Bible). 

A few years ago I took my mom on vacation (I wrote about this before). Instead of going to my favorite spot in the Caribbean, I took her to Mexico. I was sad because I really wanted to see the lorikeets, sea turtles and other types of exotic creatures. Deep inside I was really sad because on my last trip, I'd found a tiny path there away from the tourists and spotted a few hummingbirds. But, not wanting to be selfish or stuck in OLD ways and OLD habits, we went to Mexico. Walking down a path, my mom suddenly stopped and said, "Look, look!" I almost tripped over her because she stopped so abruptly. I looked straight ahead and didn't see anything and my mom said it again in  a hushed voice, "Look. Look at the hummingbird!"

There, to my amazement was a tiny hummingbird visiting the exotic flowers on an adjacent tree. He flew around so long I was able to take a short video of the experience. As we walked away, my face and my heart were all aglow. I realized Father God hadn't forgotten me. He knew that I was missing those tiny birds and even though we were no where near my little path, Father God brought exactly what I wanted and had someone else point it out to me!

In this season with Covid and social distancing, job losses and heightened anxieties, it's important to remember that God is here with us. He never leaves us and He never fails us. But, to get through this chapter and this season, we must have faith and stand on God's Word even when we can't see Him. Father God has given us so many messages this year to help us stay encouraged. However, we have to do our parts, too. We have to believe and don't doubt. We have to stand and continue to stand every day. We serve a Loving God who is here for us and forever His Word is established.

Here are a few things Father God said:

  • "It will get better. Keep reading your Bible,"  "I'm going to do something that lifts their spirits up" and "Tell them they will have help soon."
  • "Tell them I will help with their bills. I will help with those hospital bills" and "I am preparing a table for them."
  • "Tell them stop complaining to Me. They will be excited when they see what I do" and "The enemy will be saying, 'Not fair, not fair' when they see what God does for His people."
  • "Reunions are coming for some," "Keep calling on me for what you need" and "Rebuke their personalities."
  • "Don't worry. When you call on God, He will answer" and "Tell them they have to move faster" to get in alignment with Him and be ready for what's next.
  • "Whatever you need say, It's no problem for God" and "Remind Me of My Words. Bring it to My remembrance."
  • "I want you in bed by 9:30, 1am at the latest" so we can get up early and praise God and pray to Him together.
  • "God will not fail," "I will help with that landlord" and "They will see relief soon." "I will help with their family, that rent, those hospital bills." 
  • "It doesn't matter" what the devil and his demons or your enemies say or do, God is on the Throne and He will ALWAYS make the way for you - You're His Child and His Chosen One! 



God's Purpose For You In This Season

The Holy Spirit wanted us to add a special section about God's purpose for His people in this season.

At a time when the enemy is trying to strike fear and retaliate against God's people, it's important to remember a few things to help you stand firm on God's Word. This is especially important now.

Please use these tips so you don't war in the flesh and you can stand firm and allow Father God to work on your behalf and use you:

1. Remember, the Battle is Not yours. It's the Lord's.

"They that worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth." John 4:24

The enemy wants God's people to war in the flesh, to seek revenge, get angry or try to rely on old ways or old thinking. This isn't that kind of battle. This is Spirit.

We must let God lead the way and work on our behalves. Satan also wants us looking with "physical eyes" at his powerful threats and attacks so we'll cower in fear, be distracted and can't hear from Father God.

2. Keep Your Defenses Up

The devil is cunning like a snake. He's trying to find ways to retaliate against God's people and seek revenge. He may try to discourage you or get you to come down from the heavenly/spiritual realm into the flesh/emotions.

An example might be saying that you stole something on the job. Guard your emotions and your words. Season your words with salt and stay in God's shadow. We know who our help comes from. It comes from the Lord.

3. Rebuke Their Personalities

The devil has been trying to get people to take on the spirit of offense. Instead of rebuking the person's personality, you get offended and carry that spirit around. You become offended and now carry the spirit of offense. It's like having a ball thrown at you. You don't have to catch it and carry it. Leave it there. Let it drop. End of discussion. Pastor Joel Osteen has been speaking a great deal about this, too (confirmation).

