Fearless: Come Get Your Refreshing


The holidays are usually a time for lots of shopping and leftovers. But, with only a short time before the new year, let's fill up on God's Word. The devil spends so much time trying to crush us our spirits (he doesn't know we're already deeply planted in God). He's really terrified because he knows WE have authority over him because Jesus gave it to us. Satan is afraid because we're going to RISE UP, bring heaven down and set fire to everything not like God. We're the only creation that can SPEAK and make it MANIFEST. But how can you get your fire back after all that crushing? How can you start fresh when you don't have the strength or the energy?

It's time for revival. It's time for refreshing. It's time to fill up on Jesus because His well NEVER runs dry. Come to the altar. Come get your refreshing. God is not done and it's not over. God's promises will be made manifest in your life because YOU ARE the head, lender and above, blessed and highly favored, fearfully and wonderfully made! Pastor Cynthia Brazelton said it like this, "Make real in the present what God said in the past." In order to do that, we need refreshing. We need revival. As Daughters of God, we need to draw deeper into Him like the woman with the issue of blood and take the healing and help we need.

Here are a few inspiring and uplifting messages to encourage you.