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 Our August Newsletter

Happy August! Are you getting the kids ready for school? Make sure to look for deals online which are usually cheaper than in stores.

The Holy Spirit said to make the message for August "Why you shouldn't quit", (especially because we've already won). 

In This Month's Issue We Cover:

Our August Message: Why You Shouldn't Quit, The Importance of Why You Need to Keep Reading Your Bible, Don't Be Afraid By What You See, and Our August Prayer

Music Spotlight: Centro Vida Christiana: Way Maker (Spanish Version), Because of the Times (BOTT): Way Maker

Need an Uplifting Word? Good News

News: Plane Crashes With 103 Onboard and No One Died

LOL: POM Dolphin Video...

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Why You Shouldn't Quit...

There's an interesting overnight success story about a young lady, 32-year-old, Melissa Butler, who took her idea to Shark Tank. Not only was she shot down, but the discouraging remarks were so harsh that Butler was devastated, especially given that the show was being viewed by millions of people.

Discouraging comments included:

  • "The chances that this is a business are practically zero," Kevin O'Leary said. "You only have so many minutes on Earth, don't waste them trying to sell lipstick."
  • Daymond John stated, "You are never going to create anything new in this world. It's lipstick."
  • Sharks Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec were more subtle, but declined to invest in her company.


Butler stated, "They were really cruel to us."

But when you have a dream and you know that have a product or service the world can benefit from, you have to push on to find that one person who will say "yes" amidst all the "nos". And that's exactly what she did. Butler's lip line is now available in 142 Target stores because she didn't let even the "experts" dissuade her from he dream.

And Butler wasn't a fly-by-night success story. She was a successful analyst working at Barclays, but recognized a need and wanted to fill it. She wanted to create vegan lipsticks in different colors. Starting in her Brooklyn apartment, she worked 55-60 hours per week while she developed her line.

Butler's success came from her tenacity. She used LinkedIn and started looking up cosmetic chemists and buyers and began cold calling and sending emails hoping someone would give her a chance. By 2015, she was rejected from Shark Tank, but didn't stop there. She found a beauty buyer for Target and that was the winning move that helped get her vibrantly colored lipstick line, The Lip Bar, in Target stores.

"The Devil Lies," and is the Father of Lies

An important aspect to this story is hearing the "experts" tell Butler no - because sometimes those discouraging "nos" and extremely negative comments might be the devil trying to discourage you and get you to give up, and that's what happened to me. I wrote on Facebook a few months ago about a writing project I completed for a big travel site. I spent hours researching the material and prayed for wisdom. When I turned it in, the editor immediately shot it down citing that there were multiple errors, grammatical errors, and too many spelling errors. Okay, so maybe I needed to run the article through Grammarly, but nothing came back. I ran Word's spellcheck and still nothing. So I reworded a few sentences and resent it. The editor refused to give it to the client stating that there were still "too many errors" leaving me confused and in a state of shock.

Because I wasn't sure what to do, I prayed right away and the Holy Spirit said a few days later (after I wasn't so emotional) to reach out to my employer to complain about the editor which I did. My employer said don't worry about it and they gave the article to someone else so I received half the pay for it a month later. But the story didn't stop there. No, that's what the devil wanted me to think.

When the Holy Spirit Reveals What's Really Going On

Last week, I was working on a similar article for the client and I knew I needed to include a link to that article because somehow (there are no accidents with God), it would fit perfectly and I heard the Holy Spirit say to add it. I was about to reach the link for the article and I stopped myself, feeling discouraged. Why look it up now? And then I realized that maybe I should see how someone else worded the article so I could learn from it. Humbly I opened the link and there to my astonishment was my article online word-for-word. I was in shock! I thought they said it was so bad? And here it was.

