It Doesn't Matter What They Say or Do... God Will Not Fail


That Light Bulb Moment When You Suddenly Remember...It doesn't matter what THEY say or do. It doesn't even matter how it LOOKS. ONLY God has the final say.

I want you to do something big. I want you to rest in God and don't fear. You see, the devil's been trying SO HARD to get God's people to fight but we've walked away.

Now, because we're NOT fighting back he's trying to undermine people outright. He might pick fights suddenly. Or, promise something to you and then steal it right from you to get you to react. NOPE. We're walking away from those games, too. Now here's the thing. Guess what the devil doesn't know? Apparently he doesn't know what season we're in. This is blessing time. This is favor. This is exceedingly and abundantly above! They're going to be saying, "Not fair" very soon when they see what God does for YOU.

In the meantime, don't open your mouth, walk away from any confrontations (the devil is busy). Keep your defenses up and keep praising God. Get it in your spirit: IT... DOESN'T... MATTER... Stay humble but keep your defenses up!
What the devil and all his workers bothering you at work and at school (and at home, don't look at 'em!) don't realize is this:

1. We've ALREADY won. We're not fighting a battle to see who MIGHT win in the end - Spoiler Alert: We do! Give glory to God!

2. We don't need to fight back. God fights for us. We put on the Full Armor of God (Ephes 6:10-18) and STAND in every battle and He fights for us. All we need to do is ask for God's mercy. We're covered in the name and blood of Jesus. So, don't go by what you see, what they say or how it looks. God is on the Throne. Let God deal with your enemies.

3. ONLY God has the final say...and, uhhh, last time I checked, We're HIS KIDS!!!! Keep that praise music on.... Blessings are coming and we receive ALL Father God has for us! To God be the glory.
Say this prayer, "Father God in Jesus' name, Lord, I praise you because it's already done. Father, I invite You, Jesus and the Holy Spirit into this situation. Please help me, Lord. Heal me, deliver me, renew and transform me. Please also restore me. The devil is under my feet in Jesus's name. I am the head, lender and above. I give you all the glory. I will keep my defenses up, cover my mouth and guard my thoughts. I will let You fight for me while I stand firm on Your word. I won't worry or be fearful of man because Your angels are beside me and I have your hedge of protection around me. I rebuke their personalities and no weapons formed against me shall prosper. I know You will NOT fail me, Lord. I stand on Your Word. Forever it is established. Please remove every snake, demon and threat trying to hinder and harm me. Cut the heads of every snake off in Jesus' name and by God's authority. Remove every territorial demon trying to push me out for it is written, "Touch not mine anointed nor do my prophets harm". Restore to me, Lord, all that they stole from me. I believe You, Lord. I'm not wavering or doubting. I know that no harm shall come near my dwelling place and no evil shall befall me. Remove me from the hand of the enemy in Jesus's name and by God's authority. I rebuke the devourer and every demon working for satan. I praise You because it's ALREADY done. I receive Your anointing in my spirit. I receive Your help and Your favor and the blessings You have for me and the devil can't steal from me any longer. Guard, keep and cover me I pray and I wait for signs from You, Lord, in Jesus's name, Amen."

Whatever it is you need, God's got you. I pray that rent is paid. That bill is paid. That tuition is paid. That past due bill is caught up. That sickness clears up. That fever is gone. You're out of the hospital. Keep speaking life despite what you see. Say, "It's not too hard for God" and let HIM show up and show out! I know this is long but God bless you! Stay encouraged and keep reading your Bible!

Help is on the way and His name is Jesus - Listen for the Holy Spirit and your angels...