February Newspaper: Have Mustard Seed Faith... and Don't Doubt



Happy February from God-Driven-Designs! This is a Special Edition of our Online Newspaper!  Father God wants us to have faith...and don't doubt! He also wants us to continue to come out from among them and don't look back. Hence, it's important to cast our cares on the Lord and KNOW that He will sustain us. Believe the possibilities!

Please continue to pray for all our police officers and ask your clergy to anoint every officer in the name of Jesus Christ. Additionally, Father God has an important message (see the section below with the February prayer). Here's an excerpt: "They're (the enemy) going to make a very expensive mistake because they thought God was not watching. Make sure you tell them (God's people), 'Be not afraid when you see what I'm about to do.' It's not for them. But, they need to see it." God is covering us. Have faith - Good news is coming!

In this issue:

Our Message: Mustard Seed Faith, Our February Prayer, a Special Restore Unto Us Prayer and a Special Message from Father God

Top 30 Christian and Gospel Songs: Sing unto the Lord a NEW song with these fast favorites

News: Do Not Fear the Coronavirus: God Doesn't Give Us the Spirit of Fear

Christian Cruises and Events: Ready to get your praise on at sea? Upcoming cruises include The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir Caribbean Cruise at Sea; MercyMe at Sea Christian Cruise in 2021

Upcoming Movies: Free Burma Rangers in Theaters February 24-25; I am Patrick in Theaters March 20; I Still Believe Jeremy Camp's movie in Theaters March 20; Rise in Theaters this April; JESUS presented by Sight & Sound in Theaters April 7, 9, and 11th.

Good Works: Businessman Donates Tuition to Students; Police Officer in Right Place Right Time Saves Baby; Mom Says, "He Allowed God to Use Him"; Terminally Ill Man Gifts School New Fitness Center

Our Book: Pray It By Ear (Please Sow Into Our Ministry If You Find Our Messages Inspiring and Helpful) 

LOL:  Some Have a Little and Some Have A Lot

Buckle up. We're going in...

Picture it. Your eyes are swollen. You can't stop crying. You can't sleep. You've got used balled-up tissues everywhere. But, it's not the flu. You're a Christian. And, you're waiting on God for a breakthrough. You've prayed, fasted and been in your prayer closet so long you forget it's daylight out. You open the door and wince at the bright lights in between sniffles. Yes, my friend, that bright thing glaring into your eyes is sunshine and you've been in there THAT long.

If there's one thing we NEED to know in this season it's that as tests and trials get harder we also have to stand stronger - - in the spirit realm. You see, the devil and his demons, the witches and their hexes, the voodoo and juju or whatever it is that's coming against you is not going to stop until Jesus returns or we say "Uncle" and saying "Uncle" ain't an option. But, the really, really important thing we need in this season is not another reminder to walk by faith, not by sight. Most of us can quote half the New Testament by now. What we need is to know how to manifest in the spirit realm so we can receive it in the natural. But, let's start with mustard seed faith and explore how and why faith wavers (and how to correct it).

Faith Should NOT Waver

"But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think that he shall receive anything of the Lord," James 1:6-7.

Here's a question. Do you live by feelings or by faith? While we think we're strong and walking in faith, that's usually when things are going well. Because we can SEE God, it's evident that He's there and He's providing for us. But, what about when He turns away? What about when He removes His hand briefly during a test? Consider the example of Peter walking on the water.

When Peter saw Jesus walking on the water, he wanted to do the same thing. And, that's how we are sometimes. Because we can SEE God, we boldly want to do what He does. We can see Jesus standing on the water in front of us so we start decreeing and declaring all kinds of stuff. However, when tests and trials come or when we take our focus off God or can't see Him, then we can QUICKLY become insecure thinking that He's not there. But that's not the case. God is ALWAYS working on our behalves. It is written, All things work together for the good....

For God to train and groom us into our walks, callings and purposes, He sends tests and trials which are lessons so we can...wait for it... learn from them. For example, a big bill might be due or we might receive a negative report at work. We take it to God in prayer and wait for Him to fix it. But, what if He doesn't move right away?

