Do Things That Add Value...


Father God said a few months back to "do things that add value" and to "turn the TV off". The Bible says, "The entrance of Thy Words giveth light." Because God has a new plan for His people, it's important to move when Father God says move and go where He goes. That's an Old Testament reference for how God led the Children of Israel. He was a cloud by day and fire by night.

Following God means we have to let go of the old ways and old habits or crutches. It doesn't include sitting idly by addicted to our devices (phones, TV, games). He wants us to "come out from among them [the world]" and "focus on God." To do so, let's start with the definition of value. 

The Definition of Value

Value is defined as the regard that something is held to deserve, its importance, worth and usefulness. When we look at one another, it's important to remember that we are valuable in God's eyes. He's our Father and He loves us.

Adding value to our lives is about enriching them and doing things that are useful and increase our worth. And, you've probably done things to add value at work. Maybe you had to take a class on a new subject matter or study for an advancement certificate of some type. Other examples include taking an Office 365 course to advance your software skills or going back to college to complete your undergraduate degree requirements.

Breaking Free From Addictive Behaviors

Now, we mentioned crutches earlier for a reason. Sometimes addictive behavior comes from pain. We turn on our favorite device to block painful thoughts. For example, a person who feels lonely might stream movies all weekend to feel less stressed and more entertained. However, the time spent staring at a screen doesn't add value.

There's nothing wrong with enjoying a show, favorite game or spending time online with friends. A concern though is that the person might then start to believe they have to tune in to feel accepted every single time they feel rejected. Or, the entertainment the device provides might comfort you in other ways.

The Pacifier and Placebo Effect

You might go through a period where you feel hurt or rejected and then want to put on a new movie or show to "get a good laugh". Again, watching movies or shows is fine but you can unknowingly program your mind into thinking you have to turn on movies as a way to cope all the time. That movie or time spent online becomes a pacifier or placebo for dealing with pain instead of turning to God's Word, the Bible. It's a temporary fix that you'll have to reapply again and again.

Ways to Add Value 

To add value to your life, there are all kinds of things that you can do. And, we've listed a few examples below. When you pray, ask Father God to help you break away from any addicting habits like streaming movies or spending all your time online. You haven't done anything wrong and that's important to remember.

Breaking away from TV, games or phones is to help you turn to and rely on God. However, as you transition away from devices, it can cause feelings of separation anxiety. Our parents unknowingly might have put us in front of the TV when we were kids to stop us from crying. Or, they might give a child a tablet or phone to play with. However, these devices were designed to cause addictive behaviors. It's one of the reasons people become addicted to social media because they want to voice their opinions and be heard or they mistakenly believe "likes", "shares", "pins" and "retweets" they receive are love. True love comes from Father God, not strangers on social media who can quickly change their minds about you if they don't like your comments, posts or images.

To help you get started finding things that add value:

    - Pick one or two of the videos below and start something new. If you find a new hobby you like based on one of the videos, look up other videos for tutorials to help you advance your technique.
    - Maybe set an hour aside each day or over the weekends to break free from TV, phones and games.
    - Pick something you'll enjoy and you'll love doing it again. 
    - As you enjoy your activity, dedicate that time to Father God and remember it's time spent with Him. Ex., You learn to play an instrument and play for Father God.