Happy New Year! 2021 New Year Messages

Want the best 2021 message? Looking for a LIVE 2021 church service? Or the best 2021 prophetic message? With so many POWERFUL messages, you might want to click on a few! Here are the top messages we found. Note: Please give the images a few extra seconds to load/open.  

New Year's Eve Messages:

  1. Revere 24/7 Worship
  2. Keion Henderson with Tasha Cobbs Leonard 
  3. Samuel Rodriguez
  4. Kim Walker Smith - Azusa
  5. Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
  6. NYE at Relentless (John Gray) with Todd Dulaney
  7. Travis Greene Livestream 
  8. Marvin Sapp: I'm Anointed for a New Day
  9. City of Destiny New Year's Eve Service
  10. Catholic Mass 
  11. Benny Hinn NYE Communion Service
  12. Jonathan Cahn 2021 Outlook
  13. Perfecting Faith with Donnie McClurkin
  14. Billye Brim Transitions 
  15. Word of Faith Christian Center with Fred Hammond
  16. Robert Clancy Prophetic Word to Crossover
  17. New Psalmist Baptist Church NYE Service
  18. Creflo Dollar New Year's Eve Service with Communion
  19. Kay Nash Prophetic Word 2021
  20. Hank Kunneman Talks About 2021
  21. Sid Roth's It's Supernatural
  22. God's Word Chantal Ekabe: I Saw This Happening in 2021
  23. Kim Clement 2021 Prophecy
  24. Cornerstone Church NYE Service
  25. Rod Parsley 2021 NYE Service
  26. Rod Parsley 12/27 Message
  27. John Hagee Start the New Year with God
  28. Gabriel Fernandes 2021 Message
  29. Gabriel Fernandes Word for 2021
  30. Chuck Sheets 2021 Prophetic Message
  31. Ron Carpenter Unseen
  32. Kent Christmas Supernatural Shift
  33. Chuck Pierce There Shall Be Recovery
  34. Lana Vawser A Tidal Wave is Coming
  35. Jentzen Franklin Born to Win
  36. Jerry Savelle 2021 Word Abundant Overflow
  37. Tracy Cooke 2020s What's Ahead