Instead of keeping our focus on God, feelings of insecurity can set in. Like Peter walking on the water but then looking at the storm, we start to sink and fear sets in. Insecure thoughts can quickly trip us up and then we're walking in stinkin' thinkin'. We start drowning in 2-feet of water and screaming, "Help me, Jesus!" while he shakes His head and says, "Stop doubting and stand up. Where is your faith?"

Asking God to remove the tests and trials isn't the answer. Our faith grows when we face challenges and then turn to God's Word and call on the scriptures so we can get through and pass EVERY test that comes our way. A concern though is that we don't know the scriptures to call on or we call on the scriptures and give up too soon. We might also make the mistake of not immediately going to God's Word and instead use it as a last resort, i.e., "Well, we tried everything else. Let's see if God can do anything". Hint: God says to seek Him FIRST.

I can remember a story about a man who was experiencing financial difficulty. He and his wife said at one point, "Well, we did everything else. Let's pray and see what God might do." The problem with that kind of thinking is it's not putting God first. The Bible says, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and then all these things shall be added unto you." To get through those tough times when our faith might waver or when we have doubts, it's important to remember the lessons with the mama bird and the baby bird.


See a mother bird fly to different spots higher and higher as she encourages her baby to fly. Notice how long the baby sits scared on a tree limb until it sees its parents flying several times and eventually takes off itself.

Lessons from Mama Birds and Baby Birds

A mother bird when she trains her babies to fly will sometimes push them out of the nest - literally. If she doesn't, the babies will grow to become so big they can no longer fit in the nest comfortably. They won't learn to hunt for themselves and will always be dependent on their parents for food, (you know, milk instead of meat?). In another example, there are bird parents like condors that will push their babies off the edge of a cliff. Now before we get into how traumatizing that can be, can you imagine what the baby bird is thinking? Can you picture the separation anxiety and what that comfortable nest represents - and why it's so hard to leave?

A nest is warm and toasty. It's the first and only home you've known. Your brothers and sisters are there. Your family is nurturing and food is ALWAYS there. We're talking all you can eat lizards, worms and grubs. It's like Uber Eats and Door Dash delivery EVERY DAY! Now here come's mama bird one day and she says, "It's time." She demonstrates how to fly several times, you're watching her and nodding your head and then you realize she expects you to do the same. Ha! Funny mom. What time's dinner?

Think flying is easy for birds? What about when your parents push you off a cliff? Watch as these condor parents teach their baby to fly.

To find the best illustrations, we researched a lot of videos on baby birds learning to take flight. Some were quite comical because initially, we expected to find tiny birds. No, these are GROWN folks. These birds were the same size as their parents still waiting on worms! Comically we could envision adult children taking up their parents' basement and yelling upstairs, "Maaa, we need more snacks!" As we studied the various videos on baby birds, they shared similar traits. There wasn't a lot they could do. They were stiff when they walked and most barely moved or they did a lot of hopping - but never too far from the nest. These baby birds were just learning to walk on their feet and they were just learning to really flap their wings. For baby condors though, the first flight experience was extremely traumatizing. 

Baby condors, despite having big wings (and being the size of their parents), have never really used their wings. They had no confidence in flying and clung closely to their parents on a high cliff. At least baby robins, for example, can safely test out their wings on a nearby branch. But, condors are sometimes pushed off a cliff if they won't fly on their own. A baby condor has got to be thinking, "Whoa! What are you trying to do to me here? Why are they doing this?" However, a strange thing happens with baby birds and baby condors.

As a baby bird flaps their wings, they're actually exercising them - kind of like how God gives us tests and trials to exercise our faith. At some point during all those mid-air collisions and fly-bys, the baby realizes they were meant to fly and don't need assistance - all while the parents look on. You see, they never took their eyes off that baby. They didn't leave it out there and say, "Be right back" and then say an hour later, "I'm feeling like there's something we forgot to do." No. They've guided and nurtured that baby and their work is done when the babies can fly. And, that's what God does with us.

God helps us grow our faith so even when we're out there flapping around and start doubting that we can do it, He's there with us. But, the testing doesn't stop. We go through testing again and again. This is evidenced in the verse, "Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers us from them all."


