December Newsletter: The Miracle is Coming...

Our December Newsletter


Merry Christmas and Happy December from God-Driven-Designs. Our Redeemer lives!

This is a special message from last Christmas that we wanted to repost: God wants His people to repent now. People are waiting on signs, thinking they'll see the sign and then repent. But, that's not what God wants. The sign will be so fast we "won't have time to change our minds". And, I think this is what He referenced in the first letter about the mark of the beast and reading the book of Joel.

God wants to prepare us and this is a time we will be overwhelmed with joy for what God's about to do for His people. See the Holy Spirit's letters below for more. I believe He's having us prepare another letter for the New Year? Not sure, will stay in prayer about this.

In This Month's Issue We Cover:

Our December Message: The Miracle is Coming: What God Has in Store For His Chosen People, *NEW: Everything is in the Details, and Our December Message from the Holy Spirit Parts 1 & 2

Music Spotlight: Spirit of Worship: How Great is Our God; Tasha Cobbs: Fill Me Up; Jonathan David and Melissa Helser: No Longer Slaves

Countdown to Christmas: Best Holiday Shopping Deals

Need a Powerful Word? Ministry Messages

Holiday Gift Guide: We've Updated Our Gift Guide for December with the Best Store Discounts and Gifts on Any Budget

LOL: The Day After Christmas...

Well ho, ho, ho...



The Miracle is Coming...


It's an Emergency...

That's what I heard the Holy Spirit say for December. On one hand we have people shopping for the holidays. On the other, there are people in Puerto Rico with plastic tarps on their home. On one hand, we're putting up Christmas trees and decorative lights. On the other, migrant children at the border are being tear-gassed. Yes, it's an emergency. And, we have a Savior who is coming to our rescue.

You Must Have Faith Even When Your GPS is Wrong... YOU"RE CLOSER THAN YOU THINK

The devil likes to put on a good "show". He'll make it look he's winning. He'll try to convince people that his is the best way and he'll whisper like the snake that he is that we should just give up and die. The devil is a liar. And, God is in control. But, to see what's really going on, you need to have faith and trust God, not your GPS.

I was trying to get directions to a store and when I put in the address on Google Maps, it indicated that the store was 2.5 hours away. I called to find out if there was a closer location. I was frustrated because all I wanted to do was get a bunch of errands completed in one-shot.

When I called the store, a sweet lady named Cecilia answered. She laughed when I asked if there was a closer location. She said, "Oh no, dear. We're only 5-minutes away." I said, "No, Google Maps shows that you are near the beach." She laughed again and said, "No, we're only 5-minutes away." She then explained why she was laughing.

Cecilia explained that once when she was on vacation with her daughter, she used the car's GPS system. The GPS suddenly said, "You have arrived." She looked in front of her and all she saw was what looked like a jungle. She turned to her daughter laughing and said, "Oh no, we haven't arrived!".

Stay the Course and Faint Not IN DUE SEASON - IT'S THAT SEASON...

God's people are tired and I can feel it in my spirit. It's like a heaviness or a lack of energy to press on, but, keep  pressing on and don't give up or look back. We're almost there. God's people have been praying, fasting, and staying committed to Father God. When my mom and I were praying about this, she said she saw "blessings coming for God's people and prosperity. We're in the season. They were obedient, tithed, and prayed."

The Holy Spirit had us make December's message "The Miracle is Coming" and when we posted on social media, Pastor Joel Osteen shared this inspiring message:

"Things may not change overnight, but if you’ll stay in faith, there will come a time when God will say, “Enough is enough. ” He’s going to turn things around and not just bring you out; He’s going to give you what you are owed. He’s going to pay you back for the injustice at work. He’s going to pay you back for the unfair childhood. He’s going to pay you back for the promotion that should have been yours. He’s going to pay you back for those people that tried to tarnish your reputation.

Because you honor God, because you’re keeping Him first place, you have an advantage. You‘re on His payroll. He knows what you’re owed. He’s promised to make it up to you. Quit worrying. Quit thinking you’re falling behind, thinking that those people at work have left you out, they made you look bad, and now you’ll never get to where you want to be. Payback is coming. Keep doing the right thing when the wrong thing is happening. You’re not working unto people; you’re working unto God."




Music Moment

This video is so touching. The group, Spirit of Worship is signing the words to How Great is Our God, but when they started, there was a problem with the lighting. Instead of stopping, the young sister in the center kept going until they fixed the lights.

