Don't Fear the Wrath of Man... Or That One Manager with All the 'Tude!


Have that one person that makes you not want to come into work on Mondays? Remember, God is our covering and you can speak peace into any atmosphere and change the situation.
I used to hate Sunday nights. I felt sick with anxiety knowing I had to work with people who hated me on Mondays and enemies who were trying to set me up to get me fired. They were mean, loud and they had really bad attitudes. Sometimes I was just tired of being yelled at and blamed for everything... Do you feel like this?

There is no fear of man with God on the throne...

Always remember:
  1. God is on the throne and Jesus already overcame the world so you don't have to fear man - or women with too much "tude".
  2. God blesses us with good jobs and if He allows us into an atmosphere, His grace is covering us, so don't even look at them or their attitudes. Just be thankful for the job, do good work as unto the Lord and know that God is covering us.
  3. When you go into work and its a dark place, you are the light, so let your light shine despite them or their attitudes.Pray before you go. Take a break and pray in the bathroom and even go for a walk to change the atmosphere, then do #4...
  4. Your job is close to that one store that sells the great treats, right? Make a visit there and treat yourself to something good. Seriously. It's on the way, right? Give yourself a good incentive! God's got you. You are more than a conqueror. Just like God delivered you before, He will do it again. Put on Joel Osteen on your way in to work. Listen via YouTube or Podcast and speak positive affirmations to renew your mind. Say "No weapons formed against me shall prosper. I'm covered in the blood of Jesus and I decree and declare the victory! It's already done! The devil is under my feet." Even if she does wear Prada, she ain't got nada on Jesus!
And also remember...
You are blessed, favored, fearfully and wonderfully made, a Child of the Most High God and you are the head, lender, and above. God's got you and no demon or devil in hell can stop you from receiving your blessing and what God has for you!
Go boldly to the throne of grace and to work tomorrow. With God, the angels and Jesus on your side, you're covered and you've got this!
We're praying for you! The devil can't touch you and Monday will be victorious!