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Our January Newsletter


Happy New Year from God-Driven-Designs. It's a new year and old things are passed away. Believe the possibilities!

It's 1/10/19 at 2:54 pm and we were waiting for the Holy Spirit's third letter for God's people. And, it's powerful! For anyone that hasn't seen the other two messages that we interpreted from tongues, we've included them here along with the third message. The Holy Spirit gave a very important Word that's time-sensitive. Something's about to happen tomorrow - a special sign is coming.

In This Month's Issue We Cover:

Our January Message: It's Our Year: Believe the Possibilities, Our January Prayer and the Third Letter from the Holy Spirit/God

Music Spotlight: Anaysha Figueroa: Holy One, Lauren Daigle: This Girl; FreshStart Worship: Mention

Countdown to the Super Bowl: Best Super Bowl Party Ideas

Need a Powerful Word? Ministry Messages

LOL: That Moment When...


Oh, it's on...



It's Our Year...


God is Doing a New Thing...

We have a Spanish neighbor that has two little boys and they are like night and day. The older son is very quiet and rarely speaks, but the baby is about 2 or 3 years-old. He's very outgoing and social. He stands a foot high and has a Mohawk haircut. He doesn't like "binkies" or bottles and usually only has a diaper on and a red Superman t-shirt even when guests arrive. This child is so vocal I hear every time he cries or every time his mom comes home and he joyously yells, "Mommie!" 

Once I saw the little boy with his mother in the hallway and he said "Hi!" to me and waved. She was clearly surprised that he was so outgoing. Another time he blew a kiss when I said, "Bessitos?" But, once when I caught him before nap time, he screamed and ran away. And, then there was the time I saw him as his parents took him out of the car. The little boy stood next to his dad wiping the sleep out of his tiny eyes. He reached up a hand to his father and his dad looked down in astonishment. Clearly, the boy remembered that he couldn't cross the parking lot without holding an adult's hand.

As I was praying over New Year's Eve, I could hear both boys across the hall with their New Year's Eve noisemakers. I realized, in all the years that we've been neighbors and I've been home on New Year's praying, this was the first time I'd heard the noise makers. And, I realized their little "noise maker" was indeed bringing change. He was bringing joy into an otherwise quiet household. And that's what this year is going to be: something so clearly and significantly different than anything that we've gone through before will pale in comparison. But, remember those two boys because I'm coming back to them.


The Piano Lesson...

I have to admit, I love the guitar and electric guitars are my favorite. But, the piano holds a special place in my heart. I have a neighbor who played his electric guitar and I always loved hearing him practice. So buying a piano was a treat because I wanted to learn to play my favorite songs and I had the luxury of a volume control so I could keep my practices quiet.

When I started practicing I learned how to play Let it Be in a few short minutes but it took hours before I could remember where the keys were. Lesson learned. Then I was onto Amazing Grace. I found the video on YouTube and thought, "Wow, if I can learn Let It Be in a few minutes, surely I can learn Amazing Grace."

The lesson was given by a young man named Matt McCoy (see the link/image above). And, after the lesson, he suddenly turned the camera away from the piano keys to focus on him. I thought "Whoa! Where's he going with this?" But then he started talking about Jesus' love for us and the Prayer of Salvation. My face lit up because online, this is so rare. Surely the internet trolls would have a field day with this. But, nope, comment after comment was kind. And, commenters told him to keep letting God use him. And that brought me to a better understanding of the crossroads we're at right now.

At the Crossroads...

Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. Jeremiah 6:16a

There's a verse, "Stand at the crossroads and ask", and that's where people are now. They want rest from the abuse, the hatred, and the violence. But, to find that rest and peace, they have to choose Jesus. That's why v.16b states, "But they said, We will not walk therein." God is not going to force anyone to come to the cross or crossroads for that matter. But, it will be a life of regret to not choose God and Jesus.

Jesus clearly states that He is coming to set fire to this earth. He's going to purge it one day to separate His wheat (us, the saved, those that have said the Prayer of Salvation and have Jesus in their hearts) from the chaff (the world, flesh, the demonic, and sin, those that refuse Jesus). That's why as we see more violence, terror threats, hatred, plagues, and severe weather, we need to be in position and on assignment ready to witness to people. We have to let them know that there's another way. And, we will pray for and with them because we're on assignment i.e., the verse, Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water. Jesus gave us authority over demons and nothing in this world shall harm us. But, we have to be in position for what God's about to do. Hence, the importance of focusing on Jesus.