I reached out to my employer who said they would look into it because I might be due the balance of the money for the article (really?). I was trying to stay humble, but I was just so shocked, angry, and confused because I had been rejected and here was my article in the exact text as I had sent it and I knew I did a good job. The company came back and said "the client rejected me". Wrong! I immediately shot back with the facts and I included that while it probably didn't matter --- and that's when the Holy Spirit cut me off. The Holy Spirit said, "It's relevant." And I understood what we're facing in this world. We're on the right track, we're using our gifts, and doing all the right things, but the devil is hoping that we give up and walk away or sulk away in defeat - and for what? So they can use the exact same thing and get the credit for it.

Why You Have to Stand Your Ground and Fight for What's Yours

Because the devil is looking for weak people to give up and walk away, you have to use the right tools to fight when you know you're right:

  • If the Holy Spirit says to fight then you have God's authority, but don't do it without God. Pray and ask for God's permission. David had to do this in battle where God told him how to fight the enemy in one battle but in a second battle, God said to not go the same way.
  • Recognize that you have to stay in the spirit and can't and shouldn't react in your emotions. The Holy Spirit didn't let me complain about the editor for about 2-days because I was too emotional (flesh). Just like Melissa Butler had to walk away from the emotions that the "experts" were pushing on her to give up, she had to come away from that because no offer would come if she was emotional, crying over the rejection, or lashing out at the "experts".
  • Understand that many people in the Bible were rejected (David, Noah, Moses, Hannah, Joseph, Jesus, Paul) and YOU will be rejected which is part of any assignment, but you have to push through - IF God is saying to. Ask God if you're on the right track. Ask Him if you should walk away. Ask Him if you should push and when to respond. He will guide you and your gifts will make room for you.
  • Pray for wisdom to come to you and ask Jesus where to lower your nets. Ask God to send those with more knowledge than you to help you so that you're in a position to be lifted up to another level. Also be careful with who you share your ideas with because people around you might shoot your ideas down, but they don't have God's vision so don't ask those in your immediate circle for advice. Ask God to send the people to you who can advise you.


Just like Melissa Butler finally found the one person who would say yes, if God says don't quit, that means there IS someone there who will take you to the next level because God cannot lie and His Word never leaves void. Keeping calling on God and asking for wisdom and ask the angels to help guide you. Never quit or give up because of what people say. Singer Jecalyn Carr says, When the devil tells me something , I know it's the opposite. I like to say, When God says don't quit, that means the answer is there and to keep going. I just have to find the answer, the window, or the door, because it is there. I hear the Holy Spirit saying, "It's yours. If God said it, it's yours." Stay encouraged!


Music Moment

Have you heard Because of the Times version of Way Maker? Get ready to be filled with the spirit! The awesomest lines are "Even when I don't feel it you're working. Even when I don't see it you're working. You never stop working!" 


The Importance of Why You Need to Keep Reading Your Bible

The Holy Spirit wanted us to include a section this month on the importance of reading your Bible, and personally, I've noticed that in practically every social media message we post, the Holy Spirit has us add "Keep reading your Bible" and  a lot of people don't understand why this is so important.

The Bible is our Daily Bread, meaning, it's the sustenance that we need to nourish our Spirits daily. A lot of people think, "Oh, I prayed in the morning," or "I saw a scripture today, so I've done my share." What they don't understand is that the devil is constantly trying to inundate Christians with sexual sin, distractions, and the demonic.

At a time when demons are working in the 4th realm trying to entice people online, through negative content in TV shows and movies, and demons are moving openly through sexually graphic ads, videos, movies, games, and music, daily Bible reading should be a requirement. It not only nourishes the soul, but depending on what you read, it can be a reminder of Jesus's Words, and it can block temptations from satan.

How the Bible Cleanses Us and Refreshes Us

Personally, I can remember times when I dealt with sexual sin and temptations or I was feeling defeated and the Holy Spirit would say, "Go read your Bible," or one time when I was so stressed that I heard the Holy Spirit say, "Read your Bible." I started to understand that by keeping my eyes on Christ and filtering out the muck, dirt, sin, temptations, feelings of defeat, anxiety, pain, heartache, anger, other emotions, and attacks and words of the devil, that it made me stronger, more focused, and more centered in Christ. I never felt the same after an hour of Bible reading as I did before. It was like running or exercising for an hour. I would have all this pent-up energy beforehand and as soon as the endorphins kicked in, I felt such a calming - and that's what the Bible gives us. We can be at peace before Christ and cast our cares on Him!

