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Our April Newsletter

Happy April, Happy Passover, Happy Easter, and Happy Resurrection Sunday! Our Redeemer Lives! We're celebrating Easter and this is a reminder to start your fasts as we prepare for Pentecost and to never give up and don't go by what you see! 

Keep praying and praising until something happens... The Holy Spirit said as a reminder to tell you, Never give up. It's going to get better. Just give it time and stay encouraged.  Trust God's timing and His plan for your life. "He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him, and with his stripes, we are healed." "The stone the builders rejected became the cornerstone."That means don't go by what you see. God has hidden paths for us. He will always make the way for us. Stand firm on God's Authority and never give up. With anyone that rejected you or crushed you, the Holy Spirit is saying to rebuke their personalities and forgive them. Walk away, walk in love, and forgiveness so you don't block your future blessings.

In this month's issue we cover:

Our April Message: Make It Manifest, Faith Like Potatoes, How to Make Manifest What You Need, Best Boss Battle Everand Our April Prayer

Music Spotlight: Psalmist Raine: I Surrender; Cory Asbury: Reckless Love

Need an Uplifting Word? Cora Jakes Coleman

News: Girl's Kind Deed Earns $16K Scholarship 

Our Latest Book: Pray It By Ear

LOL: Silly Wabbit...

Let's do this...



Make It Manifest...

I saw the worst April Fool's Day message. Someone sent an email to their customers and it read, "Don't be a fool." That's all it said. I thought, "You're calling your customers fools? That's really great marketing that will increase sales." 

Psalm 14:1 reads, "The foolish man says in his heart there is no God," because the devil tricks people into believing that God isn't real. It's all over the news, TV, and social media. One TV host said, "God doesn't talk to people. That's so foolish." Yes, God does talk to people - He says it in Amos 3:7, "Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets."

April Fool's Day is a reminder that the devil THINKS he's winning, but that's a trick. He thinks he's gotten over on you. That's another trick because we are covered by the blood of Jesus. The devil is trying to convince you there's no way out. That's a lie. God has already made the way for you and at just the right time, the plan will be revealed and the waters will part. 

Keep working on your gifts, take caution and watch your pocketbooks, meaning watch that excess spending, look for ways to pay down your debts, and trust in God to deliver you. Your finances will be restored and may your soul prosper in God. "Lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge God and He will direct your path."

Whatever you need, decree that "It's done" and believe God for it. You have angels surrounding you and they are there to help you. We're entering a time where God is giving us more help to accomplish our goals. It will require sweat equity and effort on our parts, but Jesus said, "Whatsoever you desire when you pray, believe that you have it and it shall be yours."

Are You Planting Potatoes by Faith or Ignoring What's in Front of You?

There's a cool movie, Faith Like Potatoes. It's about a farmer who has to learn God's way of doing things. It starts out with the farmer trying to do everything his way and he learns the hard way that God wants him to rely on God for everything. In the movie, the farmer faces challenges and by repeating the tests, he eventually learns to call on God and take his hands off of every situation. Our lives are like that, too.

We can find that people are unreliable or have ulterior motives and think, "No problem, I'll do it myself." That might work for a little while, but it's still the flesh and not what God wants for us. So what happens next? God removes the people out of the way and we don't have them. Then we say, "No problem, I'll manage." We start juggling all these things at one time and realize that eventually, something causes it to all fall apart. That's not God playing games with us, but it is God showing us that He has a plan and the way - if we just call on Him and ask for help. So what does this have to do with potatoes?

In the movie, the farmer still had to work hard to see what God had for him be made manifest. That's where we can make mistakes in life over what to do to receive what God has for us. You see, on the one hand, there are people that tell you, ask for what you want, sit back and let God bring it to you. That is partially right. You should ask for what you want, and let God bring it to you, but you can't sit back and do nothing. Jesus cursed the fig tree that was showing leaves with no fruit. God wants us to produce a fruitful harvest. Remember the parable Jesus told about the men that were given the money. One buried it, another doubled it, and another made more than that. We are given so many gifts and talents that we can't SIT ON THEM.

We have authority in this world to make manifest what we need. The problem is a lot of times we look at the HUGE tests we've gone through and we say, "I just can't do it." "I've tried and it's not working." That's because the attacks from the devil were so strong that he wanted you to feel defeated. It's like a woman in labor who says, "I just can't push anymore," and gives up. There are no stillbirths. You have to keep going and get over the mindset that you can't do it. That's the devil. Every time you hear yourself saying, "But it's just so hard," remember, that's what the devil wants you to see and believe. So how do you make it manifest?

