In Memory of Bishop Iona Locke...


Bishop Iona Locke passed away on December 18 after a season of sickness. As a leading church pioneer, she was unafraid to preach the messages Father God gave her. We're including details about Bishop Locke, a few of her sermons, ministry clips and some of her messages. 

God bless this Holy, Mighty Daughter of God. The Sword of the Lord truly was her strength and she will be greatly missed. 


From her ministry page:

Bishop Dr. Iona E. Locke was born in Pittsburgh, PA, as one of nine siblings. At an early age, she came to know Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior, and according to Acts 2:4, she was baptized with the Holy Spirit. She began her education in the Pittsburgh School System, and later attended Harty’s Bible School. Bishop Locke was commissioned by the Lord to further her Christian training. In so doing, she continued on to complete her doctorate in Theology and Divinity Programs in July 1994. It is of greater knowledge to couple education with experience.

God has afforded Bishop Locke, throughout the years, the opportunity to train under noted leaders such as: Bishop F.M. Thomas of Pittsburgh, PA, the late Bishop Robert McMurray of Los Angeles, CA and Elder John Lloyd of Bridgeport, CT. Additional training has also come from her father in the gospel, Bishop Norman L. Wagner, former Presiding Prelate of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc., Youngstown, Ohio. Having a divine calling from God to preach to all nations, Bishop Locke has extensively traveled the length of these contiguous United States, as well as Antigua, British West Indies, Canada, Italy, West Germany, London, England, the Bahamian Islands, South Africa, Amsterdam, Ireland, Israel and Holland.

The anointing to preach the gospel was recognized by the music industry through Intersound Records in 1993. In June, Bishop Locke recorded two compact disc messages released on the Intersound Label. The recordings include What Kind of Fool Are You?, and Let’s Get It On! These releases have marked Bishop Locke as the first Pentecostal preacher to have the spoken Word distributed on compact disc. Rave reviews in great demands have and continue to follow the recordings of these sermons. In 1994, after much prayer and fasting, Bishop Dr. Iona E. Locke heeded the call from the Lord, to the office of Pastorate. On August 17, 1994, Abyssinia Christ Centered Ministries was birthed. Her Mission Statement includes. To love our brothers and sisters, to give of ourselves, to do all to obey God, to be priestly through Godly relationship. She aims to accomplish with all diligence the wholeness of man, with these commandments and commitments to God and man. She is indeed a vessel called of God to destroy the enemy through the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Joanne: "Does anybody remember when she would preach Lord Jesus, she would set -your-soul on FIRE! she was a new solider & she wore nothing but black/white and her skirt was long 58 now & we still talk about When she came to our-church councils Saturday night to Preach Lord what a time what a good time.Holiness there is no substitute and she Bought it! Thank you Iona for teaching & preaching the unadulterated truth and stepping on toes and walking the walk she was truly anointed🙏🏽..."

Evett: "I have followed and loved her ministry since I was a teenager. Whenever she would come to St Louis, we were excited to go hear her speak. I loved her voice/accent, her anointing, beauty and poise. A true soldier /general in Christ. She is already missed.... 😔😓🧡💛💚..."


Sylvia P: "Bless the Lord. To God be all glory, who deposit his ways into this anointed woman. Who speaks as HOLY GHOST leads . Am praying these pastors will build relationships with JESUS. That learning CHRIST will birth reverence. Revelation end Is here and the majority of the church is as goats .Ezekiel 18:24.Rev 20:27;AMEN."


K Wells: "If you listen to her "closely" she was warning and telling us something before she left us here on Earth... Don't stop praying saints, Surely something good is coming out of this."


RR: "I first heard this when I was about 13 years old. Although I was scared of the meanings in the sermon. I was intrigued by the power of her delivery. Praise ye through Lord for soldiers like this. I'm now 41 years old and thankful that a seed was planted in my heart at that young age."

Tracey S: "I love the way she preach I wish I could get all her messages from the 80's and Bishop Norman wagner."


Melissa H: "My husband preached some thing similar and I tell u the place was quiet, I felt so much condemnation towards him I had to pray for him. Only a few ppl accepted the truth. The church is friends with the world so we need to be careful. God ain't friends with the world keep that in mind. James 4:4."



GTG: "I Remember Youth And Young Adults "Monday Night Prayer" She would alter her schedule to be there with us for prayer & preach a Words of Life... Afterwards, fly out to preach a revival... My GOD THOSE DAYS... Thank You For Posting..."


Evangelist JD Boyd: "Shhh...You hear That!!!! - It's the Sound of nothingness!!! Nobody is clapping; she ain't talking about prosperity or things. God is not about THINGS people! Matthew 18:11, Jesus says that He came to "seek and save" that which is lost. Wake up people!  I thank God for this message. Preach the Truth - Sistah..."


Cassandra H: "Hallelujah🙌 Hallelujah🙌Glory! Glory! RIP great Emissary of God. You have ran your race and finished well to the glory of God. You will be greatly missed😭..."


Jennie F. "Every time I hear this message it blesses my soul! Sometimes, you have to step on Christians' toes because this world we live in is NOT our home. And those who sugarcoat their message and let their congregation live in sin will be held accountable for their souls. The most important thing a person called to preach needs to be worried about is the salvation of souls! That's it! God can provide the rest without them trying to 'store' it up on this earth. Because we all die...none of that crap on earth is going with you! God bless Ms. Locke :) ."


Rhonda C: "My mother followed her ministry all over when she was a teenager. Later she introduced her ministry to me and I have loved her so. Being a young woman in ministry I have admired this mighty woman of God on so many different levels. She preached a message “a place called hell” and it changed my life!!!!!!!!!!!! Please I beg you to watch it, and allow it to minister to your heart. Bishop rest well, you worked so hard for the kingdom of the Lord‼️❤️🙌🏽 I never got a chance to meet, you but my heart and soul is thanking you every time I step up to the sacred desk! 😍🥰..."


Bea B: "It's the truth any how.  This woman is preaching it straight, and cutting the word right down to the bone. I am so grateful to God that she was bold enough to preach the truth regardless of what these other luke warm preachers might say or think."


 P126: "What a powerful woman of God. I remember when I was a babe in Christ and was listening to one of her cassettes at work. I felt the Holy Ghost move all over me from Gods words. Fortunately, the lady that let me borrow the tape was around an rushed me into the ladies room. She said she could feel Gods spirit on me. I felt so warm and happy. I can relate to your story. God Bless this woman of God. Amen!!"



My mother talked to me about Iona Locke. When I was an infant both my mother and father would take my sister, brothers and I to Bethany. As an adult she referred me back to Iona Locke and Bishop Jones. I am glad that God keeps tugging at my spirit. In everything give thanks #all things work together for  the good of them who love the Lord & called unto his purpose. #its his will. Amen!!!


 Maxx I: "Jesusssss.....I was just thinking of this service ...this is the service I got saved in. I traveled from Pennsylvania on a greyhound bus to get there ... thanks for posting because that VCR tape is lost somewhere, and just thst we can come to youtube and watch ....this service means sooo much in my state of feeling down!"


K. Tubbs: "WOW, Young preachers like myself must hear this."

Crystal D: "Very Very Powerful May Dr. Locke Rest In Peace."