Have to love this cute sloth...

Okay, so while the Bible says not to be slothful, we can't help but love this cute pic of a sloth in a tree...posing! We guess animals even want their 5-minutes of fame!

It takes time to capture the perfect nature shot, especially when sloths are involved.

Marcelo Sueth, an adventure tour guide, captured a charming selfie with the tree-dwelling mammal. Sueth said he was on a trail near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, last month when he stumbled upon the animal. He snapped some photos of it from afar before deciding the sloth seemed comfortable with him. That's when he snuggled up to it and, with the help of a selfie stick, captured an epic shot of himself and the sloth hanging around.

"It was an amazing moment of interaction and exchange of good energy," he told ABC.

Sueth posted about the experience on his Instagram and Facebook page, but it went viral on Imgur, where it has more than 2 million views.

He said he wants to share it with the world in hopes of spreading a love of nature.