More FREE Stuff - FREE Wendy's Frosties, Amazon Prime, Chick Fil-A and T-Mobile Freebies



Yup, we've got more FREE stuff. Today is T-Mobile Tuesday - with the FREE Wendy's Frosties offers and it's also Cow Appreciation Day at Chick fil-A and Tuesday is Amazon Prime Day, so get your shopping on!



Amazon Prime Tuesday


Amazon's second-annual Prime Day is today

Article shared courtesy of ABC News

Amazon has finally lifted the lid on its second-annual Prime Day sale, which it's touting as the "biggest Amazon event ever."

7 On Your Side's Nina Pineda has the details.
EW YORK (WABC) -- If you want to score some great shopping you may want to come off the beach for a few hours. July is a hot month for discounts.

What to buy:

Amazon Prime Day: Take advantage of some big deals on Tuesday, July 12th!

*Swimwear: Make a splash with July's biggest bargain says Ben Glaser of Swimsuits in the single digits are the summer deal door-buster.

*Summer Apparel: Store-wide sales will also be slashing shorts, t-shirts and all sort of warm weather clothes.

*Patio furniture and some outdoor gear: Home decor starts it price decline this month, but Ben reminds rock bottom comes later, especially on grills.

*Air conditioners: We're kind of in a sweet spot where prices are lower than June and August and there are more discounts. Stores like Lowes on the Upper West Side are stocked with fans, coolers and window units now, wait until the dog days of August and you'll pay more.

What not to buy:

*Apple products: We've got big events coming up from Apple they're probably going to announce new models and new iPad, iPhone, maybe a new MacBook, and when that happens prices drop on the older models.

*Laptops: If you absolutely need a new laptop, now is a decent time to buy. But if you can wait, they're going to be at their best in late August.



T-Mobile Tuesdays

Ready for free stuff? Sign up for T-Mobile Tuesdays to take advantage of their free offers and you can redeem them at stores near you. Give us that frostie! Ahh, brain freeze!



Cow Appreciation Day


Alert: Please do not bring your live cattle into the store. This is for costumes only.

Just how inventive can you be? Well, if you're wearing black, cut white construction paper and tape it to yourself...then go get your free chicken sandwich! Yup, it's that easy. Take a few ideas from these pics and enjoy Cow Appreciation Day. Get moooo-ving! The FREE entree is from now until 7pm tonight!