Are You Afraid to Go Deeper with God? My Piano Story...



Are You Afraid to Go Deeper with God? My Piano Story...

Father God wanted me to share a really cool story that might help some people overcome their fears.

I started teaching myself piano maybe a year ago. One of the books I started with has basic child-like songs with an emphasis on only 10 piano keys. So, I started and practiced and eventually I mastered all the songs except the last two. The very last two songs went outside of the 10 keys and I felt uncomfortable because I didn't know where my fingers were supposed to go. The book didn't indicate it either as it was for teachers to train children in piano. Despite this, every day I'd play and sometimes I'd play superfast, you know, like a maestro? But I was only playing on 10 keys. There are 66 on my keyboard and 88 on some pianos. But I had convinced myself that I could stop at 10.

Father God would say, "Go play your piano" and I'd practice on the same 10 keys. He'd say it the next day and every day thereafter and I'd do the same thing. By the time we went on vacation, while I'd mastered maybe 20 songs on those 10 keys, I only remembered one. I had other piano practice books but they looked hard. And, in my mind, I had other things to do that were easy like watching TV. Deep inside, while I didn't want to admit it, I felt saddened because I didn't KNOW how to get further. 

One day I sat down and opened the second piano book. I realized there were extra tips in this book I needed. It included directions on how to play maybe 25 keys instead of the first 10. But I'd need to learn the lines and spaces and memorize F-A-C-E, A-C-E-G and other acronym tools. Again, Father God was there telling me to play and I deeply wanted to play for Father God. At another point when I went to play, I skipped what looked like a hard song and found the next two songs were easier. Although I had to go back to the tools page several times and it took me an hour to play a single song, I was learning something new. But I wasn't getting into it, you know? Like deep into it so I could advance my learning. And, then I watched a prophetic message that described me.

A prophet had a Word from God online and when I watched it my mouth flew open. She said that she saw a prophet sitting down to her piano attempting to learn something new. And, she went onto say that in so many words, God WANTS us to learn new things. I jumped up in excitement, rewound the message and played it again. Yup, I wasn't hearing things. I ran to my piano!

When I sat down to play this time, I reminded myself of the tools or guide I had to help me. And, the strangest thing happened. I started with the first song (the one I originally skipped) in the hard book. I realized I now knew where the keys were. It took some time but I eventually played that song in its entirety. Then I played the next one and the next one and the next one. Whew! I was on a roll! I apologized to God because I was letting my own fears and limitations stop me from going further in Him. And, learning new things is something God wants for ALL His people.  

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