But Are You Going to DO What God Says?


It was a simple thing, really. I was listening to a music video that I had playing on my computer in the background. I wasn't watching it but listening to it. It was almost over when I heard a pastor saying "I have to do what God says and bring another singer up". Curious, I opened the minimized screen and what caught my eyes shocked me. The praise and worship music was RIGHT but the attire was all WRONG. The male singer had on extremely heavy makeup and I was drawn to his darkly colored hair and deeply tanned skin. I rewound the video to where he was kneeling in front of the camera and singing about worship. But, his outward attire was so distracting then I understood why. The pastor who spoke at the end said that God said SEVERAL times to put up a different singer but the pastor wouldn't listen. This pastor actually repeated what God said, "Are you going to obey me or not?" And, the question is, are we promoting God's agenda or self?