Dismantled? The Devil Cannot Remove the Mantle God Gave President Trump

mantle: an important role or responsibility that passes from one person to another.

  1. a loose sleeveless cloak or shawl, worn especially by women.
    "she was wrapped tightly in her mantle"
    cloak · cape · shawl · wrap · stole · pelisse · pelerine · poncho · serape · mantlet
  2. "the second son has now assumed his father's mantle"
    role · burden · onus · duty · responsibility · function · position · capacity · task · job
dismantle: [disˈman(t)l] VERB
  1. take (a machine or structure) to pieces.
    "the engines were dismantled and the bits piled into a heap" · 
    synonyms: take apart · take to pieces · take to bits · pull apart · pull to pieces · deconstruct · disassemble · break up · strip (down) · knock down · pull down · tear down · demolish · fell · destroy · flatten · level · raze (to the ground) · bulldoze · unbuild


The first time God spoke to me personally about President Trump and said his name, I can remember Him saying "President Trump is already in his second term." This was right after the 2020 election. I was secretly rooting for President Trump because I'd started reading more articles about him and I was following the prophets in YouTube. However, at the same time, my relatives were rooting for Biden. One day before the election my mom called and said "It will be Biden." I didn't tell her that God said the same thing but my question was different. I asked God "Who will win the election?" He said "It will be Biden." Maybe I should have asked "Who holds your mantle and is ordained to be in office?" The answer clearly would have been different.

What do I know about President Trump? I knew I liked him from The Apprentice shows. I watched every episode and LOVED them! I'd read his book, The Art of the Deal years ago and all I can remember is "Must remember to get air rights." That was the gist of it. Honestly. I didn't start seeing him in a bad light until the news media portrayed him that way. It was after the major news channels started bashing President Trump that I would look up "evidence" on what they were saying. I looked up the information about Jeffrey --- and thought like everyone else, "Wow, and you think you know someone." But when I would try to put the information online, God would say not to. God wasn't leading me in a pro-Biden direction but I could hear demons saying in my head "You should become a Democrat." I heard this twice after the 2020 election and I laughed. I'd always been a Republican because I don't believe in handouts. I don't mean that disrespectfully but I was taught in school that black people depended on the government. I didn't want to see black communities waiting for handouts, I wanted to see empowerment. Hence, I became a Republican. In my mind, because they didn't believe in a welfare system, people would have to work for what they wanted to achieve. Don't get me wrong, if a person is disabled, fired, has children, etc., then I can understand having a welfare system in place. However, I was against a sedentary lifestyle where people exist on that and turn a temporary place into something permanent.