How often do we have to literally "keep going in the dark" until we see God's light. Powerful reminder. God is so good! Lift every voice through signing and singing!



Everything is in the Details

Holiday shopping this year has changed. If you see TV ads, most are for personal smart devices. The commercials have even shifted. Commercials are now suggesting you can ask smart devices anything. Ask about the weather. Ask how to bake bread. Ask for advice. And these listening devices are programmed to give funny responses, too.

The commercials are also encouraging parents to let kids learn with these devices. So instead of children learning from parents, they now have a "smart" device that can teach them. But, is that smart?

A few parents are starting to notice their children are developing rude behaviors. They're yelling more, being disrespectful, and they're cutting people off mid-conversation. Why? Because their smart devices don't teach children about proper etiquette.

The Devil in the Details - Turning the TV Off

Then there's TV. New holiday ads are for smart TVs with content that's so blasphemous, I rarely turn the TV on. I'll stream content from a few years ago because I know it's not graphic, sexual, or filled with perversions. I've never seen more ads for new movies that show actors depicted in disgusting ways. I couldn't even get past one trailer and the trailers don't show the graphic violence and vulgarity in the movies.

Don't Turn to Painkillers

Another concern is painkillers. The Holy Spirit said to mention this because there are people that are self-medicating. They are using prescription medications to numb their pain or other "medications" hoping to feel better. But, Jesus doesn't want you worrying about ANYTHING. He said, "Cast your cares on me and I will sustain you." If anything, God wants us to pray and ask for renewing of the mind. That's why the Holy Spirit said in His first letter below to "Guard your head".

You see, the devil wants you to think this chaos will continue and that you're losing your mind. That's an attack of the devil. You're not losing your mind. Your spirit is rising up inside and it's breaking from the flesh. It can feel like you're detaching because you are. You're using the Word of God over your own flesh. So, please stay encouraged. You don't need to turn to pills. Just ask Jesus to please renew your mind and bring peace to you. He will. God is so loving. He wants us to feel whole and know that He is with us.

What's Hidden in the Dark will be Brought to Light

The reason I'm mentioning smart devices, pain meds, movies, and TV is the Holy Spirit stated in our December message (Part 1) that the mark of the beast is here. And, it's in the details. The devil wants people tied down to devices and false idols so they'll think they don't need God - because they think smart devices know what they want. But, that's false. It's demonic and it's witchcraft meant to separate you from God.

Literally, everything that's shown on TV and in movies now has a seed of some kind that's demonic. Smart devices for the home are listening devices meant to track your shopping patterns to help businesses make money. They're miniature idols that you can "go to for help". But, isn't that why we have Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete?

Is Your Smart Device a Smart Idea - Or a Diversion to Separate You from Jesus and the Holy Spirit?

Another concern is the number of devices that separate us from going to Father God.

Picture a person with a smart home. They wake up with smart devices. They might have coffee brewing from a smart coffee pot. They can now check what groceries need to be ordered from smart refrigerators. They then use smartphones, tablets or laptops with tracking devices. These are designed to "push" suggestions at the person:

  • Your groceries are at the front door.
  • The shoes you wanted are now on sale.
  • The Dow dropped several basis points. Should we call your broker?
  • Sarah can't attend the meeting. Should we send a reschedule email?


The person drives in a smart vehicle and heads to/from work. Upon returning home, they ask their smart TV for suggestions. And, the ads they see are based on their shopping habits because all this data is collected. It's called Big Data. It builds a profile to track whereabouts, predict shopping patterns, and offer suggestive thoughts.

But where is Jesus and the Paraclete?

Come unto me - The Role of the Paraclete (Holy Spirit)

God clearly states we are to have no idols before Him. He's a jealous God and wants us to come to Him. That's why Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit. I used to think that the Holy Spirit wasn't given until the Upper Room experience, but then I came across this scripture which is right after the resurrection of Jesus:

John 20:19-22 reads, "Then the same day at evening, being the first day of the week, when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled for fear of the Jews, came Jesus and stood in the midst, and saith unto them, Peace be unto you, And when he had so said, he shewed unto them his hands and his side. Then were the disciples glad, when they saw the Lord. Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you. And when he had said this, he breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost."

The Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit is our guide. Jesus confirms this in John 16:13, "Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come."

