Make it Manifest...


How to Make Manifest What You Need...

When you pray, you receive on the level you believe. If you believe on a higher level, you receive on a higher level. This ties into Cora Jakes Coleman's message about using your level to get the blessing. Don't blame God for the position - like the lame man who made excuses about why he couldn't get in the pool. Stand, because now is the time to endure and to step up. Don't drown in 2-feet of water. Stand. The mistake we make is we only see our situation in the flesh. We're tired and worn out and we don't see that we've birthed the new baby - the anointing. The flesh wants to continue to sit, give up, and that's where the devil says "Just give up and die. It's too much, you don't have the strength." The devil is a liar! To continue, your spirit man must rise up and stand up over the flesh and continue on. We must endure. We must stand.

When you endure you will be complete and lacking nothing. This is James 1:4 which in the KJV reads, "But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing." That means everything you need is in you so you can make manifest what you need. Just like the boss battle games where you go from one level to another, or in this case, one test and trial to another, you have to step away from the flesh and the emotional roller coaster you were on to embrace that you've received the anointing in the spirit realm and it is bigger than the test and God keeps us in perfect peace. So how do you manifest what you need?

Here are a few tips:

  • Don't forget it was just a test (level) to give you the anointing. Ask God to renew your mind and don't dwell on the test. Stand.
  • Remember, your enemy is already defeated. In tough spiritual battles sometimes winning doesn't  feel victorious. You're exhausted, spent, and worn out, but, speak over yourself and stand.
  • Remember God's promises. Jesus gave us authority in this world and the devil is already under your feet. We have the victory. Now stand.
  • You are more equipped and more powerful than before. Now stand.
  • Speak what you need and let angels bring it to pass and stand.
  • Decree it and believe God for it and stand. Your level of faith will move the mountains out of your way when you - you guessed it right, stand.
  • Pray, seek God's discernment, and then move in that direction and stand.
  • Ask angels to help you bring what you need to pass and stand.
  • Remember, you have God's Authority. Stand.

Humbly stand before God so He can use you. We have the victory. Now, don't think that the tests will stop - because we know many are the afflictions, but continue to stand anyway. You already have the victory in every battle in Jesus's name. Just remember to focus on what God wants you to do, don't look back, stay in your love walk, continue to forgive, help and heal others, and be determined to stand. Sow your seeds of faith and read your Bible and pray daily and speak in tongues. Study your scriptures, tithe, and keep praising God.

Do all of this always humbly before God and the Holy Spirit said to add, "Don't walk away when God calls you." While some tests look tough, we must obey God. God isn't conditioning you for you to receive the blessings and walk away from Him. Sometimes people do that when they've gone without for too long. They think, "I've got it now. I can do what I want." But that's wrong. That's why God breaks down the flesh to get rid of the bitterness and resentfulness that comes with being conditioned to break a stubborn will and false pride. God is on the throne, not us. Lastly, remember, the battle is not ours. It's the Lord's. It's not about the tests, but how you respond. Keep reading your Bible. Having done all to stand, stand, and give glory to God!