Cheer Up... God has ALREADY made the way, (And, He'll show you proof).


We're in a new season where it LOOKS LIKE the enemy is winning. It LOOKS LIKE we're chained down and devil has won. But, that's not REAL. That's what the enemy wants you to see. So, in this new season, cheer up...God has ALREADY made the way for you. But, to receive what He has for you, you have to believe and don't doubt. Or quit. Or give up. Or curse the blessing. Or grow bitter. Why? God will NOT fail.

Here's how to increase your faith muscles so you can break the chain holding you back. The devil THOUGHT he had you but the devil is a liar! Use these tips and videos to help you press on, grow stronger and break free. God's about to use us in mighty ways (and that's why the devil's so scared and trying to put you in a panic!). When you realize what's REALLY going on, the devil will be in a panic instead... 

Don't walk away from Father God. The test can be hard if you're seeing it in the wrong perspective. God doesn't give us a test He doesn't already know in advance that we'll pass. Keep praising God and rebuking the devil. Demons have to flee because you have unwavering faith in the time of testing. Watch Pastor Osteen's special message on how the test has a time limit. This situation's about to change... suddenly!

You see, God works differently than we do. With one word, God can elevate you and promote you. But, it can be hard to wait on God sometimes if you've been disappointed or if you've waited and waited and waited some more and haven't seen change. The anticipation can be like telling a small child you're going to the toy store. "Are we there yet?" "Are we there yet?" "What about now?"

Similarly, to that small child, we have to wait with anticipation - and not give up or faint. Hence, In the time when you pray and wait for answers to your prayers there's something important you need to do:

1. Don't give up or doubt.
2. Keep moving forward with expectancy. And,
3. Keep praising God for the blessing that's coming.

That last one is BIG because if you doubt God is going to show up and make the way then He wont. We can't be double-minded, right? Look at it like this - as one pastor told us years ago:

"Don't worry about it. Believe you ALREADY have the answer and keep moving forward like you ALREADY have the answer and the way is ALREADY made. Then, when it comes to praising God, you won't be down and doubting. You'll be waiting with hope and expectancy. And, here's the trick...

Remember for ALL THE HELL the devil put you through...For all the doors the devil shut...For all the games he played...For all the money he stole...For all the times you cried and could feel your heart breaking inside...I WANT YOU TO PRAISE GOD THAT - MUCH - MORE.... Because it means your blessing is that GREAT."

There's an important message that Bishop Jakes shares. Listen especially towards the middle and end as he prophecies about WHY this testing appears to be so hard. You're not just coming out, you're getting an anointing that will deliver all those around you. That's why this devil is fighting you so hard. It's a David deliverance and a Joseph deliverance that will put you before great men. There's a reason why God set you apart...Your enemies will be coming to you for help soon. Stay humble, listen and obey so God can use you.

Keep giving God the HIGHEST praise. And, don't fall for the devil's games. God swore He would bless Abraham and his seeds (bloodline). As a Christian, you are a Child of God. You are a Child of the King. You are blessed and highly favored, fearfully and wonderfully made. You are the head, lender and above. Wait on the Lord. Be brave and courageous and wait on Him. God CANNOT lie and His word NEVER leaves void. Now, do your part and write the vision. Write out what you need and start praising God for it until it happens.

My mom did this when she had Stage 4 cancer. She wrote on a piece of paper she wanted healing, the feeding tube out, her IV port removed and she wanted to taste food again. It took several months but ALL her prayers were answered. I think she's home now eating pizza or French fries and praising God!

Lastly, remember, it doesn't matter what the devil says or does. Don't fear man, the devil or the wrath of man. God is on the Throne and ONLY God has the final say. Don't go by what you SEE. Speak what you need so it can happen. I keep hearing God say, "Tell them they have to move faster" and "Don't be afraid when you see what God does."

There's a lot of shifting that's going to take place in the coming days. It's going to "look like" an earthquake took place - not a physical one but spiritually. It might mean a boss is demoted and someone better steps in... Someone who was domineering over you might suddenly move or relocate. People in positions of authority who took advantage of you or others might suddenly have to leave, be transferred out or might become sick and have to take a leave of absence.

Whatever God does, DON'T STAND IDLY BY DOING NOTHING WAITING TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS. Do everything God has been asking you to do NOW. Meaning, if He said clean out your closets and prepare for a new move or get your bills ready so you can start paying them off and write your book - go ahead and do all that stuff now and obey God.

Do what you can and let God do what you can't. When the shift DOES occur God wants us ALREADY IN PLACE not waiting to see IF the shift will occur (like the parable about the foolish virgins who didn't trim their candle wicks). Be ready and obey God. People that don't obey God might miss this chance at a major blessing because they "heard the Word and had no changes".

PRAYER: Father God in Jesus's name, Lord, We praise You because the way is made. We ask for your mercy and we give you all the glory, honor and praise due Your name, in Jesus's name, Amen.

Keep reading your Bible and get ready. Someone's getting promoted. Someone's getting a new job and I'm hearing "Congratulations!" to someone. We have another letter that will be out soon. Will keep you posted. "Shifting" and "positioning" and "like an earthquake" - that's what I'm hearing. Keep praising God for it! And, don't go by what you SEE. God can take you up the back stairs to a position of elevation that man can't steal from you! Hallelujah and glory to God in the Highest! You will SEE and RECEIVE help soon.

Praise God in the Emergency - and Use Your Praise to BREAK that Chain

Feels like it's an emergency, right? Keep calling on God for victory, help and mercy and keep inviting Him in. Remember, we are not waiting for God. God is waiting for us to call on Him. God is waiting for us to speak to the mountain and make it move. In the video with Bishop Jakes (see above), he describes how his dog was tied to a chain and kept pulling and pulling but couldn't break free. However, the dog never gave up...if anything, he grew up...and got stronger. One day the dog saw a squirrel and took off after it taking the chain with him. That chain tying you down has a limited amount of time because you've grown stronger in Christ.

Use your praise to break free:

Praise God your bills are paid and you're debt-free.

Praise God you're moving into that safer neighborhood in your new home.

Praise God the cancer is gone and all sickness is gone and you are healed.

Praise God the devil is defeated and under your feet.

Praise God your marriage is renewed and your family is saved.

Praise God for the new job and rebuke every demon there before you start your new assignment.

Praise God for that new business, that new ministry and those new classes you're about to start. Ask Him for favor and to open doors man can't shut. 

God is waiting for us to walk in the power Jesus gave us. Jesus slept in the boat because He wanted the disciples to call on Him. Keep calling on Jesus and rebuking the demons in your life. As you grow in and walk by faith, you will see God move on a HIGHER level. Stay encouraged and don't faint or walk away from what you see. God is letting the devil provoke the attack to SHIFT us to a new level of authority. So remember,

1. We ALREADY have the victory,

2. This is only a test, and

3. EVERYTHING is subject to change because God will NEVER fail us.

We are in covenant with God and we are Abraham's seed. That means, cheer up, don't give up but get up and stand firm. This devil and ALLLLLL his workers are ALREADY defeated in Jesus's name and by God's authority! We serve the Way Maker so get ready for Him to make the way! Glory to God in the Highest!