Let Christ Increase Your Vision...


Why are you feeling defeated when the enemy is already under your feet? The Bible says, As a man thinketh, so is he," and Jesus said, "Believe you already have it and it shall be yours." To start your year fresh and get rid of that stinkin' thinkin', here are a few motivational and ministry messages.

Note: Look for the windows God sends/opens up for you (and keep reading your Bible). You are more than a conqueror and the devil cannot touch you. He is under your feet. Keep reading your Bible! Disclaimer: We don't own the right to these videos. Sharing them for enrichment purposes only.


We've heard about overachievers, but what about overthinkers? Overthinking and overanalyzing in the brain happens more often than you think.

Maybe there's no closure or you're feeling unsure about a particular topic. Or, maybe you had trouble defending yourself in a talk or argument and maybe you feel like you're being attacked. You might also find you're overthinking if you're not being treated fairly or if you misinterpret non-verbal cues. Lastly, you might feel victimized because you're not stepping up and taking responsibility in a particular situation or you might be over emotional or sensitive in a certain area.

Let Dr. Caroline Leaf guide you through how to not get stuck in your thinking in this helpful podcast.


A big mistake we make in our Christian walk is we know the scriptures to stand on but we don't focus on God daily and meditate on the Word/Bible. We're quickly distracted by work, kids and all those gadgets. Or, we go to church on Sunday, get a quick "high" and like seed thrown on rocks, the Word we needed is quickly washed away by life's trials. It can also be eaten away by birds if it's thrown on ground that isn't deeply rooted in God.

Hear Dr. Caroline Leaf explain how the mind processes thoughts, how technology is damaging our lives and how to uproot that negative stinkin' thinkin. This extra step to help us focus on God is something we can do every day... Praise God for the Word!


Have you heard Lisa Nichol's amazing story? She went from a broke and broken, homeless, single mom with $12 to a very successful entrepreneur and CEO. You go, gurrrl! It's an amazing story of transformation.


Stay encouraged. Keep reading your Bible and don't look back. Focus on God. He has a NEW plan for you!