You see, the two boys represent the old and the new way. The older and quieter boy represents the old way. The old way is the flesh, or how things used to be done. The little boy, the noise maker, he represents the new way. The new way is the spirit, you know, like the verse, They that serve God must worship Him in spirit and in truth. So our spirit breaks away from the flesh. Like the 2 boys. Their parents keep seeing something in the little boy that their older child didn't do. Yes, their older boy saw people in the hallway and had to cross the street, but this new boy is different.

The old way isn't the same as the new way. Just like the spirit and flesh are not the same and the spirit has to spring forth away from the flesh. That's why a lot of people feel like it's a breakdown they're going through. But, it's actually a breakthrough. It's a breaking as the spirit is rising up over your own flesh. Got it? So that brings us to Matt with the piano and the moment he turned the camera around to talk about Jesus.

In this season, God has been saying "Don't walk away." We're now in the end stages before Jesus' return. We're only waiting for the wealth transfer and the signs and wonders that precede Jesus appearing in the sky. Is it a month from now or a year from now? We don't know. But, what we do know is that with the two letters the Holy Spirit gave in our December Newsletter, we're only a short time away from the mark of the beast according to what the Holy Spirit said.

One of the reasons those letters are so important is we must stand on God's Word when the mark of the beast is revealed. The Holy Spirit said "He's going to bring something on the enemy." Will it be a blindness? A sickness? A crash in the economy? It might be all of the above, but importantly, there's one aspect we should focus on and that's the purity of the spirit and letting the spirit spring forth this year like living water.

Let Rivers of Living Waters Flow Through You...

When Matt aired his video, he never hesitated. He didn't say "Now I know the haters won't like this." He never said, "Now, I know some of you won't receive me." He had a heart-to-heart with a person that needs to hear about Christ. Uninterrupted. This year, lets focus on our individual walk with Christ uninterrupted.

Don't look to the right or the left. And, don't let your future be filled with the past. Meaning, don't let the offenses cloud your messages about Christ or your work for the Lord. We went through a fire last year - we all did. It was a testing, a purification, and cleansing that removed anything that wasn't God from us. We ask for God's continued mercies and grace as we move forward this year. Please continue to speak over yourself.

Let this year be you giving and sharing God's Word through your voice, your music, your teachings, your t-shirt business, your Bible readings, your cupcakes, your book signings, whatever it is. But, do it as unto the Lord. Not in the flesh and not afraid. Don't look back because old things are passed away. That enemy from 2018 exists no more and you are covered  by the Most High God.

Don't Be Afraid. You Are Not Alone...

What stood out to me most about Matt's video is there was no fear. You see, I come from a background that a lot of people do. You might have gone through verbal or physical abuse like me. If so, watch the movie, I Can Only Imagine. There's a scene where the music producer says in so many words, "That spirit of God has to come forth from those broken places. That's where your worship is - from all that hurt." But, the point is the anointing needs to come forth and you need to let it flow unhindered with no obstacles. Pastor Joel Osteen said this, too. Your pain has a purpose.

For me, because I grew up dealing with a lot of physical, mental, sexual, and psychological abusive I had to get "them" out of my head because my abusers' voices would put me down even though they were no longer there. I let them in and then when they left, I was still self-sabotaging. It's like the door was wide open and I was saying, "Here's why I can't go through" but to myself with no one there stopping me. It's psychological. The enemy places barriers during a test and then that season is over. But, we have to remember that means get up and go. Not like the lame man who sat 38 years still saying, "I have no man" and "Every time I try to go another gets in the way." 

Like those two little boys, you have the older boy who is the past or old way. And, the younger boy is your spirit and your future, i.e., a new thing. Keep moving forward and watch and see what God does with you. Anyone that sabotaged you is gone, so don't look back like the Children of Israel did. They took manna from God and said, "At least we had regular rations in Egypt." That's survival thinking. That's a slavery mindset. It's bitterness and the spirit of offense. It's also a demon that's causing you to block your own future blessings with your mouth and your thoughts. Ask God to heal that bitter heart. I had to. Let Jesus in to that place where the hurt is hiding so you can flow like a river not be backed up like a old smelly septic tank or sewer!

Let this year be filled with your spirit uninterrupted and unhinged without worrying about what they will think or say because they don't matter. Focus on Jesus and His calling for you. There are hungry people that need to hear God's Word from you. Fill them up and then refresh so God can fill you up and you can pour out again. And, don't worry about the demons in your life or your enemy. God's got something in mind for them!