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Music Spotlight 

Listen to this awesome song by Psalmist Raine, I Surrender.
Lyrics include "I hear the Lord saying "Surrender, surrender. You won't lose. I'm fighting for you." 




How Tests are Like a Boss Battle Game and How to Win Every Challenge

If you've ever played a tough video game level, then you know that you have to master even the most difficult levels before you can move on. That's why savvy expert gamers rely on tips from former gamers to master every level. In life, sometimes you have to get through a tough challenge in order for the anointing you need to be released into your life, but you might have help along the way...

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How to Make Manifest What You Need...

When you pray, you receive on the level you believe. If you believe on a higher level, you receive on a higher level. This ties into Cora Jakes Coleman's message about using your level to get the blessing. Don't blame God for the position - like the lame man who made excuses about why he couldn't get in the pool. Stand, because now is the time to endure and to step up. Don't drown in 2-feet of water. Stand. The mistake we make is we only see our situation in the flesh. We're tired and worn out and we don't see that we've birthed the new baby - the anointing. The flesh wants to continue to sit, give up, and that's where the devil says "Just give up and die. It's too much, you don't have the strength." The devil is a liar! To continue, your spirit man must rise up and stand up over the flesh and continue on. We must endure. We must stand.

When you endure you will be complete and lacking nothing. This is James 1:4 which in the KJV reads, "But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing." That means everything you need is in you so you can make manifest what you need. Just like the boss battle games where you go from one level to another, or in this case, one test and trial to another, you have to step away from the flesh and the emotional roller coaster you were on to embrace that you've received the anointing in the spirit realm and it is bigger than the test and God keeps us in perfect peace. So how do you manifest what you need?

Here are a few tips:

  • Don't forget it was just a test (level) to give you the anointing. Ask God to renew your mind and don't dwell on the test. Stand.
  • Remember, your enemy is already defeated. In tough spiritual battles sometimes winning doesn't feel victorious. You're exhausted, spent, and worn out, but, speak over yourself and stand.
  • Remember God's promises. Jesus gave us authority in this world and the devil is already under your feet. We have the victory. Now stand.
  • You are more equipped and more powerful than before. Now stand.
  • Speak what you need and let angels bring it to pass and stand.
  • Decree it and believe God for it and stand. Your level of faith will move the mountains out of your way when you - you guessed it right, stand.
  • Pray, seek God's discernment, and then move in that direction and stand.
  • Ask angels to help you bring what you need to pass and stand.
  • Remember, you have God's Authority. Stand.


Humbly stand before God so He can use you. We have the victory. Now, don't think that the tests will stop - because we know many are the afflictions, but continue to stand anyway. You already have the victory in every battle in Jesus's name. Just remember to focus on what God wants you to do, don't look back, stay in your love walk, continue to forgive, help and heal others, and be determined to stand. Sow your seeds of faith and read your Bible and pray daily and speak in tongues. Study your scriptures, tithe, and keep praising God.

Do all of this always humbly before God and the Holy Spirit said to add, "Don't walk away when God calls you." While some tests look tough, we must obey God. God isn't conditioning you for you to receive the blessings and walk away from Him. Sometimes people do that when they've gone without for too long. They think, "I've got it now. I can do what I want." But that's wrong. That's why God breaks down the flesh to get rid of the bitterness and resentfulness that comes with being conditioned to break a stubborn will and false pride. God is on the throne, not us. Lastly, remember, the battle is not ours. It's the Lord's. It's not about the tests, but how you respond. Keep reading your Bible. Having done all to stand, stand, and give glory to God! 


 Music Spotlight

Have you heard Cory Asbury's song, Reckless Love? We couldn't earn it, and we don't deserve it, but we have the awesome love of God.



Our April Prayer...

Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord we praise you and we glorify you. Thank you for sending Jesus. Thank you that we have an advocate in Jesus who became the propitiation for our sins. You love us so much that you sent the Word to dwell among us and we thank you. Lord we ask for your restoration powers over our families, over marriages, over ministries, and businesses, finances, and health. We pray now, Lord and ask for your mercy in our lives. Use us for your will and your glory. Have your way, Lord. I hear the Holy Spirit saying, "We are in the Final Days," and we ask for the Holy Spirit and for wisdom to help us prepare the way for Jesus and to help the Church become one. I also hear you saying that "It will get better" and "You will send proof." We pray for this Lord especially for families that are struggling and for those in Puerto Rico. 

