SPECIAL NOTE: Given the coronavirus shipping delays across all carriers (UPS, FEDEX and UPS), we can't provide exact arrival dates for orders and some are experiencing slight delays. Please allow for extra time when placing your order. And, know that we'll do our best and will send angels on assignment!

1. Can God-Driven-help me with the planning of my entire event?

Yes! We can help in planning all aspects of your event from concept to completion.


2. Does God-Driven-Designs specialize only in corporate meetings and events?

We handle a variety of events for our clients such as meetings, corporate events, retreats, conventions, trade shows, revivals, website designs, party planning, and ministry conferences.


3. Can God-Driven-Designs assist me with coming up with a budget?

Yes, we can help you establish a budget for your event. We take the time-consuming, labor-intensive details off your plate so you can focus on your priorities.

4. What if this is my first time calling? What if I'm just not sure what I need but I know I need products for my business, event or church? 

That's what we're here for. Start with a call or email us and check out our store so you can familiarize yourself with our products. We can customize practically everything. We are familiar with working with new churches and start-up businesses, we can explain what we know or refer you to someone if it's something we don't handle or don't have the answers to, i.e., if you might need an intellectual property rights attorney for a design, patent or trademark, or if you need a vendor's license or special permit. 


5. What if we are already in the process of planning our event?

That's no problem. In addition to being able to handle all aspects of event planning, we can also assist to help finish up a project. We can even create custom packages tailored to your specific needs.


6. Can God-Driven-Designs assist me with the marketing and promotion of my event?

Yes, we can help you with creating event marketing materials as well as sourcing promotion products and corporate gifts to leave a lasting impression with your attendees. Consider us an extension of your marketing team! 


7. Can God-Driven-Designs work with my team, church or staff on the planning of our event?

Yes, we can coordinate with all parties involved. Working behind the scenes is a big aspect of what we do. Just let us know your contacts so we can reach out to them or await to hear from them.


8. How does God-Driven-Designs charge for services?

Depending on the type of event and your budget, we charge either a flat fee or a fee based on the scope of services. We work with all budget types and even have a Paypal payment feature if you want to pay over a set number of months instead of all at once.


9. I've ordered products from your store. When should I expect them to arrive?

General Orders: Typically, orders are processed and mailed via USPS with a tracking number that we will provide to you. For orders that are in stock or smaller orders, these usually ship in 2-3 days. You can generally expect to receive larger items and custom made items in about 7 to 10 days. See below for more information. 

Custom Orders: For budget conscious shoppers who are buying products that are not time-sensitive, we can utilize the cheapest shipping options. For this, please allow 2-3 weeks for your order. We'll ship UPS or USPS with a tracking number.

If you need a RUSH order, for a higher shipping surcharge, we can place a RUSH on your custom order. We make no guarantees with delivery time frames due to weather, seasonal demand or carrier delays.

Time Sensitive Orders:
 This option cannot include any custom made products which take a little bit longer to process. On some occasions, we can ship overnight for an additional surcharge and will send a tracking number, but we don't recommend waiting until the last minute as we cannot control mail carrier delays or weather related issues and will not be held responsible for delays in your shipment. Again, please note: We typically cannot ship custom made orders overnight if they include your own designs, images and logos. We don't want the quality affected with rush orders. If you need a RUSH order and we have relevant or similar items in stock, for an additional surcharge, we may be able to ship overnight or 2-day depending on the items, size of the order, etc. 

If you're unsure, contact us first to receive an accurate estimate and time frame.  


10. Why God-Driven-Designs?

Our goal is to ensure that we offer the best products, develop the best features and extend the best services to suit your needs. We want to fit your budget and reach your target audience whether it's for a church revival, building your own brand, a new business, or an upcoming conference and retreat event.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for a free evaluation at (860) 689-7729 or OrderPrayerCards@gmail.com. 


Should you have any additional questions, or need help in placing your order, just let us know!