Fun Christmas Quarantine Gifts


A Christmas quarantine? Say it isn't snow. How do you give great gifts during the coronavirus? From video chats to surprise spa days, there are a lot of cool ways to make everyone's day - including yours - even from home or on a budget. Remember, we don't fear coronavirus, we rebuke it. Hence, there are all kinds of activities you can plan at home. Here's a list of the best Christmas quarantine gifts and ideas you can do at home - and by video or chat. Enjoy!



Have a Fun Family Photo Shoot...

Is your family stuck indoors together? How about a fun family quarantine photoshoot? What makes this an enjoyable treat is that everyone gets dressed up - or down and they can take pictures together - or separately.


Here are a few ideas:

  • Take photos indoors and outside.
  • Don't be afraid to take pics with your masks on. When we look back on this moment, it will serve as a reminder of how God and Jesus covered and delivered us! And, it will be cool to tell your kids and grandkids stories about the quarantine way back when.
  • Want to mix it up? Dress down and have a casual look. Then, dress up for a formal elegant look. 
  • Take turns deciding on the layout (light out, wait until dark, backyard, family room).
  • Take a few fun pics in SnapChat with funny faces and share them by chat or text with friends and family. 
  • Remember to save a few pics for your picture frames. If you have outdated frames, repaint them in decorative colors. Or, use self-adhesive paper or construction paper and glue.
  • For more awesomeness, make a video. Use your laptop camera and upload your video to YouTube, Facebook or Instagram for all your family and friends to see. Best. Christmas. Ever!


Share Their Talents with Friends and Family...

Have younger kids or toddlers? Let them color on paper or your computer in Photoshop or CorelDraw. Another option is to let them cut up construction paper and create a beautiful picture or collage. Then, scan the image on your home printer to upload it. You can put their physical creations in a picture frame and online to show off your future Picasso....

To display their artwork so everyone can see it:

  • Upload it to a site like Shutterfly to make a cool holiday card, book or mug
  • Create a fun t-shirt or print on a site like Cafe Press
  • Turn their artwork into a picture by buying a frame for it and give it as a present


Have a great time coloring and decorating together. Don't forget to sign your artwork!




Need a last minute Christmas gift? Image shown is a few Mother's Day Mugs to make it "Mom"orable!



Have a Cookie or Cupcake Challenge - At Home or By Video Call...

Have the best cooking skills? Start a cupcake or cookie decorating challenge:

  • Find a few cupcake or cookie decoration ideas online (try flowers, butterflies, dragons, emojis).
  • Order the decorations you'll need (icing, sprinkles, cake decorating tips, chocolate chips).
  • Make a batch of cupcakes or cookies and see who can come closest to getting the decorations right. Or, see who can come up with the best creations.
  • Call your friends and invite them to join the challenge online. Set up a free video conference through Zoom or download Skype to start a video conference. Loser(s) clean up their own kitchen (wait, what?)!



Other ideas for a food challenge include:

  • Have a baby-back-rib or barbecue chicken challenge.
  • If you're vegetarian or vegan, try the best vegan chili bowl challenge. Or, have a challenge for the best vegetarian dish that tastes like chicken.
  • Have a diabetic in the family? To ensure they can participate in your challenge, let them make a fruit tartlet, sugar-free mini pie, or other sugar-free dessert they can enjoy.
  • Want to keep your challenge healthy? Try a smoothie mix-off or make your own fruit gelato.
  • Don't have a sweet tooth? Make the cookies or cupcakes and donate them to a homeless shelter (see the tip below).


    Not up for a challenge but still want something sweet for Christmas? Bake cookies in the oven. Buy Pillsbury cookie dough and follow the instructions. You can also buy cinnamon rolls, crescent rolls or frozen waffles. With the crescent rolls, roll them flat and then sprinkle in shredded cheese and onions. Then roll and bake them (totally yummy!). 

