From Homemade to High Tech: Great Gifts for Dads

Tie? Home Depot gift card? These are all great Father's Day gifts, but they'll be forgotten by this time next year. This year, get creative with your family and make a personalized gift that Dad will adore. (But let's be realistic -- we want easy gifts that won't end up in the garage in that stack marked "stuff".)

Here are 8 suggestions for all kinds of fathers.

1. For the Well-Dressed Dad

If Dad has to wear a tie to work every day, he will love having a stylish tie tack with images of his family. The Shrinky Dinks tie tacks are super easy to make, and you can personalize them with any picture you want to use. Find the easy to make recipe here... You can also make pins and key chains — just right for Grandpa or that favorite uncle!

If Dad has to dress up every day, let him do it in style.

2. For the Dad in Whose Footsteps They Long to Follow 

Depending on how many feet you're working with, write out a sweet message to Dad on your kid's feet and snap a pic.  To make it easy, write it out on paper so you know what to write on the kid's feet ahead of time.

3. For the Dad Who Likes a Conversation Starter

Even Dads have their own favorite message they want to share. Let dad come up with his favorite saying, or choose the saying he always uses and create your own shirt. Custom designed shirts at God-Driven-Designs are 50% off and you get FREE designs and editing. That makes your tee the perfect, entertaining gift for dad. His shirt will also be a conversation starter that he can enjoy. He'll have something to talk about on the golf course or while he's grilling on Father's Day.

4. For a Tee-rific Dad

If you've got a golf-loving man in the family, let your kids decorate a few of his golf balls and make silly creations he's sure to enjoy. He won't have to worry about not finding his ball at the driving range. His is the one with love on it...

Need tips on decorating dad's golf balls? Click here...

5. For the Smooth Dad

If you're thinking about shaving essentials for dad, let the kids make him a homemade shaving cream. There are a lot of great recipes online and by doing it yourself, you can find a blend that he's sure to enjoy.

Dad will love this homemade shaving cream. Here are a few sample recipes for natural shaving creams you can make at home...

6. For the Dad Who Needs His Own 'Stache'

Give Dad his own stash of sweet treats that he doesn't have to share with anyone. He can store his stash in the basement, the garage, or wherever he wants. He might even take his stash to work with him! The "Dad's Stache" sign makes it clear that the contents are all his.

It's Father's Day and dad doesn't have to share any of his "stache." For tips on making stache signs, click here...

7. For the Dad Who Rocks and Rolls...

Have a dad who rocks? Let Dad know just how much you love him with sweet tooth cupcakes that are yummy and super fun to make. The rocks are mini chocolate chips and the rolls are layers of tempting brownie he's sure to enjoy with a cookie dough frosting.
See the tasty Brownie Cupcake recipe with Cookie Dough Frosting here...

Let Dad know how much he rocks with this sweet treat.

8. For the King of the Barbecue...Yup, the Grill Master

Let Dad make a delicious special Father's Day BBQ with a homemade sauce you and the kids make for him. Dad can fire up the backyard barbecue and use this own homemade dipping sauces.
Just in time for Father's Day, We Have the Top Tech Gifts Dad Will Love
Check out these fun tech gifts courtesy of ABC News. Don't panic if you haven't bought a gift yet, just take dad to pick it up. If you want to have fun, let him pick from a few gift ideas that you put together.

Not Celebrating Father's Day With Your Dad?
Even if you're not celebrating with your dad, because he may have passed or you are estranged, you can honor the occasion by spending a little time with someone else's dad. You can brighten up the day of someone else and you may even find that in celebrating Father's Day with a senior neighbor, you're also honoring someone who served in a war.
We hope you enjoy the gift ideas we've shared. Whatever you give dad, be sure to include the biggest hug and kiss, pray for his covering and protection, tell him you love him and say thank you - You only get one dad!