What Remains Consistent Becomes Habit

What I suggest is that for anyone that thinks they don't have enough time for Bible reading to block out 1-hour a day during a morning/evening commute if by bus or train, when you exercise, or in place of a TV show. For example, if you ride an elliptical bike, read your print Bible or read your Bible on your tablet or phone. We HAVE TO do this daily. It's like brushing your teeth to get the plaque and bacteria out of your mouth. Try to set aside that hour a day and usually after about 21-days, that new behavior pattern will become a habit - - because if you don't, what the devil has been trying to plant in your mind and thoughts through what you see and hear - - can also become a habit.


Our August Prayer...

Oh Father God, we praise you, Lord. We praise you and say Hallelu-Yahweh! Spirit of the Living God, fall fresh on us. The devil can't touch because we are covered by you. The Holy Spirit said to tell them "Don't go by what you see. I am covering you." He said "Tell them do not give up hope. They are in for a sweet surprise. It might not look like a sweet surprise at first." Keep shouting unto God with the voice of triumph. The Holy Spirit said, "He's going to send you signs. Important signs. Do not fear them. He also said, There's going to be a massive flood and evacuations. It's going to be sudden, sudden. Near the ocean." The Holy Spirit also said "Another volcano is going to erupt" and separately to "pray for Puerto Rico" and pray for McDonalds. I don't know what this is about McDonald's, whether it's a specific incident at a location or not, but the Holy Spirit said to include it last month, too, will just pray. Father we pray for these areas that you keep the people safe and help the people to evacuate. He said again to "Pray for Puerto Rico."

Thank you for your mercy. We thank you for so many victories. You've saved the boys in Thailand and their coach - and they gave the victory sign. The Holy Spirit said we would shout victory this year. You saved all the passengers on the Mexico flight. Thank you Lord for being so loving and caring for us.

We pray for everyone that needs encouragement in this season, Lord. Please give them signs and windows. Help them to not give up but to see specific signs from you. Please give us courage and help right away in areas where we need it and if there is injustice, Lord. We know the enemy is defeated and what we sow we reap, Lord. Let us not sow sparingly or in bitterness, but let us sow in love so we can reap a good harvest, Lord. I hear the Holy Spirit saying that it will get better, and also I'm hearing what you sow, you reap. For those that have been hurting God's people, attacking them, and trying to crush them, I know we should pray God's mercy for them because their end is destruction. What is sown and meant for harm comes back on the person. What the devil means for harm, God works in our favor.

Send help right away for those that have been struggling, Father. Father God, I pray especially over those right now who are being lied to, ostracized, abused, mistreated, neglected, and made to feel less than. It's like a team of people sitting behind a desk lying and trying to cover up lies so they don't get caught, but God is all-knowing an all powerful. What they sow, they are going to reap. Where they stole from God's servants, it will be stolen from them. Where they lied and attacked the character of God's servants, they will be attacked instead. God is just. We're in a reaping season. Look for that window by God's authority. For God's servants who have been obedient and under a lot of abuse or pressure, wait and see what God has for you. I'm also hearing "Tell them do not be afraid." When men yell and try to intimidate you, know that they have no authority and you should not be afraid. Man cannot touch you. He's trying to strike fear, but we pray, in that situation Lord, wherever that person is, we tell the devil, "Stop playing games, satan. We rebuke you in the name of Jesus. You are defeated. You cannot touch God's people. There are angels all around. We crush the head of that enemy in Jesus's name. He keeps playing sabotaging games trying to catch you, but He's (God/Jesus) going to throw his head to the ground.The devil has been playing games with innocent people who don't know that as Christians we have authority over demons. Whoever is suffering under this kind of abuse and game playing, please keep reading your Bible, sow a seed of faith, watch your pocketbooks, and know we are praying for you. The abuse will stop because God is just and we ask for God's mercy for you. God has a hedge of protection around you and we cut the head of that snake off in Jesus's name. Look for the window God sends so you can get out of that situation.

