Is the Media Staging Events?

Father God said "Explosion" twice the other day. I didn't know if He meant an explosion like at a building or explosive news. That was until He added, "Write about the media." 

Remember when Jesus drew a line in the sand? If we drew a line in the sand right now, some might think one side would represent Democrats and the other Republicans. On the one side, you have the Dems. Their followers might include LGBTQ groups, BLM, Pro-Abortionists, feminist groups and the black churches and black Christians supporting Biden. On the other, you have the Republicans. Their followers include white Christians and white churches, the Jews, Pro-Lifers, the KKK, Proud Boys and other groups supporting Trump. So, it's Dems versus Republicans, right? I beg to differ.


The evidence is showing this is the battle of good versus evil. This article explores media bias and if what we're seeing is the mark of the beast coming against President Trump because he's a Christian. 


Is the Corruption Bigger Than We Imagined? 

The media is distorting the messages we hear and this is important. I don't think it's the Democratic party, per se, but demons working behind the scenes to distort the truth. The evidence and corruption that's going to come out is going to shake this nation. So many people have believed what they hear on the news. They believe what newscasters say and what people in Hollywood say. But, what if the mark of the beast is so organized behind the scenes that it's not the Republicans versus the Dems but Good versus Evil?

What if some of the people behind the Democratic party and these "organized groups" are worshiping Baal? Now, you could argue, "Yeah, but the KKK is a group and some of them are Republicans." You might be right but what I'm talking about is on a much, much deeper level. What if the giants are:

1. Big businesses (tech, retail stores, social media platforms) 2. News syndicates, 3. Hollywood (celebrities, movie and TV production companies), 4. Sports (not players, but managers, owners). What if so many of these people and organizations are working together (on one accord, 4th realm) to give a corrupt message that influences people? Again, I am NOT a Trump fan but I am pro-everything God says.

When Pastor Francis Myles said he had a vision about President Trump, he saw Trump as an innocent but being blamed for EVERYTHING. It was a highly-skilled witchcraft attack against President Trump. I don't want to get into it all here because we posted it in Can You Believe the Election and Trump's Hail Mary.

What I'm saying is I think the witchcraft, mark of the beast and antichrist attacks we're seeing go much deeper than we imagined. Now, what I'm going to say is going to shake a lot of things up but please, please take this to the Lord in prayer and ask your pastors, prophets and prayer groups to pray for our eyes to be opened. What I'm about to share might only be the tip of the iceberg.

Watch this Flashpoint special that explores the Capital breach. It also covers if the event was staged based on bystander and witness accounts.  


Is THIS the Explosion?

When we posted Can You Believe the Election Results, Father God had me do the write-up. I broke it down into Dems versus Republicans, right? Added the supporting stats, etc. I also included details about BLM and how they are anti-police. We know God is pro-police and pro-government. I think the supporting verses are in Luke. So, BLM is trying to dismantle the police but when the attacks started where police officers were attacking innocent people, I never understood WHY Father God would continually tell me to post, "Pray for the police" and "Pray for every police officer." I'd post it every time the Lord said to and I'd think, "Yes, Lord, I will obey. But, you know, they're going to think I'm a racist?" I was hearing "Pray for police officers" several times a day every day. I'd post it as soon as I heard it, or try to. Check through old Messages From God posts and you'll see we've posted it hundreds of times - maybe thousands, I've lost track. Now, here's the kicker. When I posted about BLM around the time they started that street mural on Fifth Avenue, a lot of businesses started posting support for BLM. Hold onto this point, okay?

The businesses and media ALL started sharing support for BLM publicly and donations started pouring in. When we researched who is behind BLM, we chose not to support them because they're backed by and support the LGBTQ community and they're anti-police. That's fine if that's their agenda. They can choose to support who they want but many people didn't KNOW they were anti-police. For the record, we're pro-God, pro-Jesus Christ, pro-Holy Ghost and pro-police and pro-government as God commands us to. So, we posted that we support that black lives and yes, they do indeed matter but we're NOT supporting THAT particular organization which is anti-police. So, now for the next point. 

Prophets Outside the US Sharing the SAME Message

With Can You Believe the Election Results, we also included what was going on in the prophetic around the world. And, this is important. Prophets from all over the globe were saying that America was under witchcraft and the enemy was trying to blind the saints, particularly the Christian dems who couldn't see Biden's agenda. To test the theory, I told a Democrat I know about ALL the evidence that I found that shows who the Dems really are and their agenda. The person saw NOTHING that I saw.

I went on social media and NEVER saw where Dem Christians were saying "He's anti-Israel and pro-abortion." They only said, "Oh, that's NOT him. He's a Christian." They say the same thing about Kamala. But, how can she be a Christian and be pro-abortion? (Now, this is not the explosion/lightbulb moment yet, so hang on). How can she be a Christian and accept that people were making animal sacrifices SHOWN ON THE NEWS to help her secure the election? So, the prophets outside of the US saw ALL OF THIS. Which brings me today.

A Startling Revelation

I follow a few prophetic pastors. One in particular said something startling recently. He's been praying over the US for quite some time as God commands him to. So, he starts out praying for the US, right? I'm listening intently as he says he saw Joe Biden go through a backdoor in the White House. Got that. The prophet says to pray that all corruption is exposed. Got that. He says pray God's perfect will. Got that. And as he's speaking I feel like the Holy Spirit is compelling me to listen because he's about to reveal something BIG. He brings up one of the police brutality deaths that recently occurred and said how God revealed to him it was a staged event. I thought, "Wait, what?" He then mentions how when it first occurred the Lord told him that and people didn't believe him, left negative comments and walked away from his ministry. But, here's the kicker. 

We posted that there were likely demons in police officers who attacked innocent people to blame President Trump. However, what if what this prophet is saying means the attacks go much deeper than that? What if the spirit of offense the devil is using is SO STRONG, SO ORGANIZED AND SO STRATEGIC that he staged the attacks against innocent blacks to create so much racism AGAINST President Trump and the Republicans that it would GUARANTEE a Biden win? Is this the explosion Father God is talking about?

This is not to suggest that the attacks didn't happen but what if these people/demons were assigned to specifically go after these innocent black men. I did a search on that man's death and there were reports that it WAS staged but there are likely conspiracy theories about a lot of what we see on the news. What's concerning is how many of the incidents are CLEARLY shown on camera. If you're secretly going after someone wouldn't you do it in the dark or privately? But the images were all clear. Even with the Capital breach, one pastor pointed out that if so-called Trump protesters were REALLY going after the Dems, wouldn't it be private? Why make it a public spectacle and attack Dems and Republicans? Now let's take it further.

What if corrupt and racist judges working in the demonic were used who would GUARANTEE that the officers didn't serve time - to make blacks hate whites (er, Trump and Republicans) more? Surely that would secure a Biden win, right? Then there's all the election corruption that God says is going to be exposed. This devil and his legions is organized but he's not all-knowing and all-powerful like Our God. Satan forgot about God's light exposing all this - and God's coming wrath, vengeance and judgment. Like Kat Kerr said, "When the devil thinks he's won, he gets sloppy."  

Pray for Philadelphia...

Isaiah 53:1 states, "Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?"  Whatever is going on, Father God will bring it to light. Glory to God!