Rest in God. But, Continue to Rebuke the Flesh...

May the power of God fall and rest upon you so you can do mighty works for your Father God. Keep moving forward in Christ and focus only on Jesus. You will do the miraculous. This is our year! And, the Holy Spirit said to mention stubborn pride. Your spirit has to rise up over your flesh. The flesh doesn't want to fast, pray or worship. It wants TV, gaming, streaming movies, good food, and fun. Fast from this when the Holy Spirit tells you to.

You must rebuke the flesh so your spirit can take over. Be mindful of this. You have to break your flesh and make it submit to Christ. Stay encouraged. it will get better. Watch and see what God's about to do. Every knee shall bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and demons will tremble. 

Music Moment

This video is awesome. Lauren Daigle's singing "This Girl" and the lyrics include "This girl ain't going anywhere." Lord, we spent so much time running from you and thinking we could do it our own way. But, we've learned that you are the Most High God and you have so much in store for us. Thank you for making the way for us and letting us rest in you. Thank you that we can say, "This girl ain't going anywhere." Or, "This boy ain't going anywhere." Let us stay in your secret place and rest in you, Our Comforter and Our Deliverer.

The lyrics are:

I've been a winding road, oh, I know You know. Sometimes a stranger in my home. Keep going back and forth through the open door. I'm still learning to be still.

This girl ain't going anywhere. This girl ain't going anywhere-ere-ere. I can promise You this, now I know for sure. This girl ain't going anywhere.

I've run for miles and lost sight of where You are. But You have seen me all along. Maybe I'm the last to know when I've gone too far. And yet I'm always by Your side

This girl ain't going anywhere. This girl ain't going anywhere-ere-ere. I can promise You this, now I know for sure. This girl ain't going anywhere.

Oh, I know. I've searched the world to find my heart is Yours. Oh, my heart is Yours.
I've searched the world to find my heart is Yours. Oh, my heart is Yours.

This girl ain't going anywhere. This girl ain't going anywhere. This girl ain't going anywhere-ere-ere. This girl ain't going anywhere.


Confirmations, Prayers, and Reminders...




  • 1/1/19 my mom said the Holy Spirit revealed there would be severe weather. Also, that parents will need to cover their children, i.e., pray before they leave for school or go out of the front door. Also, don't let them out of your "sight", i.e., leaving them outside to play by themselves. Pray over your babies in Jesus' name and by the blood of Jesus and direct their guardian angels to watch over them. And guard them/watch over them like never before. Pedophiles and sex traffickers have been snatching kids off the streets randomly not just in other countries but here in the U.S.
  • 1/17/19 The Holy Spirit said there would be more suicide bombers when we were posting the mark of the beast article.
  • 1/9/19 the Holy Spirit said to pray for all bus drivers.
  • The Holy Spirit said 1/3/19 at 431pm "The Dow is about to crash." This is not stock market advice, nor does it indicate a timeline. When the market rallied a few days ago, the Holy Spirit said that would happen and it did. Then He said it would drop and it did. 
  • The Holy Spirit said twice to pray for Long Island including on 12/7/18.
  • He said to pray for Puerto Rico and pray for Pittsburgh. The Holy Spirit said again on 1/2/19 at 2:20 am to pray for Pittsburgh. He said something about "aftershocks". Not sure if this is Pittsburgh, PA or Pittsburg, CA.



The Holy Spirit said, "God will send you signs." "It will get better." "Stay in God's Shadow." "Keep singing to me." The Holy Spirit said 1/9/19 "Tell them do not look away, do not walk away, and do not look back."


Our December Message from the Holy Spirit (Part 1)...

