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Looking for a way to revamp your business cards? Do you have a few ideas for your new cards, but you're not sure how to get started? Whether you have a church or business, God-Driven-Designs offers a host of services that can help you find the perfect design styles that will fit your business needs.

Before and After...

Just like a product can reach the maturity stage in the product life cycle, so can your business cards. The Huffington Post suggests that while 84% of customers will grow frustrated if they don't get the information they need, 86% of customers will spend more for a better experience.

A great way to give your customers that "wow" factor every time is to update your business cards. To kick-start your planning, look at the cards you're giving out and compare them to cards you may have received recently. Were there cards that captured your attention? That might be an indication you need to update your cards. You can also take a look at business cards from your top competitors the next time you attend a conference or expo.

Ask yourself:

  • Is all of my contact information current?
  • Do I need more details or less on my card?
  • Should I include social media?
  • Is my card too busy or is there too much white space?
  • What does my current business card say about me? Is it the impression I want to leave potential customers with?
  • Am I embarrassed about my card, or happy to share it?


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Simple Changes, but Lasting Impressions...


Sometimes a simple font change or splash of color can help quickly build your brand equity. Why? Your customers' needs change and that means you have to change with them. Whether its QR codes, or adding a memorable message to your cards, we can help you find that special look.



Why Your Old Card is Costing You Money...

If you have a business card that hasn't been updated in a few years, chances are, it might be outdated. Just like your website needs to "pop" on the main landing page to draw potential customers in and keep current customers there, your card needs to stand out, too.

Check out these Before & After samples below:


Click the image above to see close-ups...


Notice how the cards on the right are very clean and the colors stand out. The goal is to have a well-organized card that shares your information and shows in detail a little bit about you and/or your particular industry.

Little Feet Paints wanted to add more color without their text being lost in the background. Fantastic Five on the other hand, had a bad color mix that made it hard to read their font. They also selected an image with 6 parts to it, not 5. When a customer sees this, it can look sloppy, or like you didn't take the time to find a logo that was appealing enough. The card on the right fits together and will help them generate new leads.

Click the image above to see close-ups...


We were able to help Jewelry Bazaar show a very pretty style to help showcase their customized designs. While they offer other services, similar to John Nichols, by keeping the card clean, it limits the extra clutter. We also raised the font on John's card and eliminated the dark color and script. Lastly, as John didn't have a business name, we came up with a name that would let the card holder know he offered several services.

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Click the image above to see close-ups...


We added some color to Bob's cards and a quote on the back that showcased his style. With Adam's card, to keep a white background for the corporate clients he has, we just changed the layout and spacing. A special offer was included on the back so Adam can offer a discount to potential customers that he meets on the go. 


Click the image above to see close-ups...


With Pastor Randolph's card, it hadn't been updated in a number of years. The brighter color makes it stand out and the back now includes the Prayer of Salvation and a scripture reference. Bill Morgan's wedding photography business now includes still life photography which is his preference. By showcasing the clarity of images and a clean design, this can help draw in customers that like his modern style.


Finding the Right Design Concepts...

What kind of impression do you want to leave with potential customers? Did you cross out your non-working fax number on your current business card? Or did you ask that new contact to ignore the coffee stain on the half-bent card that you embarrassingly pulled from your wallet?

Entrepreneur Magazine states that business cards can make a lasting first impression. Maybe you've started looking at designs, but you don't know which one is right. You might think that  you don't need to change your cards and update them, but have you seen your competitors' cards?

Maybe time is a factor. If you know you want that "wow" factor, but there aren't enough hours in the day to focus on new cards, we understand. Let's face it, you might be the business owner, the CFO, the marketing team, and so many other jobs rolled into one! You don't have time to come up with a new business card, let alone an image for your brand - - but that's where your focus should be -- building image and brand equity.



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94% of customers say that their first impression about a business is design-related, based on Kinesis data. That means you can't afford to miss that next opportunity to invest in your future. It's vital to your business growth and for your return on investment (ROI). Always remember, if they're not current customers, then they are potential customers.

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