What Jesus wants us to do is rebuke their personalities, meaning "refuse" to take on the offense. Refuse to talk about what they did. Refuse to rehash it. Refuse to feel threatened and emotional by it. That way you can walk in love, healing, and forgiveness which is what Jesus wants.

To help you, when someone says or does something offensive, pray, "Lord, I cancel that devil's assignment in the name of Jesus. I forgive that person and their words don't cling to me. I only have love, healing, and forgiveness in my heart." And then walk away and don't keep repeating or reliving the offense. It's a snare.

4. "Wait for Me", i.e., Wait on the Lord for Direction

In this season, wait for God to direct you. The Holy Spirit will guide you and you have a guardian angel with you, the Holy Spirit is there, and you can call on wisdom. You also have Michael the archangel with you who defends us in battle.

When you wait on God, you're waiting on the Holy Spirit to speak to tell you what to do. He might say, "Rebuke them," or "Walk away." Obey what the Holy Spirit says and quickly walk away.

5. Stay Encouraged and Keep Your Spirits Up

Continue to speak over yourself and stay encouraged. Keep reading your Bible. Remember, stay in the spirit and don't let small things bring you down to someone else's level. These are snakes meant to snare you. Wait on the Lord, stay encouraged, and keep reading your Bible. The attacks the enemy had planned will be used on them instead and no weapons formed against you shall be able to prosper.

6. Walk in Your Assignment

What is your calling for God? Write another book or movie. Create another blog. Sing a new song. Prepare a new dance. Witness to more people. Pray to be an answer for someone in need. Your assignment is about positioning and every job is important.

Remember David who slayed the giant, Goliath? David wasn't "called" to slay the giant. His assignment was to take bread and cheese to his brothers and check on them. But, God had a greater work for Him! Work in your assignment and if God calls you, BE READY!

7. Remember Who You Are and Whose You Are

The whole point in all this is to remember who you are and whose you are so the devil can't uproot you by shaking the boat. Jesus is on the water and He's here with us. But, He doesn't want us running around like chickens when we're called to be eagles. As Dr. Bill Winston would say, "Maintain your altitude."

Ultimately, know that in the coming days, this is an offensive demon that's trying to retaliate and get God's people to react.

Stand on God's Word and let God use you where He wants you:

  • You might be called on to volunteer at a shelter for the homeless.
  • You might be asked to donate money for the less fortunate.
  • God may have you speak over someone in need.
  • Father God may have you fellowship with someone you don't know who might be feeling discouraged.

Lastly, remember, we have the victory and we are covered in the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus. Read Ephesians 6:10-18 and put on the full armor of God. And having done all, to stand!



Our Thanksgiving Message: Remove Me From the Hands of My Enemies...

So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and His glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him, (Isaiah 59:19).

It was something that a reporter said online that caught my attention. I was clicking on the news sites looking for Trump news and I saw a terrible headline. It read something like, "If you're like me you hated 2020 and hope we never have a year like this again." And, I thought, "But, Lord. That's not right. We're taught to praise You in every circumstance. And, look at how You kept us and blessed us AND covered us this year." What people may not realize is that Father God said this year that He's removing our enemies.

What the world doesn't see is exactly how much God was working on our behalf:

  • They don't know about Father God's messages where He said again and again how He would help us and make the way.
  • They don't know how God said to call on Him or that He said He will pay the bills and those hospital bills.
  • They don't know that He said to say, "It's no problem for God" so we can put a demand on Him.
  • They don't know how we grew our faith this year while the enemy was kept at bay.


God is exposing the plans the enemy had for us, i.e., the enemy is falling into their own trap instead. But to understand exactly who our enemy is, we have to go back to Judas and Peter. 

