Oops I Didn't Mean to Disturb You WFH...Funniest Messes Babies Make


Ahh, working from home. That moment when you turn your back for 1-second. Here are a few of the funniest messes kids make and funniest messes babies make. It's times like these that make you say, "Jesus. Take the wheel" or "Angels, get my Swiffer!" 

1. Swimming in...wait for it...cereal. Because why shouldn't your conditioner taste good and be fortified with calcium? 
2. Don't worry, Mom. It's water-proof so we got in the tub... Because that makes it better.
3. That moment when he realizes you were on a conference call and didn't want to disturb you - but his silent playtime did disturb you..
4. PB and hey, good looking! Aren't you glad you JUST did the floors?
5. That disastrous moment when you remember he DID say he was gluten-free and NO to dairy! 
6. Thank God for the One-Ply and Two-Ply Committee... They really want you to get your money's worth!
7. The problem with ALL-PURPOSE flour....'nuf said.
8. Definition of Daycare: Day care..fully wait until you turn your back for 1 minute!
9. Cause he thought he'd surprise you and do the dishes by hand.
10. No, no, no! The recipe said to line the bottom of the pan with flour. Not lie on the bottom of the floor with flour.
11. What do you mean it's NOT your birthday?
12. Sometimes I just see cake and ice-scream at all the fun I'm having!