It only takes baby robins about 15-days to leave the nest from the time they're born. Watch as these baby birds fledge and exercise their wings. But, notice how they are afraid to leave the nest until they realize the Door Dash and Uber Eats food deliveries are becoming less frequent.  

Correcting Wavering Faith

What is wavering faith? Wavering is being double-minded. It's like driving down one street, then backing up and driving down another. It's being stuck at a fork in the road. It's when we pray and then doubt - which is not what God wants for us. He wants us to pray and wait for it...and wait for it...and keep walking in it...and wait for it some more...and then wait for it (until it comes).

To help us correct wavering faith, we have to go to the Word of God with our doubts. It's the devil that makes us insecure but God promises to "supply all our needs according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus." The most important thing we can do is read God's Word, call on Him in prayer and wait to hear from Him. Then, we stand. That's how we grow. That's how we learn.

Depending on what you might be going through in life, maybe there are times when you need to know God is there with you, too. Maybe like that baby bird, you need to see mama bird right there to give you confidence while you test your wings. Hear God say it Himself:

"Thou whom I have taken from the ends of the earth, and called thee from the chief men thereof, and said unto thee, Thou art my servant; I have chosen thee, and not cast thee away. Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. Behold, all they that were incensed against thee shall be ashamed and confounded: they shall be as nothing; and they that strive with thee shall perish. Thou shalt seek them, and shalt not find them, even them that contended with thee: they that war against thee shall be as nothing, and as a thing of nought. For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee," Isaiah 41:9-13.

Glory to God for His confirming and loving words to us - that can really give strength when we need it. But, again, there are times when like that mama condor pushing her baby off a cliff, it might feel like God is throwing you out there or abandoning you. How do you deal with feelings of insecurity when God is saying be strong?

Here are a few tips.


Causes of Wavering Faith 

In Pastor Steve Furtick's first video (on self-doubt), he explores wavering faith and when you need to get your head in order, i.e., lean not on our own understanding. You see, sometimes we make the mistake of seeing our limitations FIRST instead of seeing the limitless God we serve FIRST. Watch the first video from Pastor Steve Furtick as he describes how David and Paul saw God's way first and not theirs. As he describes it, we should boldly declare, "I no longer live by situation. I live by revelation." Like that baby bird, we don't see a cliff and the end. We see wings and God helping us to fly. We don't see a lack or lack of support. We see God as our supply. 

To break from wavering faith, we don't go from one test or trial to the next thinking about our limitations in every situation we're in. We go boldly into every test and trial knowing that if God allows it, He's already made the way for us - because He is a limitless God. And, this is something I want you to understand clearly: God will never send a test we can't pass. How do we know this?

1. Remember, God has seen the end from the beginning. So, He's seen everything we've gone through. That means He's already seen us get out of that mess.

2. God makes windows, doors and hidden paths for us. Remember, all this was done before the world began over 2,000 years ago. The Bible teaches us He always makes a way, a window or door of escape.

3. Believe that you can get through and know it's already done! You've got to build your confidence in YOU with God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit our comforter leading the way. Jesus said about our prayers, "Believe you already have it and it shall be yours." The Bible also teaches us, "For every one that asketh receiveth and he that seeketh findeth."


Regardless of the test or trial, be confident in God. He will help you grow during the test. You can get through and you are coming out better. And, that's where the second video comes in from Pastor Steve Furtick. Please know that tests and trials will come but you're growing and you are getting stronger, better and wiser (but not in our own eyes because we know not and must not lean on our own understanding). Just like that baby bird getting too big for the nest, God sometimes gives a little push to show you that you can stand, to show you that He's there and to show you to have faith. You are more than a conqueror and victory is yours!

Keep reading your Bible and stay encouraged. You can stand confidently on God's Word and know that our help comes from the Lord. Stop flapping those wings screaming to mama bird for more Door Dash. You've got wings - go get your own dinner! And, bring some back to your sweet mama! (And, watch those egos. Remember, no flesh can stand before God!).

