This is an interesting message from Bishop Jakes about how God dresses us for where we're going. And, it happened to me. Years ago when I was still in Corporate America, I felt like God was telling me to update my wardrobe for where I wanted to go. I wrote about this before. I was on a budget but carefully priced online the items I wanted. I even made a collage online of the images. I chose the shoes, dresses, suits and hairstyles. Little by little I made most of the purchases and then I started wearing my "new" clothes to work. And, what a shock! I wasn't received well at all. While I only made the change for 'Me', a few bitter coworkers noticed that I was dressed up. One even said, "I don't care what she has on, she's not going further than us". I stood in shock as I heard the snide remark and silently told the Holy Spirit, "The devil is a liar. We're going EVERYWHERE God takes us! Hallelujah to God!" But, I guess God wanted to "prove the doubters wrong" because that's what came next.

When I started wearing my new outfits, it was during a particularly hot summer and we were at half staff as most people were on vacation and traveling. The girls I worked with (my haters) were all wearing shorts and t-shirts but that wasn't what I was taught. I'd read somewhere that you dress similarly to how your managers were all dressed. All the managers were wearing khakis or slacks with dress shirts and no ties. However, NONE of them were in shorts. I thought it wouldn't look right if I wore shorts while they had on casual corporate attire. I kept wearing my new dresses and low heels to work despite my coworkers wearing shorts. One day there was a HUGE corporate meeting - and yes it was the summertime - but we had maybe 10-12 executives come from a major bank - and they were all wearing suits! I thought, "Lord, I'm so glad I listened to YOU and not THEM." But it didn't stop there. Our bosses were in that meeting (and they were wearing suits, too). At one point, a message came in and my coworker jumped up and said, "I'll take the message inside". But, a senior manager said, "No. You're not dressed for it." He looked at me and said, "Kassandra, you take it in." What I'm saying is don't go by what others say about you or how they might INSIST THAT YOU'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE. The devil is a liar. And, importantly, they don't know what God has for you. Obey God and do what God says do. For someone that's reading this, I hear God saying, "Rebuke the demons of suicide". Beloved, don't give up and don't let the devil make you think this is the end. It is not. We're about to see mighty moves of God and God will ALWAYS make the way. Stay encouraged and trust God to lift you up and He will. Sharing a song that has always helped me draw closer to God. Listen specifically for the Words and keep reading your Bible. God's got us! 



Sharing this Unity song, "New Life" which features Bishop Jackie McCullough. Listen to the words and know that God has great plans for you. You are not your past or your mistakes. Don't beat yourself up for all the bills that piled up this year during Coronavirus. The Bible says, "We are new creations" and "Old things are passed/past away". God supplies all our needs so when you see a mountain of bills/debts or a mountain of sickness that looks TOO BIG for you to move, it's because God is going to move it Himself. Trust God to make the way. Listen for the lyrics in this song as God says, "I will be your shield of protection, point you in the right direction", (Psalm 18:35, Psalm 33:20). Come to the Lord and lay your burdens down. God WILL make the way for you. All you have to do is believe! 



Sharing this message from Dr. Winston's ministry. And, I want to highlight that first bullet point. "When you are under attack, use your faith even more. Choose to shift up and stay there". Like an eagle that flies higher than other birds. It's also like a plane flying higher to get past the turbulence and then it can soar uninterrupted. The song below is one that I turned on when I came under great attack from my downstairs neighbor. I was walking through my apartment when he started yelling upstairs at me. And, for what? I hadn't done anything wrong? But it was a reminder to me that the attack comes because the calling on your life is great. As Bishop says in "The Dressmaker" video above, God sends the giant not to defeat you but because He ALREADY KNOWS you're going to defeat it. I turned on this song below, "God's Gonna Do It" and listened to the words of the singer as a reminder that God brings us out from ALL our troubles. And, know that delayed is NOT denied. Keep giving it over to God and wait on Him. He's refining us like diamonds and molding us like clay. You WILL come forth better than before!  To God be the glory!