As I wrote this, the Holy Spirit said, "Tell them they're not ready." This isn't for everyone because there are some people that are deeply religious. They fast and pray daily and speak in tongues.

This is for 4 kinds of people:

The Status Symbols: These are people that might have fallen by the wayside because they're preoccupied with smartphones, selfies, and status. They're self-absorbed and self-identifying. It's not their fault, per se. Society has been teaching people how to build up "self" online. Social media is famous for this. People can create a new persona. They show image after image of statuses of success, but inside they are broken, hurting, and afraid. And, in order to draw closer to God, they have to let go of the idols.

Those That Lack the Information: It's also for people that haven't drawn closer to God to let the Holy Spirit work in their lives. It might be that they are at a church that doesn't teach about tongues and the gifts of the Spirit.

Those That Ride the Fence: That warning can also be for people that have the gifts but aren't using them yet. They might hear God calling them but they are uncertain. They might also feel intimidated. They think because of their past, God can't use them. They're afraid to release control to Him. Then there's the last group.

The Rebellious: These are people that know God's Word. They know what the Bible says and they refuse to submit to God. They want to do it on their timetable. They want their way and they want to be in control. Because God works by faith, this group is hard to reach because while they want to be "game changers" they think God is playing games with them. The devil has convinced them that on their own, they can "get more accomplished." And remember how we mentioned the painkillers and breaking from the flesh? This group doesn't want to go through the breaking process. They don't understand submission or being subservient to Christ. Or, they refuse to submit beyond what they can control. Their ego and false pride keep them away from God. They want "self" control instead of giving God control.

There will be some in this season that suffer major heart attacks and strokes. It's because they're not being subservient to God. While serving God is about free will, once we're under God, we must obey Him. If we don't stay on our knees in humble pride, God can bring us to our knees for a season to remind us that it's His way. Bishop TD Jakes mentioned this when he talked once about the stone becoming bread. People want to use the Holy Spirit and the gifts of Jesus to promote their own agendas. That's false pride and witchcraft if it goes contrary to Christ. Be careful with this. Obedience is better than sacrifice. And, you can't serve God and man (self).

The Devil Wants You to Use Your Flesh in your Situation (Because Then God Can't Touch your Situation, and the Devil Knows That).

Another concern is the tricks the devil is using in this season. I saw testing in three parts, but your testing might be different:

  1. The devil might try to come with money. Maybe there's a lack that you have and someone says they can help. But, if God said to stay away from that person, you must obey God and walk away.
  2. The devil might test your emotions. He might try to push your buttons to get a reaction from you. We mentioned this earlier. He's looking for a reaction or for you to open your mouth and say the wrong thing or write the wrong thing. Be quiet!
  3. The devil may also come with a threat or lie. He might threaten to take your job. Or, he might lie outright and make a false accusation. He's looking for you to defend yourself. Don't do it. Let it go and wait on God.


The reason you have to be on guard with these tests is the devil wants you to react with your flesh. Don't. You have to wait for God. If you put your hands on it or say the wrong thing, then it's your flesh that's working. Wait for God to move. This is a very specific test because the devil knows it requires you to come down from the Spirit realm into the flesh. That's why he's trying to get a reaction from you.

There was a story a few months ago. I think 2 or 3 older teens or young adults were arrested. They went after a person who they thought had harassed their grandmother. In this season, you have to let God handle it. Let God speak and tell you what to do FIRST. He who vindicates us is near.

Focus on God and Jesus...

I've been so excited to write this part because there's so much that God has for you. So many good blessings are coming to God's people. And, the Holy Spirit confirmed it in the 2 messages He gave for December. The Holy Spirit said "they will say it's not fair." Your enemies will see you blessed and there's nothing they can do about it. But, don't gloat or get filled with false pride when the blessings come. Here's the key. In between receiving the blessings and getting past this testing, you have to keep your eyes focused only on Jesus and the Paraclete (Holy Spirit) will lead and guide you.

Do you remember the story about Peter walking on water to Jesus? As long as he focused on the Lord, he moved forward on the water. But, when doubts got into his head, he looked down (away from Jesus) and started to sink into the water. Keep your focus on Jesus for the rest of the year. Don't look to the left or right. Don't think about what the enemy said or what might happen. It's like making a cake. You have to clear the counter off and focus on the recipe. Or, another example is a football player. In order to throw to his wide receiver, he has to tune out the other team, the yelling crowds, and the cheerleaders and crowds booing on the opposing team. That can be kind of hard especially if they're all booing and chanting, "Hey, hey! Go home! We've already won. Get on the bus. You've got to go!"  etc.

