Get Your Spring Breakthrough: Best Spring Break Deals and Top Spring Break Destinations

Thinking about travel destinations for Spring Break? There's plenty of time as Spring Break takes place between March and April. You'll also find a lot of great deals to take advantage of! This article explores:

  • Top Cruise Deals
  • Great Travel Planning Apps
  • Best Holiday and Spring Break Destinations on a Budget
  • Staycations
  • Spring Break Ideas to Avoid the Crowds


Let's do this!


Just Say No to Crime, Noro Virus, and Influenza (The Flu)

Travel Alert: Please note that there is a travel advisory alert for Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. When you travel, stay in groups, stay on assigned tours, and try to stay on the grounds of the property. Don't visit ports with expensive bags, but use a fanny pack or hide your money and ID on your person. If you head to the beach, your ID and any money should stay with you at all times for solo travelers, meaning if you get in the water, have a waterproof bag in your bathing suit for your ID and money. Locals are infamous for watching when travelers go in the water and turn their backs on their bags! Be alert!

Look for all-inclusive properties which can help with discounted travel. For example, the Dominican Republic has several top hotels where you can find all-inclusive dining and activities and you never need to leave the grounds.

Travel Alert 2: Be mindful to wash your hands continually throughout your trip as the flu is still going around and highly contagious. The Noro Virus is another virus that is going around on cruise ships. Try to pick ships that are 5-star and read the reviews to ensure they are impeccably clean to help protect your health and that of other travelers. Take Emergen-C with you, load up on Vitamin-C and eat fresh berries and green leafy veggies to build your immunity.


Top Cruise Deals

For starters, cruise deals are ideal because cruises are all inclusive. If you are traveling with kids, they'll have an awesome time making new friends, and you can find solitude in the adults-only swim area or in the lounges, library, or cafes. If you're on a budget and don't want to overspend on excursions, consider staying on board when the boat is in port destinations as the ship will be much quieter and you might find you have the Jacuzzi or pool all to yourself!

Try a 2-for1 Deal

A lot of cruises are offering 2-for-1 deals where the first 2 people pay and the next 2 travel for free. While it might mean tight sleeping quarters, it can save you a lot on board. 

Need a little more cash for your trip? The Chase Sapphire Rewards Card offers $500 in cash back when you spend $4,000 within the first 3-months. It's a great way to travel because you can use the money towards the cruise or hotel and still have cash back. 

Great Travel Planning Apps

Travel planning apps are ideal to help you view all the top hotels and deals at a glance. You can also find convenient vacation spots where there is something to do for everyone. 


Best Holiday and Spring Break Destinations on a Budget

Have you been to the casinos yet? Even if you're not into gambling, a lot of casino hotels have resort spas that make you feel like you're on a 5-star vacation.

For example, a lot of hotels in Atlantic City (a short drive, train ride, or bus ride), have hotels with several restaurants, hair salons, shops, full service spas, nightly shows, and more.

Another spot that's somewhat all-inclusive is the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Florida. With a spa, pool, salon, several shops, restaurants, and entertainment on their property, you don't have to travel far. 

Why are these good deals now? They're off season in areas like Atlantic City where the weather is colder, but with so much to do indoors, you might not even have to leave the hotel grounds!

Before you call the hotel directly, here are links to Groupon for travel deals, Travelocity for hotels, and Travel Zoo for discounted trips. 

Tip: Check your frequent flyer points and travel rewards credit cards. You might find that you have points towards a free airline ticket, overnight hotel stay, or discounted activity or rental car.



On a super tight budget? That's no problem. Try a staycation. You can stay in your state and visit the next town over or find a luxury hotel in your  area and price it on Hotwire or Priceline. How? It's simple.

Just find the 5-star hotels in the area that you might like to visit and explore each one. Keep in mind that if you bid on these by price only, you might not know which one you'll end up with, but they're all 5-star, so for budget conscious travelers, you can still score a good deal. As most hotels offer microwaves and mini refrigerators, that means you can bring snacks, too. Hang out by the indoor pool, head to the shops or visit a historical landmark in the area. 

No matter how you travel, please be safe, and we pray God's traveling grace and mercies over everyone this Spring Break!