How to Block the Spirit of Offense




Please be very careful in this season with "offending words". People will try to offend you and it's all over the news. They're calling people slaves, attacking their character, and using words that are highly offensive and downright ignorant and pretending it's nothing or didn't happen to throw you off and offend you. This is a sabotaging attack of the enemy to try to block your blessing and it happened to me.

I have family members that like to attack with words and one day said something so offensive but in a subtle way, I was highly offended and appalled. A relative tried to suggest I was hiding some horrible disease because I caught bronchitis while on vacation snorkeling. It offended me deeply because it came from family members. The person said, "So what were you hiding?" I had to get in deep prayer and I could hear the Holy Spirit ministering to me to rebuke the words and rebuke their personalities. You have to rebuke them and their words so you don't block your own blessings.

Remember, we're entering into a season of blessings, but the devil will try to block your blessing by causing you to have a spirit of bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, resentment, and offense. Be very careful. I know this is the season we're in because the Holy Sprit woke me up the other night with the message we posted today, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do," and to send a reminder to you to not take on the spirit of offense. Put on the whole armor of God with love so you can rebuke these attacks. The devil is a liar and we have the victory!


Who has offended you? 

Someone on Facebook? The Democrats? The Republicans? Someone on your job? People in your church? A classmate? Your spouse? A parent? Your child? A sibling? A neighbor? 

The Bible says, "There is a way which seemeth right unto a man and the end thereof is destruction." There are people offending you and you've built up a wall to protect yourself, but in order to receive the blessings God has for you in this new season, you MUST guard your heart, yes, but also pray to remove the spirit of offense because God can't bless what doesn't mirror Him. Sin separates us from God. This is what happened to me. 

I had very jealous and manipulative people in my life that lied and said I did things I didn't. It didn't start that way. As long as I was doing what THEY wanted things were fine, but when I realized I was making them a false idol by constantly trying to please them and not God, I got up and walked away. Then I was hit with the attacks and the lies. I was appalled and it crushed my spirit because I know I have a good heart. I was missing the point. The devil is the accuser of the brethern. They intentionally attacked my character so I would get offended and become bitter, but God doesn't want us bitter. He wants us better. Don't be afraid when they yell, throw tantrums, and lie. Come out from among them. We pray, 

"Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord please purge (remove) from my thoughts any bitterness, anger, or resentment towards (Name(s)). Forgive them for attacking me. They didn't know what they were doing. Renew my mind with healing and love. I forgive (Name(s)) and I love them and pray for them. Please heal my heart and take away any demonic thoughts of anger, rage, retaliation, bitterness, or unforgiveness right now, in Jesus's name, amen." 

Don't look back at the person or people who offended you. Rebuke their personalities. God will deal with them. He knows all and sees all and while they lie on you and say things you didn't do, always remember, people reap what they sow greater than they sow. Pray for your enemies because when God's wrath turns on them in their direction, it ain't gonna be pretty. Keep your heart and mind staid on Christ and His love. Whenever a thought pops up about the person or people, say, "I have a forgiving heart, I am healed, and I walk in love. I pray for (Name(s))." If you have encounters with the person, just quietly and politely walk away and pray, "Lord, I don't let their words cling to me." Stay encouraged and humble, and keep reading your Bible! Rebuke the demons of suicidal thoughts, depression, retaliation, unforgiveness, and repeating the past or playing those same tapes over in your mind. God is with you and you are covered in the blood of Jesus.

Let nothing block you from your blessings or all that God has for you! 

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