The battle is not yours. Are you thirsty for Him? Be strong. We're in the army of the Lord. You're in line for promotion and favor is on your life. There's going to be shouting and hollering in God's sanctuary. Strongholds are being broken. Leave the TV off. Get in praise and worship. Be quiet before God. Let Him fill you up. He's cutting the head of the enemy off. Stay away from crowds. They might be fearful but God is on the throne. Touch in agreement with one another. Stay away from crowds. He's coming to judge the world. God will judge your enemies. He's putting your enemies under your feet in Jesus' name. He's coming to judge. Continue your worship. He's coming to judge. He will show you miracles and signs and wonders. People think God has forgotten them. They're going to see what God does. He's going to show you signs and wonders. Get ready. This is the mark of the beast that's coming. Stay away from crowds. There will be long longs at trains stations. People trying to get in for the holiday. It will be very cold this season. Plan ahead. Ask God before you drive and before you get on the highways. There are going to be signs of Jesus' return soon. Make sure you guard your head. He's going to send signs to all God's people which shall be for the world to see. The mark of the beast is coming, but we are covered. Stay in God's shadow. Stay in His shelter. The shelter of the Most High God. He is giving His people provision. Watch for God's signs. Watch for his windows that he sends. There will be signs all over the news. Watch and see what God does. His hand is on you. Make a joyful noise. He has his hand on you. There will be signs of your recovery. But the market will fail. (this is not stock advice nor does this indicate a timeline). God's people are covered. We have provision in Him. There are going to be people who are not going to see. The enemy is not going to see what God does. God is blinding the enemy. There will be shouting in the streets. A great flood is coming. It's coming to swallow God's enemies up. The enemies of God's people you won't see anymore. Stay in God's shadow and see what He does. There's going to be shouting in the streets. A flood is coming to the enemy. But, you might be in for a sweet surprise. Someone might say "It's no problem for you." When you express a need it's no problem to fix it". It will be total victory for God's people. He is restoring God's people. Sudden victory and wealth. A change of status is coming to you. Because they have been obedient to me. They have been obedient to me. There will be hollering in the streets at the wealth transfer change of status change of provision. Victory for God's chosen. Change of assignment. God is making His people the head. He is sending them signs. Shouting in the streets giving God glory for what He's done. Snakes will be defeated. The fighting will stop. It will end. God is giving His people peace and rest. They will see provision. God has His hand on you and help is on the way. Watch for the mark of the beast. It is God telling you to prepare for Jesus' return. He is coming soon. They won't understand but they will see. Keep giving glory to me and keep getting victory in your life. Your comforter is coming soon Prepare God's people for His coming glory. He's coming in glory. He's coming to judge the earth. Prepare God's people. He's coming to judge. It's time. Come out from among them. God's people will see signs of promotion. A big earthquake is coming. Its going to swallow the earth up? Don't take this the wrong way. He's turning the world upside down. But, for God's people. God's people are in for a sweet surprise. Stay tuned and see what god's about to do. He has his hand on His chosen people. God will deliver us soon. Walk away from anyone that tells you otherwise. God has surprises in store for His people. They will see our help soon. They will receive help right away. They will receive what they need. He's coming to send provision. He's releasing prisoners. He's opening doors. There will be shouting in the streets. God is opening doors. Re. the enemy, it doesn't matter what they do. God declares victory. They're going to look at it the wrong way but what God sends is for His people. Pay attention to the signs He sends. He will show you proof right away. Open wide your mouth and God will fill it. He's repairing what's damaged or lost. He's healing what's broken. The broken-hearted. He's repairing marriages. Prepare for what God's about to do. He's coming to judge the earth. There's an earthquake coming, the coming judgment and God's wrath. Don't walk away. Prepare the way. Prepare for what God's about to do. He will reveal it in tongues. Expect to see the mark of the beast soon. But, God's people have a chosen and expected end. I praise God for you. You will see signs soon. He's coming sooner than you think. Get baptized. Pray for those that perish. They have time. It's a short time. Very little time and they have to think fast. God is moving His people forward. We are His chosen. Do what God wants. His people must move much faster. They are chosen but they are not walking in their calling. He's making them the head. They might not see it yet, but it's coming. They have to move fast. Get your anointing oil and anoint yourselves because the mark of the beast is coming. It will be everywhere. Don't go by what you see. God has not forgotten you. He has not abandoned you. He was there all the time watching you. Cheer up. Good signs are coming in. Look for God's elevator to take you to the next floor/level. We ask for God's mercy. He supports us and help will come fast. Re signs: planes will fall out of the sky. It's the mark of the beast. Read Jude right away. But that's not for God's chosen. It's the judgment season that's coming. Prepare for the judgment season. God is not judging you. It's for the worlds' sins. God is enlarging His territory. Keep reading your Bible and fast. you will see good news is coming soon. You will have what you need. God is restoring us. He's coming soon and He will not fail you. Don't give up on God. You are God's chosen and He's removing every stronghold out of your life. God will not fail and we have the victory.


Our December Message from the Holy Spirit (Part 2)...