Why Jesus Rebuked Peter But Washed Judas's Feet

In the New Testament, it's easy to see Judas as the betrayer and Peter as Jesus's friend. However, Jesus loved Judas and embraced him. Jesus even washed Judas's feet. But, when it came to Peter, the Lord rebuked Peter. Why is this significant? The Bible teaches us that when the enemy comes in like a flood the Spirit of the Lord shall lift a standard up against him. This year has been kind of tricky.

It's Not Joe Biden, It's President Trump

We see President Trump's agenda and might think that he's the enemy. But, that's not what God has been saying in His messages so we have to keep an open mind to clearly hear from God. Father God is saying that He's changing Trump's heart for his second term. But, how can that make sense if Biden won the election? Is Trump going to overturn the election results? It may be possible. Father God had us put up a message about whether we can really believe the election results. He also had us put up that Trump is already in his second term. But is this true? Is this a false prophecy and the devil playing games to confuse us? What should we believe?

There's corruption behind the election that the Lord is exposing as He removes our enemies. If we didn't have coronavirus there wouldn't have been a shutdown and the crowds would have continued to gather against God's people. If Trump was immediately elected, the racists in this world might have thought they won. In the same token, is a Joe Biden win what Father God wants? The Dems are pro-abortion and Father God said animal sacrifices were used.

Some in the prophetic saw a lot of witchcraft working to secure the election and bind President Trump who is pro-life and pro-Israel. Was this done to promote the devil's agenda? Is it because Biden said he would pass a LGBTQ equality act right away that they're trying to rush him into office by any means necessary? How can we be sure who is right for us? Is it possible that God IS planning to change Trump's heart to make him more pro-Christian and this is what the devil and his principalities are trying to block? Only God knows. What we do know is that Father God has been pressing on us in the spirit to Pray for Philadelphia and Pray for Pennsylvania. For more on this, please read Revelation 3:7-13 and see the section below on President Trump's Hail Mary Play.

Seeing God Like Never Before

This Thanksgiving, let's be mindful to offer up the sacrifice of praise. No, it's not like any other year that we've encountered and there may be some things we don't want to ever experience again. However, all things are working for our good.

While this year was one of the toughest challenges for many, we saw God move in ways like never before. We heard Him console people and talk to us in a closer manner. He moved in significant ways that we couldn't imagine. So, we are extremely thankful and grateful to Father God for all He's done and shown us. We cannot replace the intimacy and love that God has for His people. He set us apart. He blessed us and kept us. He made the way and opened doors and He removed us from the hands of our enemies. God sets a table before us in front of our enemies. And, according to what Father God is saying, we're about to see a major shaking and quaking as God exposes hidden enemies and hidden agendas.

Let's remember to rest in God and trust Him. Let's remember to not be critical of God or how He's delivering us or what He's doing. God is making the way but we have to do our parts, too. We must stay on our knees in prayer and not criticize God or complain. We must confess sins, rebuke false and stubborn pride and stay humble before Him. We must continue to come out from among them and come away from the crowds - not join them. We must rebuke witchcraft and plead the blood of Jesus Christ.

Let's keep looking to Father God who is the Author and the Finisher of our lives. ONLY God knows the plans He has for us. Keep praying in tongues and calling on the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost to guide you. Keep reading your Bible and resting in God. Great is His faithfulness! As we put up the image, I heard Father God say, "Tell them you don't have to worry. I know you need help. Tell them it will come." 


President Trump's Hail Mary Play...

It was reported that the first Hail Mary pass occurred in the 1920s. The football play is a long forward pass that's usually made in desperation with a limited chance at succeeding. But, what does that have to do with President Trump this late in the game?

The First Hail Mary Play

The Four Horsemen is a name a sports reporter gave to Notre Dame football players, Don Miller, Harry Stuhldreher, Jim Crowley and Elmer Layden. Under coach Knute Rockne, it was at a football game in 1922 when the Hail Mary pass started. A lineman, Noble Kizer, suggested that they say a Hail Mary prayer to help secure a touchdown against Georgia Tech. And, it worked but it would be a few years before the pass would become well-known. 

