Because of Their Unbelief...


Why did Jesus let Ja-irus's daughter die? Why did Jesus let Lazarus stay dead for 4 days? Why did the Romans "seal" Jesus's grave with a rock? Why did God let it LOOK LIKE Biden won, and that Trump lost the election? Why did God let THEM impeach Trump?

Father God asked me to read about Ja-irus in the book of Luke. I read it and then reread it. But we know sometimes we have to dig DEEPER in the Word to get the actual meaning of what Jesus did. So let's look at this story from how it's told. 

Ja-irus was a ruler of a synagogue and his daughter was sick. He fell down at Jesus's feet so Jesus would come to his house and heal his child. That's simple enough right? He's going to an altar call with a prayer request. But, here's the kicker. Jesus said nothing to him. Jesus actually ignored Ja-irus. However, the woman with the issue of blood received immediate healing. Why? They both were at Jesus's feet. Ja-irus in front of Jesus and the woman behind Him. Let's assume that Ja-irus touched Jesus. He didn't acknowledge it. Jesus didn't even say, "Look at this ruler at my feet." But He DID tell the disciples that the woman touched Him. We KNOW virtue went out, right? She had STRONG faith and immediately received her healing. Now, was her faith stronger than Ja-irus's. Yes! And, what's more, Ja-irus was an unbeliever.

After the woman is healed, Jesus says, "Go in peace." Someone from Ja-irus's house then approaches and says that his daughter is dead. So, it LOOKS LIKE the woman stepped out of line and got her healing and left and Ja-irus missed out, right? Wrong! Jesus intentionally ignored Ja-irus and gave healing to those who were HUNGRY and ASKING for it. How do we know? 

When Jesus went to Ja-irus's house, He says, "Weep not; she is not dead, but sleepeth," Luke 8:52b. And, what does Ja-irus do? Verse 53 states, "They laughed him to scorn, KNOWING that she was dead." And, that's when Jesus put them out and raised the girl from the dead. 

If you look at 

She Received Because She Believed

In recent Messages From God letters God gave us, He said, "Don't walk away or you'll regret it." And, now we can see what God means. Prophet Chris Yoon shared there are 3 types of Trump supporters: 1. Those who believe, 2. Those who ride the fence, and 3. Those who never plan on believing even with proof. Over the course of this election, God's 

Will, will, will...With all due respect, we must stop saying Trump "will win" and start saying Trump "ALREADY won." "Will" means it hasn't happened but we "hope" it might. Saying "ALREADY" puts a demand on God to bring it about. As Children of God, Jesus gave us His authority and we have God's authority so we have to start using it. You might say, "I HOPE there's a sale at Macy's." That's on a flesh level. Now we have to start walking in the Spirit like Jesus and God. God never said, "I hope there WILL be light." He said, "Let there be" and it was. We're Sons and Daughters of God and He's SHIFTED THE AUTHORITY TO US. If you owned a business, you wouldn't say, "I HOPE my employees do their jobs." You'd say, "Oh, they're going to do their jobs because that's what I'm paying them for." You see? It's that same demand, confidence and expectation that you have to put into your faith. What we SPEAK God brings to pass. But we can't doubt or sound unsure.

Remember: ACCORDING TO YOUR FAITH, be it unto you...ACCORDING to Father God, Trump is ALREADY in his second term. ACCORDING to Father God our help is on the way. ACCORDING to Father God, we're about to see the MIGHTIEST move of God so get out the way, angels are coming because God heard our prayers AND He's answering. Jesus taught about this, Mark 11:22-26 We have to 1. Receive it onto our Spirits, 2. Believe it's ALREADY done, and 3. Take action that shows we're HEARING and DOING as Jesus commands. The people falling out of faith and doubting are those who HEAR only. Don't make that mistake. STAND firm and say, "Donald Trump ALREADY won the victory in Jesus's name..." "PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS ALREADY PREVAILED..." Because God ALREADY SAID IT, that's what it will be.

My mom went through this when she was healed of cancer. People would say, "We're praying you get healed." She'd say, "No, I'm ALREADY healed. I DON'T RECEIVE their report. By Jesus's stripes I'm healed." Sure enough, she got healed. Like the woman with the issue of blood. She PRESSED IN and BELIEVED.

Remember God's voice WINS, not man's. Forever God's Word is established, not man's. What the Body of Christ is NOT doing enough of is REJECTING the devil's words. To increase your faith, say, "I DON'T RECEIVE the news media's report. God ALREADY said Trump won and God can't lie. It SHALL come to pass." And stand on that and believe NOTHING ELSE until it happens. God is enlarging our territories but first we HAVE TO pass this faith walk. Decreeing and declaring that Trump ALREADY won and STANDING on God's Word means God can now act on our behalf. And God and the angels are moving....Wait and see what God's about to do.

This is a faith test. STAND FIRM on God's Word and then REST in Him to bring it to pass. It's ALREADY done. And, remember, God ordained all of this over 2,000 years ago. Like Kat said in so many words, get your cake and start celebrating Trump's election win. Taking the action by faith that WE'VE ALREADY WON brings the victory! Stay encouraged and keep reading your Bible! God's got this! And, victory is ours! Whose report do YOU believe? Lastly, Father God said, "Pray for Philadelphia."