God's people are in line for promotion. God's people have to repent. The changes that are coming they are going to happen fast. It will get better. The Holy Spirit said, "Keep telling them it will get better." Soon, you will see. Wait and see what God's about to do. The Holy Spirit said, "I want you to welcome them into the tabernacle." They've got to turn the TVs off and come out from among them. Tune out the noise. We serve a Living Spirit, a Father God who loves us. They might not be ready, but God is helping them. Everyone. They are welcome into the tabernacle. They might not know what this means. There is no division. Jesus' blood on Calvary was the price. He paid the cost. He's telling the devil, "Leave God's people alone. His chosen people that He anointed for such a time as this." We are covered in the blood of Jesus. We will see evidence of what God is doing soon. Be prepared for a huge wave of people coming in. People shouting "Hallelujah". Tell satan, "Leave God's people alone. His chosen." You have to tell God's people to prepare. Keep reading to me. Empty out the vessels so He can fill them. They have to repent and be ready. This is a time of worship for what God's about to do. So they can receive from Him. "He (the devil) wants control. He (satan) cannot have control of God's people." It's about control. It's the mark of the beast. God is sending clear signs. God will send clear signs, but our weapons are not carnal. The devil, he wants control. There's a new fresh oil that's falling on God's people. They have to repent. They have to act fast for what God's about to do. I'm hearing "It's not fair." People will be saying "It's not fair," for what God's about to do for us. God is going to give us signs of encouragement. We are covered by the cross. They don't have to worry. I want you to believe the possibilities. You will see it in the signs God sends. They must obey me. The devil wants control, but God's people know His voice. God will not fail. He said it 3x. Ask for His mercy. We will see the signs. Cheer up. He will not fail. Even though you see the bill, He will not fail. Cancers have to flee. Demons have to tremble. Touch every heart that you can. Reduce the egos. Make the blind to see. Touch hearts. Every heart must know there is a Living God. He loves us so much. The devil can't touch God's servants. He only thinks he can. God will send signs and special windows for His servants. Watch and see what He does. Keep up the offering. Offer up the praise. The sacrifice of praise. It shall be for all people. He's surrounding us with a hedge of protection. Demons have to flee. They know it. Keep reading your Bible. Tell them they have to pray. They have to repent. They have to change their hearts while there's still time. The devil thinks this is his playground - They say "they think they're better than us". That's what satan is telling them about Christians. But, God is coming to judge the earth. A touch is coming from God. He's going to reveal it to us. It's coming soon. Rebuke the demons of sickness, disease, and all cancers. Tell them they have to wait. They have to wait on God. I don't want you to walk away. I don't want you to get discouraged. I don't want you to live in fear. They live in fear. They're worried because they don't know what God's about to do. He doesn't want them to live in fear. He has so much love. Yes, he does. He has promotion in line for His people. His chosen ones. The ones He prepared. His righteous ones. They will say "It's not fair," what God's about to do. He has promotion in store for God's people. Think elevation and worship. It's elevation time.  We're going to be promoted. So much is going to be done. Hurry and worship. Fall before Him. Don't wait until you see it. You might not see the signs. Sit at His feet and worship. Get in line for promotion. It's coming and they will see the signs. The signs will come. They have to hurry. They might not believe me but they don't have to worry. Don't worry. They will see signs soon of what God's about to do. Open their hearts to Him. To Jesus. Worship at His feet. At the foot of the cross. Bring their symptoms to Him. The heart attacks, the heartaches. See what God's about to do. He has tranquil waters. Living waters. They are in for a sweet surprise. The surprise that God has in store for His people. It will happen soon. Don't worry. You don't have to worry. You are covered by Him. Good things are going to come to pass. Keep writing to me. Keep singing for me. Keep rejoicing in Me. See what I'm about to do. You will see my plans for you soon. Keep singing to me. I am delivering you out from under them. I  am making you the head. You will see. it's because of my glory. They can't touch my property. You are God's chosen. Bought at a price paid at the cross. Redeemed by the Lamb. You are God's chosen. Tell them don't walk away from what you see. Keep singing to me. "They", (the devil and the enemies), they think it's a game. They think they're in control. Their time is short. They will see what God's about to do. God has a sweet surprise in store for them. But, we are sheltered by the Lamb. We are covered by the Cross and the blood of Jesus. He said, "Ask them this question, "Are you sure you're ready for salvation?" "Are you sure you are prepared for what God's about to do?" You need to prepare your hearts. You need to prepare your ministries. You need to prepare your churches. They have to act fast. Faster. They have to prepare. They will see signs of God acting soon but they have to prepare now. Don't wait for "soon". They must be ready now. There's a coming flood and they don't want to get swept in with this enemy. With what God's about to do. What He has in store for the enemy. God is closing a door on him. You won't hear of him anymore. He has been preying on the weak. We have to prepare for the antichrist. Open the tabernacle and fill it with God's presence. Tell them, "Wait until you see what God's about to do." He said, "Yes, they've been waiting for me. I sent them the Paraclete." They have to move fast. They have to fast and pray for what God's about to do. Wait and see what God's about to do. Tell them, "Make sure you read your Bibles right away." He also said, "Tell them it's miracle time" and to stay in God's shadow.