In 1935, Notre Dame’s players used their Hail Mary play to beat Ohio State with a 19-yard touchdown. Elmer later mentioned their Hail Mary play and the name began to stick with other players. The play became so popular that by the 1960s and 1970s, it wasn't seen strictly as a play out of desperation or a play only at Catholic schools. It became widely used to describe a long pass attempt to secure a touchdown in the final seconds of a game. It's reported that Roger Staubach even used the play in the Cowboys 1975 playoff game. Scoring his winning touchdown pass, he stated, “I closed my eyes and said a Hail Mary.”

Were There Biblical Hail Mary's?

The Hail Mary play is a strategic maneuver that requires great faith. And, while there are Bible verses that describe competing and training as an athlete, a few specific examples clearly showed that focused faith brings results.

Click here for the full message.

Message from God...

From 11/16/20

Father God said, "Keep coming out from among them. Tell them I want them to remove that stubborn pride. It has to flee. That stubborn pride. It has to flee. Stay in God' shadow and see what He does. They keep trying to offend me. They will leave God's people alone. He has a hedge of protection around you. Can't you see? The devil is trying to get them to change but God changes not. They will see. They have to watch the words coming out of their mouths. Some are taking it the wrong way and the spirit of offense and stubborn pride gets in. some are arrogant and their arrogance is a stench to Me. I keep telling them I want them in bed at 9:30 so they can get up early and pray. Stay in God's shadow. Keep coming to me and coming out from among them. Their stubborn pride has to flee. Their stubborn pride. They will see what God's about to do. God's armies of angels is about to come against the spirit of witchcraft. They will be crying when they see what I do. Tell them to leave God's people alone. So many of God's people are in line for promotion. Watch what I say. So many for promotion but they have to keep coming to Me. I am the God who changes not. I can enlarge pocketbooks and new territories. Keep coming to me not Joe Biden. Keep coming to me. Witches and witchcraft have to flee. They keep calling on Kamala Harris to win but it's Me. I am the God who provides. Tell them that. Stop relying on and looking to her. I'm the God who removes their sins. Their stubborn pride makes it so they cannot see. The election results will change. That witchcraft is no cure for me. They tried to stop Me but I am the God who creates all things and I fail not. Keep coming to me and coming away from them. That stubborn pride has to flee. So many are riding a fence. They need to come to Me. I will not fail you. I am the God who changes not. I created all things, not man. Keep submitting to Me and reading your Bible." Now walk away.

"I am putting a man in charge who has God in his heart, not man. They ask for emergency assistance but they won't believe on Me. I am the God who is there for them. I am the God who sees. I see ulterior motives. I see the changes that they need. Keep reading your Bibles and submitting to me. Stay in God's shadow. Keep coming to Me. They will leave God's people alone. Stop making false idols out of Kamala Harris. They will see. I am the God who heals and promotes. They keep riding the fence. They will see proof. Stop praying for Kamala Harris and leave that woman alone. Pray to Me. They're praying for Senator Harris as if she's God. She's not I AM. Stop submitting animals in witchcraft. They need to leave that witchcraft alone. It's a mistake they are making. They're praying but don't see whose side they are on. I know they need help. They will have money soon. Keep seeking Me, seeking My face. They will see. I will not share my glory with another. He's cutting the head of every enemy off. They will see. I'm about to part the Red Seas soon. Separately, there will be a mas- shoot--- attempt against year. Watch what I say. [Prophet Tracy Cooke also prophesied this, and we pray against EVERY Demonic attack in the name and blood of Jesus Christ]. They will see. God's people are prepared and they will stand with him. God is covering him. I love you so much but you're trying to change what I say. Keep coming out from among them. I know who I have in mind for the presidency. They will see. Hear My voice. They will see in time. And, then walk away.

