Believe the Possibilities...

Believe the Possibilities...

What are you waiting for? No, really, what is it? What is that dream that you keep praying over and waiting on God to deliver? Sometimes we have these great dreams and goals in mind then we pray and nothing happens. We then write out lists and start to plan and we pray, then nothing happens. Next we hear a great and inspiring message that motivates us to turn the page, write another list - a newer and better list, and we pray and nothing happens. Then we see someone else get blessed. Yup, somehow all that praying helped them to reach their goals while we're still hoping and wishing and, well, praying... but maybe that's the point.


Jesus said, whatever you desire when you pray, believe you have it and it shall be yours. That doesn't mean it will happen overnight. Wasn't Sarah in the Old Testament in her 90's when she gave birth to Isaac? Not saying you will be 90 when your dream comes to fruition, but God is faithful.


Though the vision tarry, wait for it...

I remember counseling someone once who cried as she said, "I'm just so tired of struggling. When will it ever get better?" I was shocked because she didn't see what I saw. She didn't see how God kept her and blessed her, healed her and provided for her. She didn't see the gifts, the covering, the provision, the healing, the shelter, the favor, and so forth. What she saw was only the one thing that she wasn't getting...her way. Remember, God will provide and He will give to us, but He's not necessarily going to drop it into your lap just the way you want it because then you wouldn't need God. The goal with being a servant is to serve. So while we want that big million dollar home, or that million dollar generating business, are we faithful and thankful with that tiny apartment with the noisy neighbors? Are we studying and learning how to market a business to generate leads? Do what you can and trust God to do what you can't.


What's the one thing?

A lady came into my old church once and the pastor had a great word for her. He spoke about who she was, saw her future in the prophetic and told her how God was going to bless her. By the time she left the altar she had this look on her face like, "What did he say?" She was so excited that she had forgotten almost half the message. Some of us approached her and told her to write it down, get the DVD and hold onto God's word. She looked so relieved when she left.

That wasn't the only time a message was missed. Remember when the disciples were fishing and nothing happened? They toiled all night and let down their nets and still nothing, right? What happened when they turned to Jesus? He told them where to lower their nets and they caught many know the story. But here's the thing - Jesus said where to lower the nets, as in plural, but they only lowered one, hence the net breaking. Jesus didn't stop blessing them with fish or provision, but they were limited by their one net that broke.


The one thing...

The one thing is to ask God in Jesus's name for the direction, the help, the input, the provision and guidance and when God answers, obey EXACTLY what He says.

You see, when the disciples heard "Lower the nets, here," it was a two-part message. First to follow the direction where God wants you to go and second, to follow what God says, exactly as He said it. That means when you get a word, Write it down, right away. Then ask yourself, "What is the direction God wants me to go in?" Next, ask, "What exactly did He say so I don't miss any parts of it?" That way you get the full message and you don't miss your blessing because you forgot, or only heard, or thought He said, and so forth. Don't worry, Beloved. God's got you and great things are coming in your future. Believe you have them, as Jesus taught us, and they shall be yours! All things are possible for those who believe...

Prayer: "Lord, we praise your holy name. We thank you for each day and all your blessings, mercy and favor. We pray and ask you to show us the direction you have for us. We want our work to be Kingdom related, so please lead and guide us in the direction you will have us to go. We seek you first and we know you will give us the desires of our hearts. We walk by faith, not sight and we wait on a Word from you. We praise you because you are opening new doors and we know because the Word says that nothing will be impossible for us because we believe. We decree and declare we have the victory! Show us the way, Lord! Send now proof, help, angels and provision. We love you and praise your Holy Name, in Jesus name, amen."


Congratulations to the Super Six!

We take a moment to say a special congratulations to the Super Six...These are 6 young, beautiful and talented teens who are all graduating high school and they are all honors students who have been accepted to college.

We pray for their covering. We pray for increased wisdom. We pray for them to be an inspiration to others. Believe the possibilities and pursue your dreams. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you...


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