To help you, keep these points in mind:

  • Only see Jesus and see the blessing, your help, and the Lord and the angels in front of you.
  • Don't think "It's too hard" or "I'm so tired." Listen to me. We know you are extremely tired. I felt the heaviness in my spirit. It's an exhausting weight of depression. But, it's demonic. Rebuke it and plead the blood of Jesus. The Holy Spirit doesn't want you to give up, turn to pills, or believe the devil's lies. We're right at the moment of the blessings being revealed and the Holy Spirit said "It's miracle time." Just keep saying, "Lord, renew my mind. May my soul prosper in God." The blessings are about to be released NOW. That's why the devil is fighting to steal this blessing away. But, he can't win if you stay spirit-filled and fix your eyes on Jesus.
  • Speak what you need and only see that. Like the woman with the issue of blood, you have to say, "If I can but touch the hem of his garment, I shall be healed." Or, Hannah who couldn't conceive. Pray fervently and know God will make the way. He will answer and He will show signs. He said today, 12/23/18, "It's miracle time." We hold fast to God's unchanging Word.


Read your Bible, stay encouraged, and put all the devices down especially now through the end of the year. Prepare yourself to draw closer to God and Jesus through praise and worship. And, cheer up. The Holy Spirit said we will be "overwhelmed with joy for what God's about to do".

We're about to announce a revival but first must come repentance. The "Revival" link on our site won't be up for a few days while we finish final edits. In the interim, please read the 2 letters from the Holy Spirit as the second one is about repentance. And, watch God show up and move on your behalf. We have followed what God has said to the letter.

Please continue to fast and pray and speak in tongues and stay in God's shadow. Watch and see what God's about to do. Ask Him for signs. He will confirm it. You don't have to believe me or follow our ministry. It's not about us. But, you should obey God ESPECIALLY in this season. The devil can't touch God's chosen and anointed people. But, we MUST repent now, i.e., today and don't wait for signs. He already said when the sign comes it will "be too late to change your mind." If you have any questions, pray and ask God and He will guide you. To God be the glory!  





Confirmations, Prayers, and Reminders...




  • The Holy Spirit said 1/3/19 at 431pm "The Dow is about to crash." This is not stock market advice, nor does it indicate a timeline. When the market rallied a few days ago, the Holy Spirit said that would happen and it did. Then He said it would drop and it did. 
  • The Holy Spirit said twice to pray for Long Island including on 12/7/18.
  • He said to pray for Puerto Rico and pray for Pittsburgh. The Holy Spirit said again on 1/2/19 at 2:20 am to pray for Pittsburgh. He said something about "aftershocks". Not sure if this is Pittsburgh, PA or Pittsburg, CA.

Reminders: The Holy Spirit said, "God will send you signs." "It will get better." "Stay in God's Shadow." "Keep singing to me."


Our December Message from the Holy Spirit (Part 1)...