He's preparing us for greatness. They will see. So much good is coming for some, for so many. Keep reading and writing in your Bible and praying to me. I will help with your bills. I will make you stronger. Keep coming to me leaning on me and doing things that add value. Ask for My mercy. So many are going to be so upset when they see what I do how I open up the earth. They will see. Kamala is not for you. I am the God who sees. Let them know my judgment is coming. I have a man appointed for you but they have to remove their stubborn pride. They will be saying 'Not fair, not fair' when they see what God does. There will be grumblings in the earth. I don't care. Keep coming to Me. [Re is Trump reelected?] Yes, Trump IS already in office serving a second term. There's a great commotion about him. Leave that to Me. He's about to change his heart for Me. They will see it soon, too. Their stubborn acts of pride they have to flee. They need to keep coming to Me and bowing down to Me. I am the God that I AM the God of Jacob, Isaac and Joseph. I change not. They don't believe now but they will see. Keep praying to God and reading your Bible and praying to the Holy Ghost. [I heard 'Get them out of here!] God's people have to flee and come out from among them when they see. When they see. I will cast all your sins away, not man. Keep coming to Me. Watch what I say. It shall come to pass. Demons have to flee. They keep denying Me, denying my existence. They will see. Stubborn pride has to flee. They won't believe but I am preparing my angels to go against their face. Stubborn pride has to flee so they can keep coming to Me. My way is marvelous. I am the God who preserves. Keep coming to Me and praising the Lord. I will help them. They will see. Pray for Philadelphia. I am exposing the root of evil there. Satan has to flee. That stubborn pride has to flee. I am exposing his plan, satan's plan against my people. I am the God who changes not. Promotion is coming for so many. Expect to see the eyes of the Lord upon this land. Expect to see. I am the Lord who changes not. Changes for so many. New homes and homes restored. Cupid's arrow for some. Buying a new house. Mortgages paid off. Debts paid. They will shout hallelujah. Rebuke the demons of massive attacks. Ask them are they sure? Are they sure they're serving the Lord and on the right side? Let them know I've got you. Come under Me, not man. I can help. I'm enlarging your territory. Those demons that are there in the demonic, they will see. Tell them they will see. That devil will quit playing games with God's people. I'm saying, "Let them go. Take your hands off God's property, off His anointed." Ask for God's mercy. They will see. Tell them don't worry about coronavirus. Demons have to flee. Pray for Philadelphia for the stench that is going on there because they're trying to come against Me. [Multiple times today I heard Pray for Philadelphia]. They will see. They will have help soon. Keep coming to Me. They will see that's the mark of the beast trying to come against My Chosen. Keep coming out from among them and coming to Me. Help for every family, pray for every police officer. They're going to be saying "Martial law" when they see what God's done for His people. They need to see. Those witches will see. They will burn up at the stake for trying to come against Me and against God's prophets, His people and His chosen ones. They choose sides and you must choose. Are you serving God? If so, keep coming out from among them. I am the God who changes not. I create all things. Tell them to rebuke suicide demons. Watch what I say. They think God is not enough but that's a mistake. I am the God they need. They will see when I start quaking and change their territory. That stubborn pride has to flee. Pray for Philadelphia. Tell them it doesn't matter. God is in charge not man. It is a stench to Me. They think they can bring witchcraft against Me. Tell them in Philadelphia they will see. That is the wrong way, coming against Me. Pray for Philadelphia. They will ask for God's mercy. It's like a rumbling in the belly. [He said this twice]. My people will see so much favor and victory. They will see. Keep coming to Me. They will have a marvelous time in the Lord. It's a mistake. When they see. They keep hiding from Me. Some don't have evidence but they will see soon. They keep trying to hide false pride from Me. Some walk the wrong way and ride the fence. They need to choose a side. They will see evidence and come to Me. Tell them it doesn't matter. Keep coming to Me. They will see soon. They will see the earthquake that's coming. The breaking soon. I'm about to saturate My people, God's people with My goodness. Tell them keep rebuking stubborn pride. They're about to see surprises. Surprise marriages and spiritual blessings coming for all God's people. They will be breaking down when they see their narrow escape. Keep coming to Me. Write that and walk away. The earthquake is coming soon. I change not.