Father, you said in your Word that you are a Just God. For anyone that is oppressed where they are overwhelmed and struggling, feeling like they can't stand or that the devil keeps trying to tear them down, they're struggling with attack after attack, Father God, we ask for your mercy, Lord. Come into their situation and make the way. The pit the enemy has for them, Lord, the enemy will fall into instead and the money that was stolen from your servants must be replaced in Jesus's name. The enemy thinks they have "their finger on the pulse" but God has His finger on it, meaning God is in charge. We ask for your mercy. We praise you and we love you and give all the glory, honor, and praise to you, in Jesus's name, Amen!

Aside from titles, anything in bold above is something the Holy Spirit mentioned to pray about.

The Prayer of Salvation

If you haven't said the Prayer of Salvation, now's the best time: Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord, I ask forgiveness of my sins. Please come into my heart. I turn my back on sin and I make you my Lord and Savior. I want to follow you for the rest of my life. Please give me eternal life through you in Jesus name, Amen.     

Re-dedication to Christ Prayer

If you need to rededicate your life to Christ because you feel like you've been sinning or haven't been living right, pray: Father God in the name of Jesus, I ask forgiveness of my sins and I turn my back on sin. Please help me to overcome ---- and I want to lead a better life through you. I decree and declare this day I have overcome ---- and I have the victory in Jesus name, Amen. 

Stay in God's shadow, stay away from sin and temptation, keep reading your Bible and keep seeking God first. 

Be ye doers of the Word... We pray this message blesses you today!

If you need prayer, please call the Bill Winston Prayer Center at (877) 543-9443. You can also check online for Joyce Meyer's prayer request form and other sites that can pray for and with you. You are more than a conqueror!



Don't Be Afraid By What You See...

The Holy Spirit Said, "Do Not Be Afraid By What You See."

Not sure what this means, but we will stay in prayer. We were posting our message for August when the Holy Spirit said this. I don't want to add to it as I can only speak what I heard and I'm learning not to add to what the Holy Spirit said because "we know not", as Dr. Bill Winston says, until God reveals it Himself. Whatever it is, know that God's already made the way. I've learned when I hear the Holy Spirit say something, it's because what's coming will "look like" the opposite but we have God's word to hold onto. So whatever it is, don't go by what you see with "physical eyes" because apparently the devil is going to try to do something that's meant to strike fear in people, but we're to stand firm because God is revealing ahead of time, that He knows what the devil will "try" and to not be afraid of it.

Incidentally, the revelations the Holy Spirit has given have all been accurate and He's revealed a lot, from a mass shooting, sudden attacks, and multiple suicides, to Puerto Rico's plight, earthquakes, and so many other revelations. Thank you Holy Spirit for revealing things that we need to pray about.

We will stay in prayer and as we are posting our August Message and Prayer, if the Holy Spirit adds anything and says to post it, we will right away. Don't be afraid, Beloved. If God says not to be afraid, then He's saying He already knows what the devil is going to try to do and the devil will fail. We win in the end! Glory to God. Please keep reading your Bibles and please pray for Puerto Rico.



Music Moment

Such a powerful anointing! Watch this Spanish version of Way Maker by Centro Vida Christiana. We know Father God will always show up and mak the way. Even when we can't see Him. Even when it looks darkest. Even when a door is shut and we're told no. God is always making the way for us! Glory to your name, Lord! Hallelu-Yahweh!


News: Plane Crashes with 103 Onboard and No One Dies; "God, Come to Our Aid": Survivors Describe Mexico Plane Crash

Story Shared Via NY Times: DURANGO, Mexico — The Rev. Esequiel Sanchez felt apprehensive even before his flight took off from the city of Durango around 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, en route to Mexico City. It began raining as the jetliner taxied down the runway. The downpour got stronger and stronger.

