Best LOL Pets Summer and Best Pet Summer Safety Tips

Looking for the best summer safety tips for pets? Want to see the funniest summer pet memes? We love our furry friends and want to keep them safe. Use the summer safety tips below for your pets. And, we've added in a few fun LOL clips that show the lengths pets will go to so they can stay cool.

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Best Summer Safety Tips for Pets


  • Please check on your pets during the day. Give them plenty of water to help them stay hydrated. If you're leaving for the day fill their water bowl.
  • Leave the air conditioning on if you're going to be out all day on sweltering days.
  • If it's a cooler day and you have a fan that can't tip over, leave it on for a dog or cat.
  • If the humidity is up, give your pets relief in the shade by closing the drapes or blinds.
  • Cats might like a sunny window to "sunbathe" in but too much sunlight can overheat a dog or cat. See Dehydration and Heat Stroke signs to look for below.



  • Consider buying a kid-sized pool for your dog so they can cool down. If you have a large pool, consider buying a doggie life-vest for your pooch. Not every dog can swim well.
  • If you're taking your dog to the beach, take caution with rip tides and strong currents.
  • If you're taking your dog boating, put a brightly-colored doggie life-vest on them. Always monitor them onboard if they're near the boat's edge or the edge of a pier.
  • Walk your dog early in the morning and late at night. If you have to walk them in the middle of the day, walk in the shade to keep their paws cool. You don't want to walk them on a scalding hot sidewalk or road. Another option is to buy them dog-booties designed for summer heat.
  • When walking your dog, bring cold water so they can have a refreshing drink.
  • Apply pet-friendly sunscreen to your pets if you're taking them to the beach or a park. Add it to their nose, belly and ears.
  • NEVER leave pets in a hot car even if you're only gone for a few minutes. Don't let dogs sit in the back of a hot truck as hot metal can burn their paws.
  • If you spritz your dog with water to cool them down, start with their paws and belly first.


      With Fireworks and Summer Storms

      • If you're having fireworks near your property or if your area is experiencing severe weather, keep dogs in a room with their toys and bed. Let this be their safe haven. Turn on white noise (fan, TV, radio) to distract them from firecracker sounds or thunder. If pets have a favorite hiding spot - like under the bed, don't block access to this area by closing a door. The private space can make a pet feel more secure.
      • If you're staying in with your dog during a fireworks display, console them with reassuring strokes to their fur. Don't react in a hyper or loud voice they're not used to or they'll think you're afraid, too.
      • Walk your dog before the fireworks start (to avoid accidents). When you walk them after a fireworks display, keep them on a leash and avoid going to areas where people might set off fire crackers.
      • If you're taking your pet to a fireworks display, keep their ID tag and leash on them.
      • Keep pets away from fireworks and when walking them in parks after a fireworks display, keep an eye on them. A curious dog might try to ingest paper scraps from fireworks but these might contain harmful chemicals.


      In General

      • To avoid shock, never put your dog in cold water if they experience heat exhaustion. Take them directly to a vet.
      • For a cool treat, give your dog ice chips in their water or frozen dog-friendly ice cream.
      • Don't shave your dog or cat's fur in the summer. It's designed to help them cool down. Trim their fur instead and leave about an inch of fur to protect their skin. Additionally, cats will groom themselves and as they wet their fur with their tongue, this is a self-cooling mechanism.
      • Cats have sweat glands in their paws. If their paws are wet it's a sign they need to cool down. Cool their paws with a damp cloth as cats despise water and won't jump into a sprinkler or kiddie pool (but they might enjoy a dry pool toy to float on!).


      Dehydration and Heat Stroke

      Too much heat exposure or high humidity isn't safe for your pet. If your dog or cat is showing any of these signs, contact your veterinarian right away.

      Signs of dehydration or overheating include:

      • Excess or thick drool and severe panting that doesn't stop when they've rested.
      • Dry gums and/or a dark red tongue.
      • Vomit and/or diarrhea.
      • A fast pulse rate.
      • Unsteady or wobbly legs and/or they can't get up when called.


      Funniest Pet Summer LOL and Best Pet Summer Memes

      What's summer without a few funny pets? Here are some of the best dog memes and furry feline LOL.











      Funny story: We worked at an outdoor vending event years ago. The Holy Spirit told me to buy tons of ice, ice pops, fans and so forth. Didn't know it was going to be 95-degrees that day and even in the shade it felt like 115-degrees! With all the ice pops and fans, we were able to cool down and able to share treats with everyone. The funny part is when we were wrapping up to leave, I dumped the extra ice we didn't use and a Labrador retriever plopped down right in the ice so he could cool down! God bless our animals! We pray for all pets... God-Driven-Designs