Our January Message from the Holy Spirit (Part 3)...


I was listening to the wind whipping outside when I said, "Father God is here" and I heard: It's here. But, you're going to have to act fast. He's going to send signs. Look for your window. Keep up the good work and lifting up your prayers to Him. He's about to open up a window. Bind every hindrance away in Jesus' name. Release God's covering and favor. There's a stubborn demon He's about to remove. He's about to remove a stubborn demon. He's about to remove the attack.  There's a huge stumbling block He's going to remove. Keep us out of harm's way. Tell my servants, He will show up by tomorrow. He's about to reveal something. It's the strongest sign. He's removing the stubborn attack. They're going about it the wrong way. They're looking the wrong way. Their stubborn will. Their stubborn pride. They must fall on their faces before Him. Before Jesus. While there's the time. The enemy is waiting. He's at the gate. Shout unto God with the voice of triumph. Shout unto Jesus. Rebuke every stubborn attack in Jesus name. Rebuke every stronghold. That's the devil. Rebuke every stubborn attack of evil. They have a chance. They have a second chance before the second coming. Don't wait for signs. By the time He comes, it will be too late. They're not ready for what God's about to do. There are so many in line for a promotion. Tell them it will get better. But, they have to be saved. There are no guarantees about tomorrow. We rebuke every stubborn attack and stronghold of the enemy. A huge earthquake will come. It will swallow up their stubborn pride. Their stubborn pride. It's not God's will. The enemy's about to learn who God is, who they are messing with. Tell them to turn the TVs off. Watch the market. They will know something by tomorrow. (I'm not sure what this is). Don't walk away from what God's about to do. He will help with every detail. Keep sowing and singing to Him. Keep bowing down before Him. God's people are on the right track for promotion and favor is coming. He's pouring out a blessing on all God's people. It's an overflow. Tell God's people to turn the TV off right away. Walk away from the devil's games. He's trying to harm God's people. Satan is trying to harm God's people but God has the final say. Trust in God, not man. He's (God) a covenant God. What God has for His people is coming. There will be a powerful sign tomorrow. An earthquake is coming shaking things up. Tell God's people to get out of the way. When I write this online watch what I say. It's not about an earthquake. It's a shift for God's chosen ones. They will hear good news in the morning. It's for all God's people. (A second sign or for the second time?) Rebuke the attacks. A powerful earthquake is coming. Pray for God's people. Pray for Mexico. Pray for those in need of help. Rebuke the enemy. Pray for God's people. He's releasing favor for all God's people. A powerful eclipse from God. What God does for His people will pale in comparison. Tell God's chosen don't look back. For what He's about to release on the enemy. They're trying too hard to please me. Not by works lest any man should boast. There will be a powerful sign from God. Look in the morning at what God's about to do. God's Chosen look for your windows and doors God sends. He makes the way. Tell God's people don't walk away. The enemy is about to fall. Turn to God while there is time. It will be a powerful fall. A powerful attack is coming to the enemy. Keep reading your Bible. God is faithful. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. Turn off the TV. Tell them it doesn't matter what the enemy says or thinks. I am the Lord their God. Every knee shall bow. He's pouring out a special bless for all God's people. He's cutting off the enemy. Its time. He's cutting the head of the enemy off. It's not what you "see". Rebuke every demonic attack of the enemy. God is coming to cut off the head. Tell all God's people to get ready for what God's about to do. God's chosen to get ready right away. He's going to send signs but they have to act soon. What He's going to send will happen right away. (I keep hearing "floods" and "ocean"). Every knee will bow before God. Bow down before God before what He sends happens. Tell them if they wait for what He sends it will be too late. God's sending His people provision. Fast and pray before Me. Keep reading your Bibles. They have to act fast. He's delivering us. Look for the windows. God will send help right away. There are windows and special paths for us. Tell them to act fast and move right away. Get into position now before it/he comes. it's a stubborn attack and He's about to remove every attack from God's people. God's chosen ones who went through the fire. But, they have to move fast. Rebuke every stubborn attack and false pride. Get their window and seize every opportunity He sends and brings their way. He's removing every stumbling block out of their way out of their path. It's marvelous provision what God's about to bring for His chosen ones. His prophets. His anointed. He is making many the head. They will say "it's not his time" but it's for God's chosen ones. He is our Maker. He will make the way. Our chosen will see signs from God very soon. He's calling out His elect. He's a God of His promises. Every word will be kept. Every promise He made to all God's people. They've been asking for mercy and God's about to send signs to His chosen. But, don't look back. They will tell me why? What I have for God's chosen is not for anyone else. I stand in the gap for God's people. His chosen will see signs from Him soon. His chosen ones. Stay encouraged. Lift up your arms toward Him. Toward Heaven. Toward your Heavenly Father. Keep up the wave offerings. Keep canceling the devil's assignment. He's right at the door. God is sending special signs for all God's people but you have to act fast. Keep reading your Bible. Ask for God's mercy. Read Joel and Luke. See what God's about to bring to man for his stubborn ways. What he releases on man for his false pride and arrogance, for his sexual sin. You cannot touch God's chosen ones. I told them that from the beginning. I have my chosen ones set apart for myself for me. They are set apart. They have to move fast for what God sends to His chosen ones. For what He brings to man. He's a covenant God and all nations must bow before Him. It's His time. His chosen ones will see. God's elect. God's anointed. He's saturating us, anointing us. God's wrath is on man. They're about to come apart. Keep reading your Bible and ask for God's mercy. The devil thinks this is his playground but God is at the door. He's speaking to His chosen ones. I am not a man. I am the Lord thy God. separate yourself. Rebuke the devourer. Come out from among him. Before my wrath consumes. My chosen fall on their knees before God. Before me, every knee. Ask for my mercy. Man is about to see what happens when you don't call on God, when you don't call on me. Tremble o earth. Tell God's people it's about to get better for all God's people. Keep your hope in God. Have a better attitude. He's enlarging your territory. Write the book. Write the vision, make it plain. Post that right away. He is the Lord thy God. He is not subject to man. All God's people prepare the way. He's about to open a door that will unleash God's wrath on man, not God's chosen ones. People will come out of hospitals. Cancers will be healed. Demons will flee. All God's people will see change. He is covenant and He is calling out God's chosen ones. They will receive supernatural gifts from on high. This is for God's chosen ones. Use it to help others right away. Don't be self-righteous or for self-gain. A second touch is coming soon. They have to move fast. Tell all God's people to read their Bibles right away. Read Joel, Luke, and Jeremiah. God is not playing and His wrath is coming on man. He's at the door. Tell all God's people to prepare for the second coming. Hear God' voice. Prepare for the second coming and what happens to man, to your enemies who don't read their Bible and serve Him. Then He had me add this from Jeremiah:

"Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said We will not walk therein."

Which do you choose? God is calling His chosen higher. The end is coming soon. And, God is near. Which do you choose? Open that book and read Psalm, see visions, dream new dreams. Tell God's people don't walk away. I want them to testify about Me. People need to see God work in their lives. They will have a new story. Do you choose life or death? That will be what's coming. All God's people choose life but stubborn pride is death. They need to know by not choosing God and reading their Bibles they are choosing death. Tell all God's people they need to get ready.  He's anointing you to do special work. A powerful shift is coming to the earth. It's coming. Tell all God's people to prepare the way. It's coming. He's going to rebuke the devourer. Let he that hath an ear hear. It's coming. The earth is going to open up. Tell God's people they have to prepare for Christ' second coming. He's giving them time to prepare. God is giving His chosen time. Don't waste it. Keep reading your Bible. God will send help. Good news is coming right away. You will see signs by tomorrow. A better day is coming soon. Keep reading your bible. Make it first. Tell all God's people to keep their bible reading first. They need to be empowered, bold as lions. He's about to saturate us with His Spirit. Believe the possibilities. Wait and see what God's about to do. These are changes they need. Watch every word that comes out of your mouth. Remember to rebuke the devil. Watch what you say. You have power over your thought life. What you think and speak you command. Rebuke their personalities - anyone who tries to come against God's chosen ones or His elect. Stay encouraged. Our Comforter is coming. He (the enemy) is in for a "sweet surprise". (it's not sweet, He's saying this with sarcasm like it's very unexpected because the enemy will be so shocked by what God does). God is not playing with man. His wrath is on man. For us, it's going to get better. Get ready for the mark (of the beast). Something about the high calling of God verse. We are God's chosen. Be ready and be on assignment. We will have the help we need. Tell them they will see signs. Every sign is for God's chosen to know He's coming closer.