The battle is not yours. Are you thirsty for Him? Be strong. We're in the army of the Lord. You're in line for promotion and favor is on your life. There's going to be shouting and hollering in God's sanctuary. Strongholds are being broken. Leave the TV off. Get in praise and worship. Be quiet before God. Let Him fill you up. He's cutting the head of the enemy off. Stay away from crowds. They might be fearful but God is on the throne. Touch in agreement with one another. Stay away from crowds. He's coming to judge the world. God will judge your enemies. He's putting your enemies under your feet in Jesus' name. He's coming to judge. Continue your worship. He's coming to judge. He will show you miracles and signs and wonders. People think God has forgotten them. They're going to see what God does. He's going to show you signs and wonders. Get ready. This is the mark of the beast that's coming. Stay away from crowds. There will be long longs at trains stations. People trying to get in for the holiday. It will be very cold this season. Plan ahead. Ask God before you drive and before you get on the highways. There are going to be signs of Jesus' return soon. Make sure you guard your head. He's going to send signs to all God's people which shall be for the world to see. The mark of the beast is coming, but we are covered. Stay in God's shadow. Stay in His shelter. The shelter of the Most High God. He is giving His people provision. Watch for God's signs. Watch for his windows that he sends. There will be signs all over the news. Watch and see what God does. His hand is on you. Make a joyful noise. He has his hand on you. There will be signs of your recovery. But the market will fail. (this is not stock advice nor does this indicate a timeline). God's people are covered. We have provision in Him. There are going to be people who are not going to see. The enemy is not going to see what God does. God is blinding the enemy. There will be shouting in the streets. A great flood is coming. It's coming to swallow God's enemies up. The enemies of God's people you won't see anymore. Stay in God's shadow and see what He does. There's going to be shouting in the streets. A flood is coming to the enemy. But, you might be in for a sweet surprise. Someone might say "It's no problem for you." When you express a need it's no problem to fix it". It will be total victory for God's people. He is restoring God's people. Sudden victory and wealth. A change of status is coming to you. Because they have been obedient to me. They have been obedient to me. There will be hollering in the streets at the wealth transfer change of status change of provision. Victory for God's chosen. Change of assignment. God is making His people the head. He is sending them signs. Shouting in the streets giving God glory for what He's done. Snakes will be defeated. The fighting will stop. It will end. God is giving His people peace and rest. They will see provision. God has His hand on you and help is on the way. Watch for the mark of the beast. It is God telling you to prepare for Jesus' return. He is coming soon. They won't understand but they will see. Keep giving glory to me and keep getting victory in your life. Your comforter is coming soon Prepare God's people for His coming glory. He's coming in glory. He's coming to judge the earth. Prepare God's people. He's coming to judge. It's time. Come out from among them. God's people will see signs of promotion. A big earthquake is coming. Its going to swallow the earth up? Don't take this the wrong way. He's turning the world upside down. But, for God's people. God's people are in for a sweet surprise. Stay tuned and see what god's about to do. He has his hand on His chosen people. God will deliver us soon. Walk away from anyone that tells you otherwise. God has surprises in store for His people. They will see our help soon. They will receive help right away. They will receive what they need. He's coming to send provision. He's releasing prisoners. He's opening doors. There will be shouting in the streets. God is opening doors. Re. the enemy, it doesn't matter what they do. God declares victory. They're going to look at it the wrong way but what God sends is for His people. Pay attention to the signs He sends. He will show you proof right away. Open wide your mouth and God will fill it. He's repairing what's damaged or lost. He's healing what's broken. The broken-hearted. He's repairing marriages. Prepare for what God's about to do. He's coming to judge the earth. There's an earthquake coming, the coming judgment and God's wrath. Don't walk away. Prepare the way. Prepare for what God's about to do. He will reveal it in tongues. Expect to see the mark of the beast soon. But, God's people have a chosen and expected end. I praise God for you. You will see signs soon. He's coming sooner than you think. Get baptized. Pray for those that perish. They have time. It's a short time. Very little time and they have to think fast. God is moving His people forward. We are His chosen. Do what God wants. His people must move much faster. They are chosen but they are not walking in their calling. He's making them the head. They might not see it yet, but it's coming. They have to move fast. Get your anointing oil and anoint yourselves because the mark of the beast is coming. It will be everywhere. Don't go by what you see. God has not forgotten you. He has not abandoned you. He was there all the time watching you. Cheer up. Good signs are coming in. Look for God's elevator to take you to the next floor/level. We ask for God's mercy. He supports us and help will come fast. Re signs: planes will fall out of the sky. It's the mark of the beast. Read Jude right away. But that's not for God's chosen. It's the judgment season that's coming. Prepare for the judgment season. God is not judging you. It's for the worlds' sins. God is enlarging His territory. Keep reading your Bible and fast. you will see good news is coming soon. You will have what you need. God is restoring us. He's coming soon and He will not fail you. Don't give up on God. You are God's chosen and He's removing every stronghold out of your life. God will not fail and we have the victory.


