It Doesn't Matter...


IT DOESN'T MATTER... Do everything by God's Authority and in Jesus's name and come out from among them.

Years ago I remember working with a girl who was a huge bully and she turned everyone around me against me. It got so bad that I had to complain to my managers because the girl was making it hard for me to get my work done. She would sit around talking all day and I was left with all the work and if I said anything to her she'd turn other people against me. She'd laugh and tell them jokes and look at me like, "See, I've got them all in my back pocket and there's nothing you can do about it." I was so frustrated and upset because she was distracting AND a threatening menace, so I finally complained. A few days later I was sitting at my desk when I heard the girl call my name from across the room. It was like nails on a chalk board but I looked up sadly not even wanting to make eye contact with her. But, this day was different. She was being escorted out of the building by the same managers I complained to! And, just like that, the menacing threat was gone. And, that's why God wants us to know we can call on Him when we're in trouble.

Feeling Like a Fish Out of Water

We're in a season where the enemy is playing A LOT of mind games with people and trying to steal from God's Children. The enemy is taunting and trying to make it seem like HE has the upper hand. He's tiring people out and exhausting them and it's leading to depression and all kinds of anxiety. But, God has His hand stretched out to us saying, "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest," (Matt.11:28). God is merciful and here to help us - but we have to call on Him. We have to invite God in so He can help us. It's why He says, "Call on me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you and you shall glorify me," (Psalm 50:15).

Don't let the games the enemy plays make you think you ALWAYS have to struggle or it will ALWAYS be like this or that you'll ALWAYS be under threat from the enemy - It's a sick, sick game the devil plays (because he thinks he's in control).

I remember a scene from the end of the movie, Annihilation that showed an example of this. A girl was trying to escape an alien who mirrored her personality exactly (sometimes narcissists do this and it's a sick and twisted game). Every time the girl fought the alien, it fought against her the exact same way. Every time she ran left, it ran left. If she punched it, it punched back. You could see her panicking because for her there was no way out. And, sadly, the devil THINKS he has people cornered and trapped like this. It's because he's looking for people who don't know God can help them. But, praise God - God has the upper hand AND the final say.

The devil is looking for people are SO DESPERATE for help they'll make a foolish mistake and say or do the wrong thing out of desperation. He's looking for people who will mistakenly sell their birthright for a bowl of soup like what Esau did with Jacob in the Old Testament. Or, that they'll backsliding to old ways and old sins is the only way to get out of tight situations. But, don't fall for it. These are all snares from the devil and games he plays. And, God ALWAYS makes a way of escape for us.

Personality Types to Be Careful With:

-The mark of the beast is here and sometimes it comes across as "group think" or "If you're not one of us and thinking our way, you don't belong."

Ahh.. No, you don't belong to them. You belong to God." Additionally, the Bible says, "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus" and "Renew our minds". Just walk away.

-The enemy can try FOMO tactics. That's fear of missing out. It's a psychological game to inflate THEIR ego. They ALWAYS want THEIR way and if YOU don't do what THEY want, then you're wrong (that's stinkin' thinkin and sooo not what God wants for us). Also, NO idols before God and that includes man.

With these demons and devils, they yell or scream (temper tantrums) or give the silent treatment if they don't get their way. All psychological games. And, Ahh... No. Rebuke their personality and walk away. The Bible says "No flesh can stand before God" and "Don't fear man or the wrath of man". Walk away and pray God's mercy for them and pray for them to change. This type of spirit can be seen with leviathan spirits and Jezebel spirits. 

-The psychological hold. This is similar to the aforementioned but it can come from people you know or family members that play games. This makes it harder because these can be people you're close to, like church folk or people you live with. Remember to rebuke their personalities respectfully. It's not the person per se but a demon working through them. For example, if they're jealous of you, it can open a door for satan to get in.

Pray for them to change while there's time. Bishop TD Jakes once spoke about this in his message "If I were you I wouldn't wait too long". There are people playing games with God's people but they don't realize THEY are running out of time because God is watching. And, God can't bless people that won't produce fruit and continue to walk in the spirit of offense.

The Bible says if you're walking in offense, your prayers won't be answered. It's why the devil uses this tactic SO MUCH. Jesus describes this type of person as "You can't put new wine in old wine skins." It's part of the reason we're told "Don't look back" meaning don't go back to the old thinking and old ways and those old games God delivered the person from. Or, they'll stay there like a pillar of salt.

Find Your Refreshing with God and Jesus Christ

Please always remember to never give up and NEVER give into the devil. God ALWAYS has a way for us and ONLY God has the final say, not man so don't fall for the devil's games. Keep rebuking the devil and coming out from among him and your enemies. Deuteronomy 28 teaches us to call on God and always obey Him.

Ask God for mercy and don't look to the right or the left to go after other gods. God will SHOW you the way and HELP you when you call on God. In Deuteronomy, we learn that when we obey God, when our enemies come out against us ONE way, God causes them to flee from us SEVEN different ways. And, just like I called on my managers, we can call on God and know He WILL work it out.

Prayer: Father God in Jesus's name, Lord, I praise You because You are the Most High God and nothing is impossible for You. Lord, I am not afraid of the enemy because You do not give me the spirit of fear but of POWER and of LOVE and a SOUND MIND. Father God I rebuke my enemies in the name of Jesus Christ and I plead the blood of Jesus. Lord, You said to call on You in the day of trouble and that You would deliver me so I am praising You in advance for the victory. Lord, please help me and deliver me. Set me on a rock high above my enemies. I rebuke these demons and devils and I know I have the victory in You in Jesus's name and by God's authority. I also rebuke the demons of depression, anger, bitterness, anxiety, fear, thoughts of suicide and other emotions the enemy is trying to provoke in me. No weapons formed against me shall prosper. Thank you for delivering me and showing me proof and help in my time of need, in Jesus's name, Amen.

Look for the windows and doors of opportunity God provides. He will ALWAYS make a way for you! To God be the glory! And, rest assured, you might be in for a sweet surprise. By calling on God and seeking Him first, He might be preparing a table for you, meaning, the trap the enemy planned for you - they will fall into it instead and you will get the promotion and the blessing because you asked God for help. Glory to God!

Keep reading your Bible each day. It's our Daily Bread!