Father God, we know we have the victory in every area and aspect of our lives. We decree it and stand firm on your Word. Please surround us with angels, help and heavenly counsel from on High. I hear "Your situation is changing," and we pray, Lord, please let people see signs right away from you, Lord. Open every window and door to help people get back on their feet. Lord, have mercy on your people, we pray. We also pray over finances because there are so many who are barely getting by. Father, please send an outpouring of blessings and favor because you told David that all we have to do is ask.

We pray for ministries to be restored because there are a lot of ministries that are closing and dried up, but where there is dry we see a well of living water. Where there is lack, we see more than enough. Lord, we will stay in our assignments and keep seeking after you, Father God. We will keep doing the work as you have called us and we know we are covered in the name and precious blood of our Lord Jesus. We praise you for we have the victory and the devil is defeated. No weapons formed against us shall prosper. The Holy Spirit said this year, "They will be shouting Hallelujah!" We love you and we are so thankful that we have an advocate in Jesus. Thank you, Lord, for your love. May our praises go up to you as sweet alms. Hear our voices and our prayers, Lord, we pray, in Jesus's name.

Lastly, for anyone that has family in Puerto Rico or someone that they know there, please tell them to stay encouraged and to tell as many people as they can to stay encouraged. On the news, it was reported that an unstable house shifted off its foundation and started sliding down a hill in Puerto Rico, but don't go by what you see. God has spoken over Puerto Rico and what He has said WILL BE MADE MANIFEST. Puerto Rico will be restored and God will send proof. Tell them to cheer up. Don't go by what you see. We have a firm foundation in God. We believe it and we receive it in the name and blood of Jesus Christ, Amen!  

If you need prayer, please call the Bill Winston Prayer Center at (877) 543-9443. You can also check online for Joyce Meyer's prayer request form and other sites that can pray for and with you. You are more than a conqueror!  



Need a Word? Cora Jakes Coleman

The message above is the full 52-minute sermon. The message below is the opening prayer, song, and closing. 

Whatever the devil did to try to defeat you, it didn't work. You are still standing and will continue to stand. Hear this awesome and anointed Word from Cora Jakes Coleman, one of Bishop T.D. Jakes's daughter's. She has a special prayer, "Break us so you can use us. Remove us so you can consume us." That breaking that you went through, remember, it was to get all flesh out of you so God can use you. When the flesh is removed, i.e., your name (remember, no flesh can stand before God), you can work more powerfully by using God and Jesus's name. The Holy Spirit said to post her message and we know the Word is blessed. 



 News: Girl's Kind Deed Earns Her $16K Scholarship

Shared Via Today: 

Waffle House waitress Evoni Williams felt she was just doing her job when she went the extra mile for an elderly customer and cut up some food on his plate. But by lending a hand and brightening the man's day, she unknowingly brightened her own future — the 18-year-old's kindness has now been rewarded with a $16,000 college scholarship. "That’s just me,'' Williams told NBC Houston affiliate KPRC. "It came from the heart. I would do it any other time, not just this time."

Williams, whose friends call her "Nini," was on a busy shift at the Waffle House in La Marque, Texas, south of Houston, earlier this month when Adrian Charpentier, 78, mentioned his hands were in pain and giving him trouble. Williams cut up some ham on his plate. Another customer, Laura Wolf, was touched by the gesture and took a photo of the moment, pointing out that Charpentier was using an oxygen tank and "struggling to breathe."

"If we could all be like this waitress & take time to offer a helping hand ..." Wolf wrote in the caption. The photo went viral, with nearly 50,000 shares. Among those to notice were representatives from Texas Southern University, in Houston.

On March 8, School officials gathered at the Waffle House to surprise Williams with a $16,000 check. The money can be used in $4,000 increments for each semester. Williams, who has been working at Waffle House to save up for college since she graduated high school, fought back tears as co-workers and superiors applauded.

"I didn’t think it was going to go big," Williams told a gathering of reporters. "But I thank you all. It’s just something I would do any other day." The city of La Marque also declared March 8 to be Evoni "Nini" Williams Day. Charpentier was there to see Williams' proud moment. He told reporters he had recently been in the hospital for two days and his hands had been hurting. "I thanked her very much for it,'' he said.

We pray God blesses her, sends encouraging people to her, and we pray her scholarship is covered in the blood of Jesus, that demons cannot touch it or remove it, and that she receives more than enough to finish school and graduate.


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