God's people are in line for promotion. God's people have to repent. The changes that are coming they are going to happen fast. It will get better. The Holy Spirit said, "Keep telling them it will get better." Soon, you will see. Wait and see what God's about to do. The Holy Spirit said, "I want you to welcome them into the tabernacle." They've got to turn the TVs off and come out from among them. Tune out the noise. We serve a Living Spirit, a Father God who loves us. They might not be ready, but God is helping them. Everyone. They are welcome into the tabernacle. They might not know what this means. There is no division. Jesus' blood on Calvary was the price. He paid the cost. He's telling the devil, "Leave God's people alone. His chosen people that He anointed for such a time as this." We are covered in the blood of Jesus. We will see evidence of what God is doing soon. Be prepared for a huge wave of people coming in. People shouting "Hallelujah". Tell satan, "Leave God's people alone. His chosen." You have to tell God's people to prepare. Keep reading to me. Empty out the vessels so He can fill them. They have to repent and be ready. This is a time of worship for what God's about to do. So they can receive from Him. "He (the devil) wants control. He (satan) cannot have control of God's people." It's about control. It's the mark of the beast. God is sending clear signs. God will send clear signs, but our weapons are not carnal. The devil, he wants control. There's a new fresh oil that's falling on God's people. They have to repent. They have to act fast for what God's about to do. I'm hearing "It's not fair." People will be saying "It's not fair," for what God's about to do for us. God is going to give us signs of encouragement. We are covered by the cross. They don't have to worry. I want you to believe the possibilities. You will see it in the signs God sends. They must obey me. The devil wants control, but God's people know His voice. God will not fail. He said it 3x. Ask for His mercy. We will see the signs. Cheer up. He will not fail. Even though you see the bill, He will not fail. Cancers have to flee. Demons have to tremble. Touch every heart that you can. Reduce the egos. Make the blind to see. Touch hearts. Every heart must know there is a Living God. He loves us so much. The devil can't touch God's servants. He only thinks he can. God will send signs and special windows for His servants. Watch and see what He does. Keep up the offering. Offer up the praise. The sacrifice of praise. It shall be for all people. He's surrounding us with a hedge of protection. Demons have to flee. They know it. Keep reading your Bible. Tell them they have to pray. They have to repent. They have to change their hearts while there's still time. The devil thinks this is his playground - They say "they think they're better than us". That's what satan is telling them about Christians. But, God is coming to judge the earth. A touch is coming from God. He's going to reveal it to us. It's coming soon. Rebuke the demons of sickness, disease, and all cancers. Tell them they have to wait. They have to wait on God. I don't want you to walk away. I don't want you to get discouraged. I don't want you to live in fear. They live in fear. They're worried because they don't know what God's about to do. He doesn't want them to live in fear. He has so much love. Yes, he does. He has promotion in line for His people. His chosen ones. The ones He prepared. His righteous ones. They will say "It's not fair," what God's about to do. He has promotion in store for God's people. Think elevation and worship. It's elevation time.  We're going to be promoted. So much is going to be done. Hurry and worship. Fall before Him. Don't wait until you see it. You might not see the signs. Sit at His feet and worship. Get in line for promotion. It's coming and they will see the signs. The signs will come. They have to hurry. They might not believe me but they don't have to worry. Don't worry. They will see signs soon of what God's about to do. Open their hearts to Him. To Jesus. Worship at His feet. At the foot of the cross. Bring their symptoms to Him. The heart attacks, the heartaches. See what God's about to do. He has tranquil waters. Living waters. They are in for a sweet surprise. The surprise that God has in store for His people. It will happen soon. Don't worry. You don't have to worry. You are covered by Him. Good things are going to come to pass. Keep writing to me. Keep singing for me. Keep rejoicing in Me. See what I'm about to do. You will see my plans for you soon. Keep singing to me. I am delivering you out from under them. I  am making you the head. You will see. it's because of my glory. They can't touch my property. You are God's chosen. Bought at a price paid at the cross. Redeemed by the Lamb. You are God's chosen. Tell them don't walk away from what you see. Keep singing to me. "They", (the devil and the enemies), they think it's a game. They think they're in control. Their time is short. They will see what God's about to do. God has a sweet surprise in store for them. But, we are sheltered by the Lamb. We are covered by the Cross and the blood of Jesus. He said, "Ask them this question, "Are you sure you're ready for salvation?" "Are you sure you are prepared for what God's about to do?" You need to prepare your hearts. You need to prepare your ministries. You need to prepare your churches. They have to act fast. Faster. They have to prepare. They will see signs of God acting soon but they have to prepare now. Don't wait for "soon". They must be ready now. There's a coming flood and they don't want to get swept in with this enemy. With what God's about to do. What He has in store for the enemy. God is closing a door on him. You won't hear of him anymore. He has been preying on the weak. We have to prepare for the antichrist. Open the tabernacle and fill it with God's presence. Tell them, "Wait until you see what God's about to do." He said, "Yes, they've been waiting for me. I sent them the Paraclete." They have to move fast. They have to fast and pray for what God's about to do. Wait and see what God's about to do. Tell them, "Make sure you read your Bibles right away." He also said, "Tell them it's miracle time" and to stay in God's shadow.