    To get the kids involved, create a decorate-your-own waffle station. Use ingredients like syrup, chocolate, nuts, honey, fresh fruit and granola. If it's later in the day and you still want to bake something, pop in a frozen pizza or buy a Boboli pizza crust or frozen pizza dough and set up a make-your-own pizza station. Use fresh veggies, extra cheese, and other toppings! 

    The fun is in the time spent with family! Now, that's amore! 



    We don't fear coronavirus. God doesn't give us the spirit of fear.

    NO weapons formed against us shall prosper. Image shown is a 2 Timothy 1:7 Seed Card



    Have an Exciting Scavenger Hunt - at Home...

    Another great way to enjoy the day is to get the kids involved in a scavenger hunt. Hide gift(s) in the house and create a map to give her tips. Maybe there's a spa certificate hiding in the cupboard and it's for a free foot massage. Perhaps there's a note hidden in the medicine cabinet for a free bubble bath.

    Note: If you want to surprise your family with a big gift like a vacation or other activity, put the letters on a sheet of paper and then cut the letters out. Hide the letters all over the house and give your family tips so they can find them. Are they getting hot? Cold? Getting warmer?

    PS: Don't forget where you hid everything (letters, gifts)! 



    Regift for More Free Gifts...

    If you're tight on time and money, regift with free gifts you already have. Check through your home for gifts that people gave you over time that you never used or opened. You can regift these to others. It's also an opportunity to wrap them and have something under the tree. Another approach to this is to wrap empty boxes and put them under the tree but use a tiny slip of paper and tape to each box what you want. For example, maybe you want Father God to bring you a new laptop. Believe for it and pray and trust God to provide at the right timing. 




    "Spaaa!" Now that's More Like It...

    Want a cool way to relax together on Mother's Day? Here are a few ideas:

    • Instead of scheduling a spa day at your favorite spa (social distancing, right?), create one at home.
    • For this FREE version, give each other facials or try a mud mask. Fill a few buckets with hot (not scalding) sudsy water and get the towels out.
    • Lay out  a few magazines or put on a movie or music. Share a cup of tea and snacks. Take turns giving pedicures and manicures. Be sure to tip your attendant!

      And speaking of masks... what kind of mask will you create during your spa day? Here are some easy recipes:




      Want to encourage others? Read Psalm 91. We're covered in the name and blood of Jesus and coronavirus is defeated!




      Make it Charitable...

      An awesome way to spend time with family is to share your gifts with others:

      • Make a few batches of cookies (and maybe sugar-free, nut-free and/or gluten-free versions) and bag them individually for homeless shelters, seniors in your area or first responders.
      • Write a tiny note that's an inspiring message like, "Keep going", "We're praying for you" or "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". 
      • As you make the recipes, connect with others online. You can share stories and help those in need.


        It's a great way to help others and share your gifts. Keep reminding those you talk to that "It WILL get better". God is on the Throne!



        Stay encouraged. Our help comes from the Lord. Image is a sample Church Event Card



         Bake it and Then Shake it...

        This idea inspires fun, fun, fun:

        • Start out by making a great dish together which is a great time to cook with family and share a few recipe tips.
        • After dinner, get out a sheet of paper and each person writes down separately a favorite song, a favorite singer, and a favorite dance.
        • Tear the slips of paper, fold them, and put them in a hat. Each person picks one and has to try to do that dance, dance along to that music, or sing that song.
        • You can find the music in YouTube for American Bandstand, Soul Train, or the best salsa, meringue, hip hop, the bugaboo, the Jerk, the Charleston, the Running Man, the Waltz, the Cha, Cha, Cha, the Jive, and more (depending on your generation)! 


        Way to burn those calories!


        Ultimately, however you spend your quarantine Mother's Day, make it fun and memorable. Praise God for the time we have with family and friends, to laugh, enjoy each other, and share our gifts! Keep reading your Bible each day and keep doing things that add value. We rebuke coronavirus and thank God for Jesus's name, blood and covering over us! To God be the glory!