Best Mother's Day Gifts and Ideas From the Heart


To celebrate moms, grandmas, aunties, cousins, sisters, and those that are just like a mom, we've come up with a list of the Best Mother's Day gifts and ideas - from the heart. Enjoy!

A quick note: If you order flowers for Mom, check your price. ProFlowers has been advertising flowers at $19.99, example, 100 Peruvian Lilies, but with shipping and handling it comes out to $40, or $35 if you find a coupon. BUT If you sign up for, and place the same order it waves the shipping charge and might come out to $21.39 total with the free shipping! ;o)


Have a Fun Family Photo Shoot...

What makes this an enjoyable treat is that everyone gets dressed up and can have fun enjoying taking pictures together:

  • Take photos indoors and outside.
  • Have a casual look and a formal elegant look.
  • Take turns deciding on the layout. Take a few fun pics in SnapChat and have a few just for the picture frames.
  • For double the awesomeness, make a video, too!


Have younger kids or toddlers? Take your pictures and then let your kids color and decorate them in Photoshop or CorelDraw so you can put them up in a picture frame to show off your future Picasso....

Have a great time coloring and decorating together. Be sure to put your artwork on display so everyone can see it!


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Have a Cookie or Cupcake Challenge...

Have the best cooking skills? Have a cupcake or cookie decorating challenge:

  • Find a few cupcake or cookie decoration ideas online (try flowers, butterflies, emojis).
  • Shop for the decorations you'll need (icing, sprinkles, chocolate chips).
  • Make a batch of cupcakes or cookies and see who can come closest to getting the decorations right. Loser(s) clean up the kitchen!


Have a diabetic in the family? Let them enjoy taking part in your cookie or cupcake challenge and then make a fruit tartlet, sugar-free mini pie, or other sugar-free dessert recipe they can enjoy. Don't have a sweet tooth? Make the cookies or cupcakes and then donate them to a homeless shelter (see the tip below).


    The fun is in the time spent with family!


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    Spaaa, Now that's More Like It...

    Want a fun way to relax together on Mother's Day? Here are a few ideas:

    • Schedule a spa day at your favorite spa.
    • Need a coupon? Check on Groupon or Retail Me Not to see which spas are running a special.
    • Want a FREE version? Give each other facials or try a mud mask. Fill a few buckets with hot (not scalding) sudsy water and get the towels out. Lay out  a few magazines or put on a movie or music. Share a cup of tea and snacks. Take turns giving pedicures and manicures.


    Be sure to tip your attendant!


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    Make it Charitable...

    An awesome way to spend time with family is to share your gifts with others:

    • Make a few batches of cookies (and maybe a sugar-free, gluten-free batch) and bag them individually to give out at a homeless shelter.
    • Share your story or tell your testimony to those you encounter. Your wisdom and how God helped you get through a tough time can be very inspiring.
    • Listen to others that might need a word of encouragement.


    It's a great way to spend time helping others and sharing your gifts!


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     Bake and Then Shake...

    This idea inspires fun, fun, fun:

    • Start out by making a great dish together which is a great time to cook with family and share a few recipe tips.
    • After dinner, get out a sheet of paper and each person writes down separately a favorite song, a favorite singer, and a favorite dance.
    • Tear the slips of paper, fold them, and put them in a hat. Each person picks one and has to try to do that dance, dance along to that music, or sing that song.
    • You can find the music in YouTube for American Bandstand, Soul Train, or the best salsa, meringue, hip hop, the bugaboo, the Jerk, the Charleston, the Running Man, the Waltz, the Cha, Cha, Cha, the Jive, and more (depending on your generation)! 


    Way to burn those calories!

    However you spend Mother's Day, make it fun and make it memorable. Praise God for the time we have with family and friends, to laugh, enjoy each other, and share our gifts!