The Prayer of Salvation

If you haven't said the Prayer of Salvation, now's the best time: Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord, I ask forgiveness of my sins. Please come into my heart. I turn my back on sin and I make you my Lord and Savior. I want to follow you for the rest of my life. Please give me eternal life through you in Jesus name, Amen.     

Rededicate Your Life to Christ Prayer

If you need to rededicate your life to Christ because you feel like you've been sinning or haven't been living right, pray: Father God in the name of Jesus, I ask forgiveness of my sins and I turn my back on sin. Please help me to overcome ---- and I want to lead a better life through you. I decree and declare this day I have overcome ---- and I have the victory in Jesus name, Amen. 

Stay in God's shadow, stay away from sin and temptation, keep reading your Bible and keep seeking God first. 

Be ye doers of the Word... We pray this message blesses you today!

If you need prayer, please call the Bill Winston Prayer Center at (877) 543-9443. You can also check online for Joyce Meyer's prayer request form and other sites that can pray for and with you. You are more than a conqueror!




Music Moment

Something we don't always realize when we turn to Christ is we are no longer under the law. Meaning, we are not slaves to this world, we are children of the Most High God. Watch Jonathan David and Melissa Helser's song "No Longer Slaves". You are a child of God, not a slave to fear.

Jesus overcame the world and you don't have to live in fear because Jesus makes the way for us. He supplies our needs. He opens our doors. He answers prayers. He heals hearts. You are no longer a slave to fear, or sexual addiction, or alcoholism, or other sins. Jesus spread the sea so we could walk right through. He drowned our fears like He drowned Pharaoh's army. You are a child of God! You are victorious!




Countdown to Christmas


December Savings:

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Music Moment: Sing


Tis the season to bless the Lord! But, how can you praise God when you're feeling weary? It's simple. Use the example of the woman at the well.

When the woman at the well came upon Jesus (no coincidents with God), she was weary. She had a life that was unfulfilled and she wanted a love that would last. Jesus knew it. That's why He said, "Give me a drink." Jesus needed the woman to give her worship to Him so He could pour out His peace and love on her.

Singing ushers God in, for it is written, "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord." Here are a few great songs to raise the praise.

As you go through the songs (in English and Spanish), listen for the messages the singers share:

  • Tasha Cobbs sings "Fill me up" about taking in the peace and healing we need.
  • Jonathan David and Melissa Helser sing about how we're not slaves to our past sins.
  • Christian Life Center's Spanish version of Way Maker talks about how Jesus is the way and He provides the healing and miracles (milagros) we need.


Jesus heals us and cleanses us from our past so we can start new. Cast your burdens on Him and lift every voice to bless God.

The Holy Spirit has been saying, "Keep singing to me." Let your praises go up like sweet alms to God. He's been so good to us!




It's out! Our Biggest Holiday Shopping Guide is here.

Updated: We're adding the top Christmas sales and all the best holiday deals as they become available. And, we've bundled them up into this convenient holiday shopping guide.

To navigate this page, this helpful guide is divided into several sections to help you shop for gifts the way you want:

In this Shopping Guide you will find:

  • Our Opening Prayer: Prayer for a Safe and Festive Holiday Season
  • Online Holiday Shopping Scams You'll Want to Avoid
  • Travel: Mid Range, Low Budget, and No Budget
  • Best Shops and Stores - Best Christmas Deals: Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Kohl's, Macy's, Target, Walmart; Best Meal Deals
  • Best Shopping Apps: Ibotta, Honey, Flipp, Ebates, SlickDeals, Dosh, and RetailMeNot
  • Best Deal Sites: Deal Oz, Deal News, Deal Catcher, Retail Me Not,, God-Driven-Designs, Gotta Deal, Slick Deals
  • Article: How to Take the Stress Out of Holiday Shopping


And, away we go!



Music Moment

Listen to how Tasha Cobbs is singing, "Fill me up, God. Fill me up, God." At this time of year, people are weary and they're so tired. But the Word says, "I look to the hills. My help comes from the Lord." Keep your eyes focused on Jesus. Let Him fill you up.

(Remember, keep reading your Bible).



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LOL: The Day After Christmas. When Everything's on Sale. At the Dollar Store.

(When Mom says she'll be right back, be concerned. Be very concerned.)

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