God is Speaking...

Were you or someone you know praying for a specific answer from God? Or has your church been praying to hear from God? He gave this very specific message and said He's going to reveal Himself in the Spirit of Tongues. He keeps saying, "He's revealing Himself to us and is going to send us proof. The revelation is on the way."

I was working on an excerpt from our book, Pray It By Ear as the Holy Spirit said we were missing a Prayer for Wisdom. As I began to close out the chapter, the Holy Spirit kept saying, "The evidence is coming. The evidence is coming," and I suddenly got caught up in the Spirit of Tongues for almost an hour. I was then able to interpret what I heard from the Holy Spirit and in obedience, I am including it here.

I pray you share this message with every Christian you know and every pastor, deacon, church leader, and prayer warrior because God is calling us to our assignments. It's the most powerful word I've heard from Father God and it includes that He wants us to stay encouraged, prepare for these last days, and keep reading the Bible. He wants us to know that the rapture and the mark of the beast are coming soon.

I pray this message adds insight into your Bible studies and that you stay encouraged and stand strong in the Lord. I don't believe it was a coincidence that Father God spoke this when He asked us to include a Prayer for Wisdom in our book as we know that James 1:5 reads, If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

Sharing the message below as I must be obedient to God.

And I pray if you need a confirming word or proof about this message that He sends it. As I was posting this, the Holy Spirit said, "He's going to reveal Himself in the Spirit of Tongues."

What the Holy Spirit said...

As we were closing this chapter out, I was suddenly caught up in the spirit the Holy Spirit said to tell them, “The evidence will come. Don’t worry. Just give God the glory.” This is a very specific word for someone. Tell them don’t walk away from God’s about to do.  The evidence is coming. It’s coming. It’s coming. They’re about to start a new chapter and they will see evidence soon. He keeps saying “It’s coming. It’s coming. The evidence is coming.” They will see. It’s a new chapter. Others will say “It’s not fair.” Tell them to take their grave clothes off and come out from among them. He’s a covenant God and He is merciful. Increased income and joy. It’s coming. Favor. He will reveal Himself. Prepare yourself for the Lord. Don’t be upset when they attack your character. It’s favor. He’s sending evidence and proof. God will make the way. Make sure they know. God will do it. Make sure. You’re going to feel better soon. You will see why you should never give up. They are in line for promotion and so much favor. It’s coming. Hallelujah! It’s coming. The evidence is coming. There are so many in line for promotion and favor. It’s coming. The devil can’t touch you. He is making the way. He is showing you evidence. They may not know it yet. They will see. You will see wonderful things in God’s law. You will see evidence. Tell them to cheer up. They might not see signs yet. It’s coming. Don’t forget your assignment. Keep performing God’s Word. He’s going to fix the atmosphere. He’s going to show them evidence. You don’t have to worry. Just stay in God’s shadow. The rapture is coming soon. Prepare God’s people. Come out from them. Tell them to take the grave clothes off. He’s coming. He’s coming to judge the world. Get ready for the second coming of Jesus. Get all God’s people ready. He is not playing. This is judgment time and He is coming to judge the world. Something about “parting the seas”. He said that twice. You will know. It’s time. You will recognize its time. Get your people rapture ready. Read the Bible. Witness. Partner with other ministries. Salvation is free. Get them ready for the rapture. He is coming soon. Keep doing good works. Keep singing to me. Keep speaking about me. Keep sharing your gifts one with another. Keep preparing God’s people and keep rebuking the devil. You might not understand what I say but share it with all God’s people. He’s coming soon to judge the earth. He will judge God’s people and He will judge the earth. Every knee will bow. He’s coming soon. Prepare the way. Judgment is coming. He’s providing time. He is coming soon. Get all God’s people on one accord. Don’t walk away from me. Tell God’s people don’t walk away. There’s a heavy anointing and shift that’s coming in the atmosphere. Do not fear it. Prepare yourselves. God is coming soon. Empty out the negative and your fixations. Judgment is coming. He is coming soon. You will see it in the mark of the beast. This is not the devil’s playground. Tell them not to worry. Keep reading your Bibles. Angels are in the atmosphere. God has special protection for us and the devil can’t touch us. God has a hedge of protection around you. You have angels around you. Tell them do not worry. You will have all you need. Rebuke their personalities. Rebuke the devil and every demonic presence. Rebuke the demons of witchcraft. Rebuke the devil. The forces that are for you are stronger than the forces against you. I’m about to cast satan into eternal darkness. Repent of your sins and turn from your wicked ways. Repent of your lust. That’s a lust demon that is robbing God’s people. Remove/remove every demonic presence from in your lives. Remove their evil presence from your lives. Walk away from anything that tries to take you from God or tries to steal from you. Renew your vows to me those of you that have made vows. He also said, “Ask for God’s mercy.” He’s coming to judge the earth. He also said something about He’s going to open up the earth. No weapons formed against you shall prosper.