He was surprised that the plane took off. “I had a feeling it would be a bumpy ride,” he recalled. As the plane began its ascent, Father Sanchez noticed from his window seat, 1D, that the visibility had gone to zero. Then the plane plunged. The passengers screamed. He was not certain they were going to die, he recalled, but he was “getting ready for it.” He silently prayed: “God, come to our aid. Secondly, forgive us, and everyone on the plane.”

The Rev. Esequiel Sanchez in 2008. He was among the 103 people who survived the crash in Durango.CreditKaren Callaway/The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago

Moments later, the plane hit the ground, nose-first. But all 103 people on board survived — four crew members and 99 passengers, including two infants. Flight 2431, an Embraer ERJ-190AR jet, came to a stop just 300 yards from the runway of the General Guadalupe Victoria International Airport in Durango.

Amid billowing smoke and the acrid smell of jet fuel, crew members pried open the emergency doors. Others fled through a hole near the wing. Father Sanchez, known to his parishioners as Father Zeke, helped a flight attendant escort people off the burning jetliner. Outside, he saw the pilot on the ground — injured but alive.

“If the flight was a little bit longer, I don’t think we’d be talking,” the priest said by telephone from a Durango hospital as he was getting ready for surgery to install a titanium plate in his fractured left arm. “If the plane was running faster, the window for people coming out alive would be much smaller. So yes, I attribute it to an important miracle.”

Another survivor, Rudy Díaz, 36, a Mexican-American truck owner from Chicago who had traveled to Durango for the baptism of the daughter of his friend Chris Korsch, who was also traveling with him, was one of several passengers who were awe-struck to have lived. “I still can’t believe we all made it out alive,” Mr. Díaz said from a hotel lobby in Durango. “You never imagine something like this will happen to you and then you will be alive to tell the story. Thank God he gave us a second chance, and wouldn’t let us fly any higher. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here.”

Mr. Díaz, who was seated in Row 7, recalled hearing a loud bang that caused the aircraft to rock up and down. His head hit the ceiling of the fuselage. Seeing the fire, he clambered out of the plane. “It was horrible, people screaming, little kids crying, old ladies could not walk through the mud, and I was trying to help them get away from the plane, which was already in flames,” Mr. Díaz said. “The airplane was breaking apart from the get-go when we took off and heard the boom, pieces were falling apart.”

When asked about the survival of all on board being described as a miracle, Mr. Díaz said, “I don’t know if I used to believe in them, but I certainly do now.” Mr. Díaz’s cousin, Ruby Rodriguez, 37, who also lives in Chicago, said she felt certain she would die. She recalled screaming the names of her three children, declaring her love for them. (They had stayed behind in Chicago.)

But then, she heard the flight attendant yelling, “Run, run, get out of the airplane!” She did. Ms. Rodriguez, an escrow administrator who had been in Durango for a family gathering, said on Wednesday that she had spent hours crying and navigating a wave of emotions. “I feel sad that it happened, that people went through the traumatic experience but at the same time I am just happy I am alive,” she said.

“It makes you think and appreciate life more and think: ‘I am still here, so what is my purpose?’ It makes you think of what is really important and what is no longer.” Ms. Rodriguez, like other passengers, described the takeoff as “abnormally shaky.” She was sitting in the back of the aircraft, near the bathroom. In Durango, a city in north-central Mexico, residents said they were praying for the recovery of the pilot, Carlos Galván Meyran, 38, who suffered severe injuries and underwent surgery for a cervical injury on Tuesday evening. But the surgery was successful and he is now recovering, though his condition remains serious, local officials said Wednesday.

We praise God for this amazing story.

In January, the Holy Spirit said for our January Newsletter that this year we would be shouting "VIctory!" We certainly are - We have victory in God and thank you Lord for saving those onboard. The devil can't touch us when we take comfort and rest in god. We also have the scriptures to stand on "Touch not mine anointed, nor do my prophets harm. Thank you, Lord for favor!"


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LOL: POM Dolphin Video...

It's not often that we come across a video so ridiculously funny as this. Just try. Try not to laugh out loud at this one...

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