The Prayer of Salvation

If you haven't said the Prayer of Salvation, now's the best time: Father God in the name of Jesus, Lord, I ask forgiveness of my sins. Please come into my heart. I turn my back on sin and I make you my Lord and Savior. I want to follow you for the rest of my life. Please give me eternal life through you in Jesus name, Amen.     

Rededicate Your Life to Christ Prayer

If you need to rededicate your life to Christ because you feel like you've been sinning or haven't been living right, pray: Father God in the name of Jesus, I ask forgiveness of my sins and I turn my back on sin. Please help me to overcome ---- and I want to lead a better life through you. I decree and declare this day I have overcome ---- and I have the victory in Jesus name, Amen. 

Stay in God's shadow, stay away from sin and temptation, keep reading your Bible and keep seeking God first. 

Be ye doers of the Word... We pray this message blesses you today!

If you need prayer, please call the Bill Winston Prayer Center at (877) 543-9443. You can also check online for Joyce Meyer's prayer request form and other sites that can pray for and with you. You are more than a conqueror!




Music Moment

Have you heard Anaysha Figueroa's, Holy One song? It's so inspiring. It's a reminder to not walk away from God.

At a time when people are at a crossroads and questioning their faith, Father God is saying "Don't walk away" because it looks hard. He's saying "It will get better." It's our season. Remember to rebuke "their" personalities. You don't want to carry the root of bitterness in your heart. Let that go so you can let rivers of living water flow through you.

Here are the lyrics:

Day is almost night, I don't want to lose this fight, I've fooled around much too long. Now I've been laxed, but I don't want to look back I know that I've done wrong.

Give me the strength I need to be able to succeed, and I will heed to Your every command. And to everyone I'll show, my purpose and my goal, and in You, I'll be able to stand.

Holy one, I never want to let you down no more. Oh, I'll never let You down no more. Never, I'll never let You down no more. Never let You down.

I'll never let You down no more, never.



Sing children. Sing unto the Father! And, rejoice in Him. Stay encouraged. Remember to keep singing to Father God and praising Him. It sounds weird, right? Sing when you're going through pain? No, you're singing because He's our Deliverer, Comforter, and the Way Maker. God WON'T move until you invite Him in. You have to do it. He sees the mess, but He's covenant. You have to say, "Okay, Lord. I take my hands off it. Please fix it Jesus." Your praise and worship draws God out so He can fix your finances, that mess on the job, at home, that sickness. Sing unto Father God and demons have to flee.

Stay encouraged and don't give up. You are not alone. Rebuke negative thoughts and thoughts of suicide. That's the devil trying to get people to give up. Blessings are coming this year. The Holy Spirit keeps saying, "It will get better" and "It doesn't matter what they say or do." Invite Jesus in your heart. Say, "Father God in the name of Jesus, I know Jesus died for my sins. I confess my sins and I want a better life through you. Please come into my heart. I make you my Lord and Savior. Fix my situation, Lord. Where these demons are plaguing me, heal me. Give me your living water so I can rest in you and have eternal life in you in Jesus' name, Amen." Read Psalm 18, Psalm 27, and Psalm 91. Have faith.

If you are a backsliding Christian, it happens. Just get back on track. Pray, "Lord, forgive me. I messed up. I want to do better. I ask your forgiveness in Jesus' name, Amen." Read Psalm 51. Stay encouraged and stay under the anointing. There are stubborn demons in this world trying to play games with God's people, but satan is defeated. Keep reading your Bibles. Glory to God. Get the church ready and you have to get ready. Get your heart right with God. Our Lord is coming back soon and what He's about to do will be so fast there won't be time to say "Oh what was that prayer?" Say it now and trust God to make the way for you. AND lastly, don't you dare feel ashamed.

Don't let the enemy make you feel discouraged. That's a demon. God calls you all sons and daughters. You're royalty and heirs to God's throne. That doesn't mean take on false pride, but don't let the devil try to make you feel like there's no way out of your situation or mess. There is a way out and His name is Jesus! Ask God for wisdom and look for the windows He provides. God has unconditional love for us. Wait and see what God's about to do. Stay encouraged and stay humble. Fast and pray. The Lord will make the way. Nothing is impossible for Our God!




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