Let Your Light Shine, for God


I was never one for flattery, so when my coworker came up to me smiling, I knew she wanted something. There's an old saying, "Beware of smiling faces," so you have to be on guard, always. It's also true in the Christian walk because we're to honor God so people will see His light in us and honor Him. That's the idea, but what do you do when people are jealous and manipulative and want their own light burning brightly? What do you do when the devil tries to influence you with sabotage to steal your joy and your peace? Use these tips to help you keep your light burning for Christ so it won't fade out, ever...

  1. Don't have an entourage. Have a confidant in Christ

Do you ever ask someone nearby, "Do you think I should get that new phone?" or "Do you think we should try that restaurant?" While these are perfectly normal questions to ask coworkers, friends and family, when you're focusing on your Christian walk, it's more finely-tuned when you leave the flesh out and let God in. While you might not think God cares about the small things, on the contrary, He is a loving God who loves to hear from His kids.

People can't tell you God's plan. Only He can, so let God be the one you turn to for insight, wisdom and counsel. Seek HIS face, not man's approval on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. I remember on my old job, my enemies would intentionally give me false information so that I would look bad in front of my employers. I had to learn how to stand up for myself, walk in spiritual authority by canceling the devil’s assignment, and walk away from manipulative games, which brings us to our next point…

  1. Walk away from mind games

Sometimes people - and the devil, will try to play sabotaging games where they speak one day, ignore you the next. They may try to play manipulative games with you especially if they see you as vulnerable, insecure or emotional. Walk away. You're a child of God and an instrument of praise. Always give your best, stay humble and stay in the Spirit.

There's a great article by Life Esteem about how to recognize manipulation in relationships. While you might not understand what you are feeling, identifying with the feelings can help you start to change your behavior. You can change your reactions and who you spend your time with so you are less vulnerable and you can avoid mind games in the future. Check out the Manipulation in Relationships article here...

  1. Keep a consistent light burning for Christ

I was once walking through a very bad neighborhood and I started praying in the spirit and rebuking demons in the area. I'd heard about how it was done at church, so I thought I could just go ahead and pray. The Holy Spirit quickly told me, "Stay in God's shadow," and I realized that by doing what I thought was a simple thing, I was actually drawing attention to my light because there are demons in different neighborhoods who take up residence there – and they are territorial. That's why we have to ask God before we assume we can just go in one direction or another. I meant it out of innocence, but God didn't ask for it.

People think they should create a bonfire so they can lead others to Christ their own way, but if God didn't ask for the fire, they might be making a preemptive mistake. Doing your own thing - despite your good intentions, can go against what God wants you to do. You also don’t want to tread where God hasn’t given you divine authority to work, yet. God wants to guide us so let Him lead. A consistent light for Christ was mentioned in the New Testament. You only use a little oil and you trim your wick so you'll always have a light. In your walk with Christ, don't let frustrations, naysayers and evil attacks cause you to burn out that flame or make you want to wren/tear your garments in frustration or pain.

  1. Watch who is whispering in your ear

People love to have someone agree with them, but before you do, ask the Holy Spirit or consider what they are saying. Your coworker might complain, "We always get the short end of the stick, right?" Don't agree with that. God blessed you with a job when you prayed, right? Just be mindful that you're speaking life and agreeing with what God has for you and that your words are positive. I ended up drawing more attention to myself in conversations because I wasn't in agreement with everything that was said. I would usually reply with, "While I understand your frustration, at my old church we learned to think positively. So no, I don't agree with what you are saying. I thank God for my job." Remember, you don't want to cancel out your blessing because your words were in agreement with the devil. That's what the enemy wants.

The enemies on my old job hated me because I wouldn't agree to gripe and complain. I couldn't. The Holy Spirit was constantly whispering in my ear to not follow them and to walk away, which brings us to our next point...

  1. Let the Holy Spirit dictate your direction

Not everyone has your best of intentions at heart. Listen for the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you and if He says, "Walk away," do so. God may take you in a direction contrary to everyone else...Let God lead. God may pull you away from crowds and people...Obey God. He knows all and sees all - and He knows the hearts of men.

Let your light shine to honor God so when they see His light in you, they might turn and honor Him!