Good News and Keep Setting a Good Example...


Good News and Keep Setting a Good Example

A few months ago I was listening to a sermon about a pastor who wouldn't let anyone tell him bad news. He never wanted anyone to say, "Pastor, we don't have the money to pay the light bill." He trained his staff to reprogram their minds to speak the solution so they would say instead, "Pastor, we are praising God for the candles and the Lord is sending the light bill money - We receive it!" Yeah, it kinda works.

As the Church and Body of Christ, we have to set a good example. Jesus NEVER said "We don't have fish," or "We don't have any bread", but he constantly tested the disciples to see where their thinking was because they needed to put a demand on Him. And that's something that we have to do more of - - speaking in advance what we need and praising God for it - - so it will come to pass.

At a time when we need encouragement, it's so important to set the example because the Church and the Body need to show strong leadership and confidence in Christ - despite what it looks like and what the enemy is trying to attack with.

Set the Good Example Despite How They Treat You

When Joseph's brothers set him up in the Old Testament, they thought it would be the end of Joseph. The brothers despised his favor with the father and they didn't like Joseph showing off his coat of many colors - even more favor. But the problem was, your gifts will make room for you and despite the jealousies, Joseph had a call on his life. He just had to keep walking in his gifts and showcasing what God gave him until the right time. David went through that, too.

David's brothers hated him and his father didn't even acknowledge him, but David was destined to be king. A very good thing that we can learn from David is that David kept perfecting his gifts like with the sling shot when he killed the bear and another animal.

Keep Giving 110%

While people may despise you (it will happen because there's a call on your life), you have to stay encouraged, stay positive, and keep drawing closer to God to work on building up the gifts He's given you. In this season, there are a lot of people that are "without" something. It might be a partner, money, a job, family members, etc., but whatever it is, keep giving Father God your 100%.

The fact is that the devil has been trying to handicap people so they can't work "with a disadvantage", but it's almost like God is saying, "Look at my servant Job" where God can show that we will continue to grow, continue to thrive, help others, heal, preach, teach, and share our gifts.


Why You Must Have Faith

Just like when Paul asked God to take whatever it was that he was plaguing him and God said in so many words that Paul could serve him just as he was, we have to continue to give 100% and show good service. Think of the Children of Israel that had to do double the work. They still produced and we know that with anything Father God ALLOWS, it will always work in our favor.

The hard part though, can be knowing that God will still make the way despite how people treat you. It can be so hard especially when you turn on the news or hear about racism and hatred. But that's the devil and he's attacking because he's looking for weak people to lash out and war in the flesh. For everyone that you encounter, remind them to stay encouraged, to have faith, and to see the end result.

The losing team only gets mad when they realize it's so late in the game that even with all their attempts, they will still lose in the end and there you have it. We're in the last quarter, Jesus is coming back "soon, soon" and the devil is mad because we have the victory. The Body of Christ and the Church are coming together more now than ever before. Watch for miracles to come and remember, in our January Newsletter, the Holy Spirit said that this year we will be shouting "Victory!" Stay encouraged. Victory is ours (and we win)!

The Holy Spirit said to tell you, "You must have faith. God will deliver us." Things are about to change. Where you saw your enemies you won't see them any longer. Wait on God. All things work together for the good of them that love God. "You're going to look back and see that it's better." It's better, it's better. It's so much better. Don't go by what you see. The enemy wants you to see with distorted eye. We have a single eye. Stay focused on God, building His ministry, helping each other, walking in love, forgiving one another, sowing seeds of faith for encouragement. That stubborn pride, keep rebuking it and repenting. Stay in God's shadow. We will see the miracles that God does. The miracles that He does. The enemy fails in comparison to what God's about to do. Keep on committing sudden acts of kindness. Keep on rebuking the devil.