Best Boss Battle Ever...

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If you've ever played a tough video game level, then you know that you have to master even the most difficult levels before you can move on. That's why savvy expert gamers rely on tips from former gamers to master every level. In life, sometimes you have to get through a tough challenge in order for the anointing you need to be released into your life, but you might have help along the way...

As a writer, I get a bunch of really fun projects and one that came to mind recently was an article I completed on the Best Boss Battles. If you're into video games then you know right away what I'm referring to. If you're not, here's a short summary.

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Most video games have a boss battle, meaning, there's a level of difficulty that you have to get through in order to get to the next level. The fun part about boss battles is that online, gamers will share tips so you don't get stuck spending hours, days, or even weeks on the same level because you keep doing the same things and expecting a different result.

Here's a secret: I had one favorite game, Plants Versus Zombies, that I was stuck on for months. I didn't play consistently but would get so frustrated I'd walk away and come back to it - on the same level. I wasn't learning anything new. I'd keep switching up my weapons and getting nowhere, I'd grow frustrated and turn the game off - and come back and do the same thing.  I didn't recognize that what I needed to get through that particular level wasn't even available to me at the time. I had to go through another level and master it first in order to successfully win in this one. I'm certain by now you can sense where I'm going with this.

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With boss battles, there's a cool thing that happens. Let's say you're on level 15 but you can't get through. Maybe level 13 had a special weapon you were supposed to get for level 15. Some gamers know this and share the information online so you can go back and get the tools and weapons you need to advance to the next level.

What I didn't realize was that I didn't have the right tools to get through the level I was stuck on. And therein likes the correlation between boss battles and the tests we go through in life.

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What kind of boss battle are you facing? Did you yell at someone you were supposed to be kind to? Did you spend all your savings and now you're falling behind on bills? Remember, the test is not to beat yourself up. It''s to build you up so you'll learn the next time - and so you can help deliver someone else when they go through a similar test.


It's kinda' like the Boss Battle secrets that people share online. They use shortcuts to help other gamers get through frustrating and challenging levels. Sometimes God will send people who might be stronger than us in our faith walk who walk in and see our situations and say, "Oh, you need to fast and pray on this one," or "Hmm, I went through this kind of financial setback and I sowed a seed so God would cover and bless my income."

There are times, however when God removes people out of your way because He doesn't want you clinging to people for advice every time. That's when you need to just get in your prayer closet and say, "Okay, Lord. I'm listening to you. Tell me how to get through this." That's what happened to Jonah and Moses.


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Jonah was in the belly of a whale 3-days because he didn't listen to God and didn't want to do it God's way. That's not to say that what you might be going through is because you did something wrong. On the contrary, Jonah was learning just like Moses.

Moses had to lead the Children of Israel and he couldn't lean on his own understanding either. He had to trust God even when God led the Children of Israel up to the Red Sea. God has hidden paths that we don't know about. Kinda like those Boss Battles that are set up with specific tools for each challenge and if you don't find them, you're stuck repeating the same levels. But with God, it's more like He has hidden paths and windows for us that He reveals over time. He always makes a way out so no matter what kind of battle you are in, know that the devil is defeated and God will always make the way for you. Trust God and ask Him, "Lord, show me the way you have for me." He always will! 

Prayer: Father God in the Name of Jesus, Lord I praise you and I thank you for each and every day. Please help me with my tests and the challenges I face. Please renew my mind and program my mind for the answers, Lord. I'm not leaning on my own understanding. I'm acknowledging you and I trust you. I know you will make the way and show me the windows, doors, and paths you have for me. I rebuke every snake and I cancel every assignment of the enemy, and every attack of the enemy is defeated in Jesus's name. Show me the way, Lord, and I give you glory for the victory, in Jesus's most precious name, Amen!