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


Prayer Reminders

The Holy Spirit said to pray for all police officers. He said to pray for Long Island and Rhode Island and pray for the "King and Queen of England". Not sure if this is health-related or age but we lift them up in prayer. 

Message from God

Tell them they have to move faster. They will see what I’m about to do. Keep turning the TV off and coming to me. They have to move faster. Tell them they have to move faster. He will see what’s coming to him soon. He will see how he falls like the angel falls/fell. Get ready. I know it’s early but don’t worry about. Guard my children my sheep my flock. God is preparing us for greater what’s coming tell all my sheep to prepare the way prepare for me. Every knee… Keep speaking in the spirit of tongues, binding/loosing. Being obedient to me. That snake has to flee. He has to leave. I’m uprooting him. God will not fail. Keep being obedient to me. Tell them to move faster it will happen soon. What they need it’s coming and God will not fail. Keep being obedient to me. They will see signs of my help soon. Keep being obedient to me. The mark of the beast is here and its witchcraft. Rebuke the demons of sickness disease and death keep calling on the Holy Ghost inviting Him in. Tell them they have to move faster the mark of the beast is here/coming. Do not worry God will not fail. Keep reading your Bible. Open your mouth wide to me and I will fill it. But they keep wanting to call on buddha and other idols that won’t help in their time of need. Stay at the cross it’s God’s territory and He can defend you there. Another man is coming in. he’s coming into office. He will be there for me. Hear me soon.

Don’t give up when you see what I do to them through my prophecy. It’s so they can understand they need to be obedient to me. I’m making them uncomfortable so they can turn to me. They are being negative and saying, “It’s not fair.” Don’t think about the money. You have all you need in me. Call on me and it’s done. Every bill is paid don’t worry about “the way”. Stay at the cross. I am the way. I have what you need. Your soul prospers in me. Keep giving glory to God and then wait for me. Be strong when you see what I do.

Tell them they have to move faster and be obedient to me. Tell them they have to move faster and be obedient to me. Get up early with me [He’s referring to getting up at 5:30 am to pray, speaking in tongues and praising Him]. I know your stomach's rumbling for change. I give you victory. Everything is subject to change but remember I change not. I have my finger on the pulse. The crowds - they have to disperse. Every knee shall bow… I'm going to make them uncomfortable. They will be saying "not fair, not fair" but it's for us instead. They will be angry but don't go by that. Believe the possibilities. It's going to affect every pocketbook. They will have what they need. Tell them I [God] am in authority I can change them. Then walk away. Watch and see what He does. [Directions for God's people]. Tell them it will get better. They will see. Keep coming to me. They don't have to worry about what he (the enemy) does.

They're going to make a very expensive mistake because they thought God was not watching. Make sure you tell them, "Be not afraid when you see what I'm about to do." It's not for them. But, they need to see it.

2/23/20: Father God said, "I want you to tell them they don't have to be afraid."

3/3 or 3/5?: Not sure of the exact date but the Holy Spirit said we're going into a bear market (Note: This is not stock advice or a timeline).

3/8: The Holy Spirit said to "rebuke the coronavirus". We rebuke the coronavirus in Jesus's name and by God's authority.

3/12: The Holy Spirit said to "Rebuke violent attacks". 

3/15: The Holy Spirit said twice that the market's going back up. Note: This is not stock advice or a timeline.



In the book of James, we learn, "Ye ask and do not receive because ye ask amiss." This means if we're not taught bold prayers, we'll only pray prayers that are small and limited. These are weak prayers that might be based on one incident or life occurrence. But, we serve a LIMITLESS God who can bless us INDEED and not just day by day!

Here are a few scriptures and a bold prayer for restoration. As you read the prayer, notice how it specifically targets and breaks down strongholds. It doesn't just say, "Lord, I need the light bill paid" or, "Father God, please let them be nice to me tomorrow." We're not discounting what God can do but the Bible teaches us to "open your mouth wide and God will fill it with good things."

God wants us to pray bold prayers like "Lord, please make me the head, lender and above" or "Father God, bless me with favor with you Lord and with man. Let my enemies live at peace with me."

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