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Our Thanksgiving Prayer...

Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord we come to you and ask forgiveness of sins that our prayers might always be heard before you. Forgive us for lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. We plead the blood of Jesus over our lives and we repent of all sins against you and our fellow man. Father God, thank You, Lord, that You are so loving and kind. We know we have an advocate in You and You will not fail us. We pray over our friends, family, neighbors, communities, our nation, and our planet. We pray for all of those in need of salvation and those struggling to pay bills. We pray because there are some that feel like they're walking a tightrope but we know we have a lifeline to You, Father. We WILL have evidence of Your goodness. We will have another stimulus and more help for You supply ALL our needs. 

Father God, we pray for all those grieving and struggling. Lord, some are struggling with Covid, they've lost their jobs or they might have high debts and limited resources. Some have been the victims of hate crimes or violent attacks. Others are scared to leave their homes and might feel anxious. But, we know You're a SUPERNATURAL God and can help with bills and hospital bills. You can help people pay their rent and find favor with their landlords. 

You're also saying "It doesn't matter" what the enemy says or does. ONLY You have the final say. Have Thine own way, Lord. You will bring Joel 2:25 recovery and restoration. You are just and will defend Your people in battle and remove their enemies. You will bring justice, Lord, and expose every corruption and secret thing. We pray over this election and over President Trump, Lord. You said you're exposing the corruption and a great shaking/quaking is coming. You said that the enemy would be saying "Not fair, not fair" when they see what You do for Your people. You said we would be shouting "Victory!" We keep our hands off it and we wait for You and You. 

Father, we pray a special prayer for families. There have been recent incidents in the news where people have lost someone close to them from Covid. In some stories, they lost more than one person. We pray healing for these grieving families, Lord. There's uncontrollable hurt and pain they are feeling. For those that lost loved ones, friends or neighbors, we pray for them. We grieve with them, Lord. We know we have an advocate in You and You are a Just God so we do not worry. You also said "It will get better" and we know You are faithful. We thank you and we glorify Your name.

Lord, we pray for the sick and elderly. We pray for those that are shut-in. We pray for families struggling to provide for their children. Please make the way for them, Lord. For someone that needs it, the Holy Spirit said, "Don't worry about the money." We pray for those that can't afford to go to the doctor's office or are too scared to go to a clinic. Please make services available and open the supply house to send now favor to those in need. We praise You for releasing floods of blessings to God's people and we hear you saying "Tell the devil to stop playing games with God's people" and "Leave God's people alone."

Thank you for your love and mercy, Father God. We pray for all those traveling over the holidays, all our students, the elderly, and the military, please give them traveling grace and mercies. We pray for all delivery personnel. Please protect them as this is supposed to be 3x the amount of holiday deliveries from last year. Thank You, Lord, for delivering us and saving us and protecting us from the storm that's about to start and the shaking/quaking that's coming, in Jesus' name, Amen.

Aside from titles, anything in bold above is something the Holy Spirit mentioned to pray about.

The Prayer of Salvation

If you haven't said the Prayer of Salvation, now's the best time: Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord, I ask forgiveness of my sins. Please come into my heart. I turn my back on sin and I make you my Lord and Savior. I want to follow you for the rest of my life. Please give me eternal life through you in Jesus name, Amen.     

Re-dedication to Christ Prayer

If you need to rededicate your life to Christ because you feel like you've been sinning or haven't been living right, pray: Father God in the name of Jesus, I ask forgiveness of my sins and I turn my back on sin. Please help me to overcome ---- and I want to lead a better life through you. I decree and declare this day I have overcome ---- and I have the victory in Jesus name, Amen. 

Stay in God's shadow, stay away from sin and temptation, keep reading your Bible and keep seeking God first. 

Be ye doers of the Word... We pray this message blesses you today!

If you need prayer, please call the Bill Winston Prayer Center at (877) 543-9443. You can also check online for Joyce Meyer's prayer request form and other sites that can pray for and with you. You are more than a conqueror!



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