FAQ About Prophetic Messages / Messages From God

How often does God speak or give a Word?

We update the Messages From God page pretty regularly. Sometimes Father God speaks several times a day or He might give the same Word over a few days.

Should I follow the advice that God gives here?

We recommend taking EVERY Word to Father God in prayer. We're also not giving advice but sharing what we hear the Lord say. Because the devil can try to interfere or give a false word, it's important to test every word in prayer and ask Father God to confirm it to you.

As an example, the Lord might say that the stock market is going up or down. This is NOT stock advice, a tip or a timeline. We do not give advice or tips on stocks! My mom will, however, ask me for travel tips and where to find the best discounts and sales (Jesus, take the wheel!).

Is every Word that we HEAR 100% accurate?

Not always but we do our best. On occasion the devil might try to interfere and we have to ask God to confirm what we've heard. We'll stay in prayer over a Word and ask God to reconfirm it. We'll apologize and note corrections as soon as we have them. 

There are times when we don't get a Word 100% accurate especially if I add to it (which I try to avoid).

As an example, Father God said right before the 2016 election "An earthquake is coming to New York." I immediately thought it meant a physical earthquake and started posting tips about earthquake-preparedness. While I did see a physical earthquake in the dream and NY later had a small earthquake, I don't believe a physical quake was the type of earthquake God was referencing.

The prophetic Word on the "shaking that's coming" surrounded President Trump's election to the White House. This was also confirmed in subsequent messages about the shaking and from other prophets. Further, Father God said again recently that an earthquake and shaking is coming to New York.

As I personally grow in ministry and the prophetic, I don't always get it right. I'm learning that my role is to REPEAT what God says, not INTERPRET it. Hence, we don't lean on our own understanding because God may have a different meaning. Father God will sometimes let me ADD my opinion, but not always.

Does every Word from the Lord come true?

For the most part they all have. We used to keep track and post a link to EVERY article or news story that confirmed a Word. But, Father God said, "You're doing that wrong." Hence, we now post in Messages From God and let people SEE what Father God has said. When it comes to timelines though, remember, God doesn't work in time so He may speak about something that doesn't happen until a few years later.

As an example, Father God revealed to me in a dream how black men were being secretly assaulted, lynched and attacked. We posted this years before the recent violence started. It was startling how accurate the message was. But, as a reminder, God knows all and sees all.